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15-15 For Marriages With Young Children!

All aboard! 15-15 is a simple time management technique that can make all the difference in the world to your sanity and that of your partner. If you are home with your baby all day chances are you haven’t taken a shower, you’ve eaten a few bites here and there to add up a meal, you have been unable to complete a single phone call, the laundry is unfolded, the dishes are in the sink, and you arrived 25 minutes late for your one outing: an attempt to be social and “do something for you” which was  your post-natal exercise class, but the last... read more

Celebrating the midwives in teen fiction

You may not think that teen fiction and midwifery go together, but here are a couple of books that might make you re-think that assumption. Birthmarked by Caragh O’Brien is a dystopian novel for teens set in a future world that has been ravaged by the effects of climate change.  Sixteen-year-old Gaia is an apprentice midwife to her mother, but when her parents are taken to the Enclave for questioning, she is the only midwife left in her small village.  She is responsible for all the births and making sure that the babies are forwarded to the upper class who live within... read more

High Art: Raising a Child

By Rachel La Rock Whaley Issue 107, July/August 2001 Being a mother is an art. In no other profession are you able to set your own goals, be your true self, and have such wonderful results. This is what I was thinking about on a hot July evening. Here in Missouri it gets muggy and very hot, so I had kept both of my sons inside, sheltered from the sun and humidity. We had had a good day--reading books on our new bed, making puppets, watching a Magic School Bus video, playing with the puppy. The kids were happy, falling asleep early in the evening, allowing my husband... read more

Shared Wisdom What We Have Learned About Parenthood

What we've learned about parenthood; shared wisdom, from our family to yours.   Hylands asked some moms and dads to share some thoughts and lessons learned from parenthood and pass them on to others.  All the people in the video work for Hylands and are simply put- real people, with real lives, real parents.   We invite you to share your own words of wisdom about parenting on Hylands' Facebook Page.   Hyland's video tribute to moms this Mother's Day.       read more


In the past week, many events have transpired.  It all began with a simple Facebook message on the night of Easter.  I sent a “Happy Easter” message to Baby Girl’s mom (our former foster daughter), asking how her day had gone.  It began a tentative, but positive exchange back and forth.  Gradually, we began trusting each other again and soon we had scheduled a visit for the next weekend.   As the weekend approached, we were able to carve out a full visit, including an evening with our Baby Girl at a local hotel full of swimming and playing.  My kids soaked up... read more

Free Online Lesson from the L.O.V.E. Parenting Program!

L.O.V.E. Parenting Altar at last workshop For this week, you can be enrolled in the online L.O.V.E. Parenting Program FOR FREE. And, here is you first assignment: Create your Parenting ALTAR. Whether you are a new mom or have parented for years, it can be helpful to create a beacon of imagery infused with meaning to help light the way in your daily life as a parent. The L.O.V.E. Parenting Altar is a tangible marking that honors the soul of your parenting, helping to inspire & center you, and keep you on track. A synergetic effect occurs... read more

Into the Blue

By Cullen CurtissWeb Exclusive, September 1, 2008 For many of us, our dearest are not nearest, and this can feel especially poignant when you are a parent. My son is now two-and-a-half, and he and I have made sixteen excursions by plane to see family. I do not wish so much air travel on anyone. It's hard on the body (especially a little body), expensive, and contributes measurably to changes in the climate. And then there are safety considerations. But I have plenty of suggestions to make those one or two trips a year manageable, safe, and even fun. Ready, Get... read more

Riding the Roller Coaster of Pregnancy and Early Motherhood: Mindfulness for Moms

Mindful Motherhood is a mindfulness training program for pregnant women and new moms I developed with my colleagues California Pacific Medical Center’s Research Institute and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. I’m a psychologist, mind-body medicine researcher, and a mom. The book contains the essential foundations of the practice of Mindful Motherhood, including detailed and accessible information about how mindfulness can be applied in everyday life as a new mom, based on science, theory, and ancient wisdom. The website includes supplementary information... read more

The Good Mother

May 07, 2010 Some say motherhood is the hardest job in the world; turns out, there’s a lot of history to back that up. In this Mother’s Day episode, the "American History Guys" from Back Story Radio explore the changing expectations of mothers over three centuries. Historian Linda Kerber discusses the “founding mothers,” who were tasked with instilling future generations with good republican values. Ann Hulbert, an expert on parenting experts, explains why mothers in the 1920s were instructed not to smother their children with love. And reporter Nate DiMeo tells... read more

I Knew You When

I was sitting perched on the arm of our couch, quietly observing my father-in-law, husband, and son. Next to me was Gabriel, rapt and motionless, listening to his grandfather read a story. At the far end sat Mike, puzzling over conic sections for the math class he was teaching. Maybe it was something about the way he was holding his back and head at attention, but suddenly little Gabriel became a big teenager in my mind’s eye. I could see his long limbs and strong brown neck, his graceful motions and intent way of listening. And when I looked at my husband... read more

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