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Newborn Mother

By Jennifer Graf Groneberg Web Exclusive Each night before bed, my son casually, nonchalantly, reaches out and grabs my ear, pinning me to his side. If he is particularly uneasy, he grabs both ears, pulling me close, and I smell baby soap and milk, warm cotton and skin. Our breaths mingle, our heartbeats answer each other and together, we drift to sleep. I am his, and he knows it. It wasn't always this way. I was a nervous new mother. I'd read all the books and knew all the ages and stages, but none of it helped me. I was terrified. Too scared to let myself love this... read more

"I didn't think I was capable of all that rage"

There’s a devastating article, Emily Bazelon’s “Shaken-Baby Syndrome Faces New Questions in Court,” in the New York Times Sunday Magazine about how some caregivers are being wrongly accused of shaking babies so hard they suffer brain damage. It turns out that what we attribute to shaken baby syndrome is often caused by something else. It’s so upsetting to think about the women who are in jail for crimes they didn’t commit. I was talking about the article with some of my mom friends. Though the evidence against shaken-baby syndrome is mounting, many of us admitted to each... read more

Podcast Episode 3: Breastfeeding Beats the Blues

  In this episode, Mothering Radio explores breastfeeding and postpartum depression. Julie Grant interviews Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, who has authored three books on postpartum depression and who wrote “Breastfeeding Beats the Blues” in Mothering’s Sept-Oct 2010 issue. The article examines how breastfeeding can help women recover from postpartum depression, despite the common advise to wean during this time. A copy of the article can be found in the Sept-Oct 2010 issue. Listen Now Download this episode Subscribe... read more

Feeding Your Children Part V: Practical Tips

If you have been following my Feeding Your Children series then you have identified your own historical relationship to food, you have released, you have written affirmations and you have visioned for your children’s future. Now, let’s get right in there with our kids and Set The Stage for a successful relationship to food. Visit a farm: Forty minutes outside of urban Los Angeles, there are acres and acres of farms that offer tours for children wherein they can ride on a tractor and then hand pick their own fruit and vegetables. Most commercial farms... read more

Little Princes

I’m reading Little Princes (William Morrow) by Conor Grennan. It’s about an American who volunteers at an orphanage in Nepal while embarking on an around-the-world trip. When a mother arrives at the gates of the house looking for her two sons, he realizes her children (along with the other kids at the orphanage) have been trafficked. Conor decides not only to dedicate his time to trying to stop child trafficking in Nepal, he establishes a non-profit to reverse the practice and return the kids to their birth parents. I was captivated by the topic. Ron and I... read more

Mothers like Rainbows

Every once in a while a gem appears – this time on the counter at the thrift store. There, in resplendent purple, was a splendid 1970-something little gift book for mothers called Mothers Are Like That.   It was originally a gift from Paul, Ann, Alfie, Manon and Damon to their mother & grandmother, whoever she may be. Thank you for passing it on to Salvation Army and allowing this treasure to fall into my hands! Over the coming months we’ll be sharing images & commentary from this splendid little Mother-honouring book. Hidden within are treasures... read more

Attachment Theory

  Attachment theory began in the 1950s with the work of John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth. Bowlby, an English psychiatrist, became interested in young children's responses to loss, and began studying the realms of attachment and bonding. He and Ainsworth, an American psychologist who conducted some of the most extensive field research into mother-infant interaction ever completed, formulated what is now commonly known as attachment theory.   Attachment theory is based on the belief that the mother-child bond is the essential and primary force in infant development,... read more

Learning Patient Parenting

By Nora Rock Web Exclusive "I have a new mantra," my mother told me last week: "Effort is fortune". I had to laugh, not because mantras are new to my mother - she loves them - but because she already works harder than most people I know. Effort is a good thing in our society. We like to see hard workers succeed, and we're uncomfortable with "dumb" luck, with "blind" faith, with anything that implies just sitting around. But are we possibly working too hard to think, to step back and consider whether our effort is generating the results we want? Do we really want to... read more

Letters for Maia

By Diane SelkirkWeb Exclusive, June 5, 2006 "I asked the universe for you.When your daddy and I decided we wanted to have a baby, I spent many hours imagining you. I asked for someone who wanted to join our lives: A child with a sense of adventure, an easygoing personality, a love of learning and change, someone who would live life joyfully. This seemed a lot to ask for, but I also really wanted a girl with curly red hair. So I asked for that too." Each year on Maia's birthday I fill a page with words for her; small pictures of who she is, descriptions of what we've... read more

ali smith's momma love

# Obviously, I’ve seen a lot of photos—and many that make me stop and catch my breath—during my years as Mothering‘s art director, but NYC photographer and writer Ali Smith‘s work stood out for me when I first saw it. Something about the way she manages to be there, in the moment, capturing the intimacy of the mother-child relationship with an honesty and a beauty that hurts. Real-life moms with their kids, doing real-life things—and looking simultaneously edgy/hip/fresh and TIMELESS. That ages-old momma love. (Gotta say I also really like her... read more

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