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Scholastic Agrees to Limit Corporate-Funded Teaching Materials

In response to pressure from tens of thousands of parents, educators and grassroots advocates, Scholastic Inc. has agreed to drastically limit its practice of partnering with corporations to produce sponsored teaching materials.  Scholastic’s announcement is the culmination of a three-month campaign led by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. The publisher had been under fire since May, when it was forced to stop distributing a biased curriculum called “The United States of Energy” that was paid for by the coal industry and distributed to... read more

Empowering Children When Parents Travel

Here is a go-to list to empower children when a parent has to leave town. Many parents have to leave town routinely for work. Many children exhibit clinginess, withdrawl or acting-out behaviors in response to feeling out of control of this situation. Creating ritual around this event can help children process their emotions and feel safe. These tangible exercises serve to give children a sense of control over the powerlessness they may feel. These rituals give the child something to look forward to whenever a parent gets ready to leave... read more

Mothering my Children - Mothering the World

By Sarah Juliusson of www.MamaRenew.ca – Find Mama Renew on Facebook. Did I do the right thing?   I posted yesterday about my experience stopping a drunk driver, exploring not only the experience, but also my struggle in the days afterward regarding the impact on my children who were left to watch without the support they deserved in that moment. “They saw it all – they saw both their parents step forward and take responsibility, and they saw both their parents being beaten by a woman who was too drunk to listen. They’re old enough to remember this... read more

Go Ahead and Shoot

My kids brought home two red plastic water guns from our most recent visit to their grandmother’s house. These little pistols are old school, the way I remember them from childhood: detailed to look realistic, fitting snugly into a small hand. When my three year old son Gabriel first saw them, his eyes sparkled. “Mama. That is a gun,” he said, the same way I might have said ‘that is a diamond’ or ‘that is a tropical island’ if either of those treasures were ever presented to me. Previously, we had a single water gun that drifted around the backyard. One of... read more


Issue 156 September/October 2009 by Lizzie MartinezIt’s 7:10 on a Tuesday night, and a weeping four-year-old is barnacled to my leg.“Don’t go, Mama, don’t go!”My husband stands with our other two children, who are also pleading with me to stay. Behind him, the kitchen table is littered with dinner dishes. The house is tossed. His eyes look tired, and I begin to capitulate. Maybe ?I should just stay home tonight...“Go on, hon,” he says quietly, and kisses me. “Drive safely.” That’s our separation mantra.I peel the four-year-old off my leg, and my husband restrains her... read more

The Language of Spirit

By Sonia Choquette Issue 105 March-April 2001 One of my psychic mentors, Charlie Goodman, taught me something extremely important about awakening intuition. He said that the decision not only to feel an intuition but actually to express that intuition makes all the difference in the world. "Being aware of an intuition is only part of the process," he would say. "Putting that feeling into expression in the world is the other part. When you do that you put value on it, and when you put value on your intuition it can then begin to help you in life." Probably the best... read more

Meeting my Mama Bear

By Sarah Juliusson of www.MamaRenew.ca – Find Mama Renew on Facebook. Late Saturday night my mama bear emerged. We had just finished a glorious day and evening at a folk festival, returning home far after bedtime with two tired children in arms. While waiting for the shuttle a drunk woman arrived, muttering and stumbling about. Out came the car keys for her car, strangely parked just there, and I stood stunned that with over 20 bystanders, nobody was taking action. A moment’s hesitation as she got in, and then mama bear arrived. Stepping boldly forward... read more

Pit Stops and Pitfalls

By Rachel Wallace–Oberle Sometimes when I’m with a group of moms and we’re swapping stories, I can’t resist contributing one of my most memorable examples of parenting finesse. Nothing strengthens the mystical bond of motherhood as much as the confession of an absurd predicament. Several years ago, my husband Jay, and I, and our young children were traveling on the 401 to visit friends in the village of Ajax near Toronto. Thomas is notorious for his pit stops; it doesn’t matter how many times he uses the bathroom before we leave the house, invariably the plaintive... read more

Let's Take a Bath in the Magical Forest

By Laurel Dawson Issue 102, September/October 2000 It's time to leave. Eliza, three and a half, and Chloe, 18 months, are dropping rock after rock, pebble after pebble into the lake. I announce, "Five more minutes until we leave." Sometimes this is enough. They finish what they're doing, and in five or ten minutes we leave. But today they have work to do. My world of clocks ticking, cars moving, naps approaching, and chores to accomplish is insignificant compared to the splash, splash of the stones as they sink into the sparkling water. Five minutes pass. Ten minutes.... read more

Parenting a Sensitive Child

By Terri Goodwell Web Exclusive We’ve all known sensitive, shy kids. These are the introverted ones who hang on the fringes of the group. They are the ones we often call “slow to warm up” because they look very carefully before accepting new people, places, or things. They are the children who avert their eyes when spoken to by a stranger and shrink away from being the center of attention. Because they typically act quiet, clingy or anxious in unfamiliar social settings, the general consensus is that these kids are fearful and lack confidence. Unfortunately, by... read more

Mothering › Child Articles