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New Book: The 21st Century Motherhood Movement

The 21st Century Motherhood Movement: Mothers Speak Out on Why We Need to Change the World and How to Do It from Demeter Press, edited by Andrea O’Reilly This anthology, the first on the 21st century motherhood movement, includes seven sections; Becoming a Mother; Maternal Identities; Maternal Advocacy; Maternal Activism; Violence, Militarism, War and Peace; Social Change and Social Justice; Writing/Researching/Performing Motherhood—and features more than eighty motherhood organizations from around the globe including a selection from Mothering editor and... read more

Extraordinary Children

By Doro HepeWeb Exclusive If we are to understand what our children need, we must learn how to give them the greatest gift: We must let them lead. With just this thought, I followed. A beautiful 16-year-old high school student with Down Syndrome asked me to take her to the beach. I had worked briefly during the school year as her classroom aide and found myself as her companion for the summer. We journeyed to the beach in silence. Though speech failed as her form, the desire to communicate was in her eyes. She would show me the way of a graceful language, fully... read more

Ben Has Two Moms

By Deb KinderIssue 98, January - February 2000 Our family journey began almost five years ago, when I was reunited with the woman who is now my life partner and co-mother of our son. We had been friends for seven years, but had been separated geographically for most of that time. A year after our reunion, we took our first conscious step toward creating a family. On a brilliant early morning of the autumn equinox, Rose and I made our way down to the banks of a nearby river where we read our letters of commitment to each other, and exchanged rings among the cattails and... read more

The Flower Girl: Full Disclosure for a Radiant Day!

Flower Girl The Flower Girl by www.LoveParentingLA.com A crowning moment for parents of girls can be watching their daughter as a flower girl in a friend or family member’s wedding; your princess, immaculate, eyes-wide, hair-curled, dress-pressed, stockings-white and shoes-shiny, playing a part in one of the oldest rituals of time, the sanctification of the union between husband and wife. The flower girl represents the couple’s future if they are so blessed to procreate, and the flowers represents the sweetness, beauty and fragility of new... read more

Motherhood Brings Me Down

“Waaaaake UP, Maaamaaaa.” My five-year old’s whine cut cruelly through REM mode like a dull knife pressing down on a firm tomato. My brain explodes red pulp and seeds. It’s like the film Inception but instead of my secrets being stolen from my resting mind via Leonardo DiCaprio, it was a girlchild with curly hair, her toddler-esque tummy peeking out from a too-small shirt and indignant look on her face, who was entering my dreams. My eyes fluttered open and I accepted a breath as deep as I could manage as I finally sat up. My body was heavy with fatigue from... read more

Books for young animal lovers

By Mindy Rhiger   April and May have been busy months.  I’ve blogged about books for Earth Day, Arbor Day, Mother’s Day, Midwifery Month, and Osteoporosis Awareness Month.  Since I know many Mothering families are animal lovers, I didn’t want to pass up the chance to blog about books for National Pet Month.  It’s a great opportunity to talk with kids about pet adoption–or maybe adopt a pet of your own.   As always, books are a great place to start:                                         A homeless dog finds a family in Fleabag by Helen Stephens.  This... read more

Teachers and Parents Gear Up for a Save Our Schools March in July

    Educators and families from around the country say they are fed up with so-called “reform” policies that falsely label more than 80% of U.S. public schools as failures. To counter what they call unfair attacks on teachers and public education, a growing coalition of individuals and organizations is mobilizing for a national day of action in support of public schools. On Saturday, July 30, 2011, thousands of people will gather at the White House in Washington, DC and at locations around the nation to express their desire to reclaim... read more


Some days, just getting through has to be enough. And if 1) no one has gotten seriously hurt; and 2) there’s been no major collateral damage; and 3) no kittens have died,* all the better.** That long list of things you fully intended to take care of today, but failed to? It will still be there tomorrow. Forgive yourself and go to bed. It’s OK.   *Last March, a new family standard of measure was established as we were trying to figure out how best to take care of our semi-feral mama kitty and her five newborns.  At one point,... read more

One Mom's Cure For The Summertime Blues

By Vickie Oddino Issue 119, July/August 2003 I have mixed feelings about summer. I work as a teacher, so summertime is vacation time, not only for my children but for me. That part I love. But there's so much pressure. My children are six and three, and summer-camp programs bombard us with flyers and mailers. These programs include weekly bus trips to the beach, to water parks, to Disneyland, and to every conceivable fun place in the metropolitan Los Angeles area. But the price is always a shocker. Perhaps when my children are a little older, and I'm a... read more

Mompreneurs Panel Fundraiser: Highlights from moms talking about starting their own businesses

Mompreneurs Panel Friends, Last Wednesday I participated on a panel of Mompreneurs (moms who take their passion and start a business) as part of a fundraiser for a local charter school which seeks to educate children in a child-led learning style, with a diverse student body that is representational of the neighborhood, and achieve an academic standard of excellence. It was an evening of celebration: honoring the achievements of the business women who were unanimously led by the heart in creating uplifting... read more

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