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A Tribute to a Father including Pat Benetar, T-Ball: a Gas Station

It was 1979 and only four girls made it to the T-ball championship game at Penmar Park, in Venice, California. The game was slated to start at 4pm on Sunday. Our family was on a backpacking trip with friends the week before the game. For some reason, the rest of the group left the trip a day early, so the last day and night my father and I got to experience the wilderness by ourselves. We spent the day scampering up a rock face that also served as a flat waterfall. There were areas so slick that a slip would have ensured a fall at least 6o feet, but... read more

Outdoor Adventures (with books)

by Mindy Rhiger   As I write, it is a beautiful day here in Minnesota. I am reminded of of what Todd Christopher wrote in his book The Green Hour:   “. . . Interaction with nature affords children the pleasurable multisensory experiences that challenge their minds, invirgorate their bodies, restore their spirits and sharpen their focus. And . . . it is perhaps a parent’s first and best medicine for addressing that trio of decidedly modern maladies endemic to childhood today: obesity, attention deficit, and media addiction.”   The Green Hour is full of activities... read more

Difficult Child or Natural Leader? It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Thank you to Suzy Hayman DeYoung from Parenting with New Perspectives for this guest post. While chaperoning a fourth grade “team building” field trip, the group of twelve students were given a complex challenge that involved devising a way to cross a pit by obtaining a rope swing positioned out of arm’s reach. Interestingly, the four children who ultimately came up with the solution were the ones frequently labeled as disruptive, distracted and challenging in the classroom. Out here in the woods, however, they were resourceful, resilient, cooperative and focused. One... read more

Answers to Sibling Harmony

Siblings & Bodypaint (by our friend Amir at www.AmirImage.com) Hi Friends, A mother wrote in on Mothering.com’s Ask An Expert and wondered how to get her 7-year old boy and her 5-year old girl to appreciate each other and nurture a sibling bond as their personalities are very different and most of their interactions “largely unpleasant.” I answered with some of my favorite tips for family unity and sibling harmony. I touch upon individuation, togetherness, family unity, activities that promote bonding, conflict resolution, media that... read more

Family Sues Bumbo, Toys R Us Over Baby Seat Injuries

  June, 07, 2011 The family of a 9-month-old boy who suffered serious injuries when he fell from a Bumbo Baby Sitter seat has filed a lawsuit charging that South Africa-based Bumbo and Wayne, N.J.-based retail giant Toys R Us disregarded the product’s documented safety concerns. According to the lawsuit filed by Dallas trial law firm Rose•Walker, Bumbo and Toys R Us knew about the safety concerns, including numerous reports of serious injuries, but rushed the product back to stores after inadequately addressing warnings highlighted by the Consumer Product ... read more

Farmers Market Fun

I am excited for my neighborhood farmers market to open for the season this weekend.  When we start walking to the local farmers market, it starts to feel like summer for me.  There are a couple great, new picture books to get your kids excited about the farmers market too. The newest book from Nikki McClure, one of my favorite illustrators, is To Market, To Market.  The unique paper-cut illustration style, which she creates with an x-acto knife and black construction paper, have a classic feel that is a perfect fit for a story about a family trip to a farmers market.... read more

Teleconference: Meetings in D.C. Examine Vaccine Safety System

On June 13-15, 2011, the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) will meet in Washington, D.C. to discuss recommendations and options for improving the nation’s vaccine safety system. The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) has written and submitted comments supporting independent vaccine safety oversight and is represented on an Advocacy Panel discussion during a June 13 Vaccine Stakeholder meeting. The public can listen to the three days of open meetings via teleconference and offer comments during public comment time June 14-15. Your... read more

New Book: The 21st Century Motherhood Movement

The 21st Century Motherhood Movement: Mothers Speak Out on Why We Need to Change the World and How to Do It from Demeter Press, edited by Andrea O’Reilly This anthology, the first on the 21st century motherhood movement, includes seven sections; Becoming a Mother; Maternal Identities; Maternal Advocacy; Maternal Activism; Violence, Militarism, War and Peace; Social Change and Social Justice; Writing/Researching/Performing Motherhood—and features more than eighty motherhood organizations from around the globe including a selection from Mothering editor and... read more

Urban Village: There Are Angels Among Us

Countrymart My aunt was having lunch with one of her best friends. My aunt described how she had been volunteering at a local school and building their vegetable garden. My aunt’s friend explained how she had just spent the weekend with her God-daughter and watched her two young children while her God-daughter got to take an uninterrupted shower. Inspired by my aunt’s volunteering in the garden, my aunt’s friend went on to say that she had room in her schedule to volunteer one morning a week for a young mother with children. My aunt lit up with... read more

Extraordinary Children

By Doro HepeWeb Exclusive If we are to understand what our children need, we must learn how to give them the greatest gift: We must let them lead. With just this thought, I followed. A beautiful 16-year-old high school student with Down Syndrome asked me to take her to the beach. I had worked briefly during the school year as her classroom aide and found myself as her companion for the summer. We journeyed to the beach in silence. Though speech failed as her form, the desire to communicate was in her eyes. She would show me the way of a graceful language, fully... read more

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