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Mud puddles, rain drops, and worms.

We live in the midwest.  We had a big storm yesterday, one that started off as rain, switched to snow and hail, and eventually became rain again.  All throughout, we experienced thunder and lightning.  Honestly, I thought it was spectacular!  I love a good thunderstorm, though usually it takes place in the summer.  I love watching the earth swell with water, filling as it opens for the miraculous birth of new plants, new life, green grass, beautiful flowers.  We grow a garden, and I am eager to see the rain soak the ground to prepare it for my plants. This... read more

Parenting in Prague

Issue 132 September October 2005 By Isabel Tees Before I became a parent, I might have been considered a risk-taker. I'd toured on a street bike, aggressively ridden ATVs off-road, and piloted small aircraft. However, the hormones of pregnancy forever altered my brain, and within nine months I'd become hardwired as a mom. Suddenly, I feared—not so much for me (though motherhood did slow me down somewhat), but for my daughter. I did all the typical "new mom" things. When Samantha was an infant I would check to see if she was breathing at night. I ran to her bedside at... read more

Celebrating Single Moms

By Erica Miner Web Exclusive - May 11, 2008 Pat yourself on the back. As a single mom, you deserve that and more this Mother's Day?and every day of the year. You are performing one of the most difficult tasks on the planet: raising your child on your own. For the proverbial 24 hours and eight days a week, you are sole nurturer, psychologist, and chief executive officer of both physical and emotional nourishment. And you're doing it all by yourself. But doing it all by yourself doesn't mean that you shouldn't have someone to lean on. On the contrary, the single-most... read more

Finding Your Tribe

We all need connections with other parents. This article shares the story of one mom who found a special way to connect and create a mini-community all her own. If you are looking for ways to connect with moms in your local area check out our Finding a Tribe section in the forums--where you will discover subforums for areas across the US, Canada and the world.    If you're pregnant you may also like to join one of our popular Due Date Clubs for lots of support and fun. Or join the conversation in one of our other helpful forums: such as Talk Amongst Ourselves,... read more

Float the Boat: Helping the Family to Function, Part One

Hi Friends, An image came to me as I was co-leading the Yoga of Parenting Workshop this past Saturday with Hala Khouri. I was about to begin the circle of conversation for support in parenting when I noticed a malfunctioning pipe in the exposed ceiling. Two pieces of metal were attempting to join together but were completely severed and mis-aligned. I saw the pipe immediately as a metaphor for the family system when it’s out of alignment. Just as water couldn’t flow through this broken pipe, “bedtime,” “mealtime,” and other daily functioning is... read more

When Is Your Child Ready To Start Kindergarten

There are several factors to consider in deciding when your child is ready to begin school. 1) Evaluate Maturity As a former preschool and kindergarten teacher, I believe that one of the most important aspects of a child’s readiness is his social and emotional development.   2) Assess Basic School Skills A child should be gaining confidence in several of the following categories before you consider enrolling him in a preschool or kindergarten program:   Gross Motor skills. Controlling the large muscles such as arms and legs with... read more

School Readiness Websites With Free Content

Here is a list of great (FREE!) websites that are devotes to school readiness topics.  Information on how to prepare you child to start school, free printable worksheets, free readiness tests to see if your child is ready to start school, activity suggestions for things to do with your school-aged child at home, etc.  I hope you find it helpful!   Free printable kindergarten worksheets, full-color and easy to print.  Worksheets in these different areas: fine motor skill development, auditory processing skill development, phonemic awareness skill development,... read more

Mama Ache

Wee-hour anxiety. Pretty sure you know what I’m talking about—it comes with parenting. Our 21-year-old son, Reeve, was home for a couple of nights this week. It’s Spring Break, and he and friends are on their way up to Estes Park, Colorado, where their mentor is getting married Saturday. Since nobody has any money, and Reeve’s car (a hand-me- down from his cousin Nick) is in better shape at 19 years old and 190,000 miles than anyone else’s, he’s driving. Last night, knowing Reeve was hitting the road today—in his stalwart but ancient car— driving for 9... read more

The Audacity of Help

By Shanna Brewton-Tiayon Web Exclusive - February 27, 2009 What's faster than the speed of light? The stride of a working mother trying to accomplish a two page to-do list during a half-hour lunch break. What is the best tag-team collaboration around? The mother and father duo, attempting to balance a full-time job, extracurricular activities for the children, family time, church, and, oh yeah, household chores. This was my reality growing up in Hampton, Virginia, in the 1980s and '90s. As an adolescent and eventually a college-bound teenager, all of what I amassed... read more

Fairy Emma

By Nancy Smith Web Exclusive - September 29, 2008 Long ago, there was a little girl who pranced through our living room in the guise of a fairy. She was four-years-old with blond, curly hair, cheeks like ripe peaches, and a canary-eating grin, both prideful and shy. She had on a light pink leotard, a short skirt of lavender and teal that looked like the petals of a flower, and wings made of wire and crimson satin. In her small hand she held a wand—a yellow star on a wooden stem with long, multicolored ribbons flowing from its base. She was fairy Emma. She was... read more

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