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Meeting my Mama Bear

By Sarah Juliusson of www.MamaRenew.ca – Find Mama Renew on Facebook. Late Saturday night my mama bear emerged. We had just finished a glorious day and evening at a folk festival, returning home far after bedtime with two tired children in arms. While waiting for the shuttle a drunk woman arrived, muttering and stumbling about. Out came the car keys for her car, strangely parked just there, and I stood stunned that with over 20 bystanders, nobody was taking action. A moment’s hesitation as she got in, and then mama bear arrived. Stepping boldly forward... read more

Pit Stops and Pitfalls

By Rachel Wallace–Oberle Sometimes when I’m with a group of moms and we’re swapping stories, I can’t resist contributing one of my most memorable examples of parenting finesse. Nothing strengthens the mystical bond of motherhood as much as the confession of an absurd predicament. Several years ago, my husband Jay, and I, and our young children were traveling on the 401 to visit friends in the village of Ajax near Toronto. Thomas is notorious for his pit stops; it doesn’t matter how many times he uses the bathroom before we leave the house, invariably the plaintive... read more

Let's Take a Bath in the Magical Forest

By Laurel Dawson Issue 102, September/October 2000 It's time to leave. Eliza, three and a half, and Chloe, 18 months, are dropping rock after rock, pebble after pebble into the lake. I announce, "Five more minutes until we leave." Sometimes this is enough. They finish what they're doing, and in five or ten minutes we leave. But today they have work to do. My world of clocks ticking, cars moving, naps approaching, and chores to accomplish is insignificant compared to the splash, splash of the stones as they sink into the sparkling water. Five minutes pass. Ten minutes.... read more

Parenting a Sensitive Child

By Terri Goodwell Web Exclusive We’ve all known sensitive, shy kids. These are the introverted ones who hang on the fringes of the group. They are the ones we often call “slow to warm up” because they look very carefully before accepting new people, places, or things. They are the children who avert their eyes when spoken to by a stranger and shrink away from being the center of attention. Because they typically act quiet, clingy or anxious in unfamiliar social settings, the general consensus is that these kids are fearful and lack confidence. Unfortunately, by... read more

The Mother I am Right Now

I have been wondering where I fit in to this Mothering.com bloggesphere. I had been invited based on previously written pieces of work and now here I sit on the precipice of unknowns pondering what part of myself to share. I am sure of myself as a writer but have found myself paying much closer attention to the other posts here and to blogs in general.  What is ‘My Voice’, I wonder? What ‘me’ do I want to share? I am a mother but do I qualify as enough (of an attachment – vegan – baby-wearing – earth-mother) to be here? No. No, you don’t my little voice... read more

Dad is all things to toddler boy - Momma is struggling: read the answer

Our friend, Ron, and his two boys; a great dad! A mother wrote into Mothering.com’s Ask The Expert about her son’s preference for his father. Enjoy this excerpt about supporting the father/son bond. Dear Friend, I am sorry for your sorrow. It is so hard not to take this personally as a mother! I would take comfort from the fact that your son prefers you dad “when you are there,” by which I could infer that you son will accept comfort and company from you when his father is not an option. Almost every son goes through a huge “daddy... read more

The Best List Ever : Vol. 2

It’s time for another serving of assorted appreciation, enduring love and a few hot trends. 100% love, in no particular order: E3 Live Blue Green Algae: this is like jumper cables for your brain. I buy it frozen from my local health food store, I de-thaw half the bottle at a time and use about 3 tablespoons of it in my smoothie. I can feel my brain grin–from ear to ear…ar ar ar — ear to ear, brain, get it…anyway…When I’m on the road or don’t do a smoothie, I pop three or four of the capsules. Green dream. Tom Ford Fragrance: I haven’t ventured out of... read more

An All-American Korean American 4th of July

Thank you to Terra Trevor, author of Pushing up the Sky: A Mother’s Story, for this guest post. An armload of bulgogi covers the grill and a circle of friends surround the barbecue. Everyone has a pair of chopsticks in hand and turn slices of the sizzling beef. A picnic table is laden with platters of pindaettok, mandu, heaping bowls of kimchi, chap chae, and romaine lettuce leaves with red bean sauce for dipping. There is plenty of sliced watermelon of course, and three rice cookers stand ready in a row. There is laughter around the table. After... read more

The Best List Ever : Vol. 1

Here’s a list of fantastic stuff that left an impression on my frontal lobe and softened heart. Otherwise known as: The best of anything and everything. Do your own list: “The Best List Ever, by [insert your name]: Vol. 1. It’ll make you simmer with sweet memories and proof of excellence. Here we go. This is gonna feel goood. MY BEST LIST EVER. 100% adored. In no particular... read more

The L.O.V.E. Parenting Mad-Bag: A Bridge To Inner-Calm

We want to promote kindness and non-violence, but sometimes it is not enough to tell a child to “be nice” or “don’t hit.” Children need an outlet, and they often need a bridge to get from overwhelmed into their centered-self. I will post another L.O.V.E. Parenting technique which contains many in-the-moment alternatives to hitting, biting, pulling, kicking, throwing, and spitting, soon. In the meantime, I want to offer the L.O.V.E. Parenting Mad Bag, which can help a young child transition out of their frustration. The mad-bag honors the child’s... read more

Mothering › Child Articles