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ali smith's momma love

# Obviously, I’ve seen a lot of photos—and many that make me stop and catch my breath—during my years as Mothering‘s art director, but NYC photographer and writer Ali Smith‘s work stood out for me when I first saw it. Something about the way she manages to be there, in the moment, capturing the intimacy of the mother-child relationship with an honesty and a beauty that hurts. Real-life moms with their kids, doing real-life things—and looking simultaneously edgy/hip/fresh and TIMELESS. That ages-old momma love. (Gotta say I also really like her... read more

TV Free Research and Resources

Articles and studies Toddlers and TV "Students with cable TV at home 'do worse in exams'" Babies, TV, and maternal interaction TV Research: Let’s Get Smarter About What Young Children See, Hear and ExperienceArticle examining multiple studies from an early-childhood-education perspective The Death and Life of American Imagination  Books The Plug-In Drug by Marie Winn Remotely Controlled by Aric Sigman To Kindle A Soul - TV chapter The Big Turnoff by Ellen Currey-Wilson Living Outside the Box by Barbara Block Buy, Buy Baby by... read more

Your Kids Can Be Published Authors

Last Monday, I wanted to write a blog post about a great children’s store I stumbled upon, but I caught the stomach flu. Drafting the blog in my head was as far as I got–I didn’t have the energy to open my laptop, let alone type. This week I’m back at 100%, and I’m ready to talk about Scribble Press. Check it out: you bring your kids to the store–a fully equipped art studio–where they write and/or draw their own story. With printing and bookbinding on-site, your child leaves with a real book. Oh, my. I would have LOVED something like this as a kid. I... read more

Yes! Magazine Winner and Super Special Subscription Offer...

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway! The winner is Kristine Strange (comment #50). Please contact me at webeditor [at]mothering.com to claim your subscription. If you didn’t win, you can subscribe now and get the super special rate of $10 (normal $24) only for Mothering readers! Support this great magazine by subscribing now. More About Yes!: Mothering contributor Jeremy Adam Smith speaks to the fluidity and diversity of today’s family unit in YES! Magazine’s Winter 2011 issue, “What Happy Families Know.” From Yes!... read more

Yes! Magazine Sneak Peak: Freer, Messier, Happier

January 24, 2011 An Excerpt from "Freer, Messier, Happier" --Yes! Magazine, Winter 2011 Mothering contributer Jeremy Adam Smith speaks to the fluidity and diversity of today’s family unit in YES! Magazine’s Winter 2011 issue. Read an excerpt below and then head over to Yes! Magazine's site for an exclusive price on subscribing to Yes! Magazine--just for Mothering readers! From Yes! Magazine: Marriage and family values are among America’s most polarizing political issues. But when we get down to the personal, we find that real family is mostly about taking care of... read more

Songs Sweet and Simple

Songs Sweet and Simple: Making Music with the Mountain Dulcimer By Mary Amato Issue 102, September/October 2000 As a child, I took a few violin and piano lessons but never got past awkward plucking and plunking. As a teenager, I strummed my sister's guitar in the hopes of becoming another Joni Mitchell--but my fingers just would not cooperate. So with great joy, at 39, I'm finally connecting with a musical instrument. And, best of all, I'm sharing the learning process with my children. Nine years ago my husband and I bought a mountain dulcimer for our wedding... read more

The Parent They Need

By Rosemary Danielis Web Exclusive Ah, those preconceived notions – they’ll take you down the Wrong Road every time. When your eyes are clouded with all you wish, want and will something to be, you are bound to end up missing all the great information and truths offered to you along the way. When my husband and I began our little family we had nine glorious months to prepare (in our minds) for the perfect little baby we were about to have. When that day came and our first daughter was born, we began to play out our lives just as we had planned. Being an active, social... read more

Feeding Your Children Part III: Action & Satisfaction

I hadn’t told my children about my “Feeding Your Children” theme this week. At 8:22am this morning, my daughter said, “I want to make something. I want to cook mushrooms, tomato, rice and chicken and I want to eat it.” She continued talking aloud as she began to gather her ingredients.“I watched you and Dad and now I know how to do it.” She was moving and talking quickly, perhaps for fear that I might tell her she couldn’t proceed. Instead, I was marveling at her and slightly bemused. I had no intentions of stopping her, rather, I was curious to see... read more

Books For Early Advanced Readers

Please share books that may appeal to children who are reading ahead of their chronological age, with content that is appropriate for younger readers.  (To add another line to the table, just put your cursor in the last box and hit tab. To add in the middle right click.)   I've chosen to use Lexile because that seems to be a better measure of difficulty than grade level. If you're interested, here's a conversion chart for Lexile-Grade Level.  3rd grade is about 600-730 for... read more

Kids and E-Books: What Do You Think?

How do you feel about kids reading e-books? The 2010 Kids and Family Reading Report, released Wednesday and commissioned by Scholastic Inc., offers a mixed portrait of e-books and families. Around six out of 10 of those between ages 9 and 17 say they’re interested in reading on an electronic device such as the Kindle or the iPad. Around one out of three from the same age group say they’d read more “for fun” if more books were available on a digital reader. Studies have shown that kids are exposed too much ‘screen time’ (television, games, ‘learning’ games from companies... read more

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