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Growing Up With Domestic Violence: Patrick Stewart and Me

by Jake Aryeh Marcus Find Sustainable Mothering on Facebook and Jake on Twitter. I got a fundraising e-mail from Amnesty International the other day. It was from a celebrity, as so many non-profit fundraising e-mails are. But this one really made me stop and look. It was from actor Patrick Stewart and it was about supporting Amnesty International’s campaign concerning violence against women. He wrote: I know too much about violence against women – as a child I watched in terror as my mother was abused by an angry and unhappy man who could not... read more

The Power of "Yes, And."

We Tell Stories, Los Angeles My mother performed improvisational theater when I was a young girl. One of the rules of improvisational theater is “yes, and”; when an actor on stage throws you a concept, you agree and add to it. “I can’t believe we’ve been climbing this mountain for six hours now and we still can’t see the top!” You reply with, “Yes, my feet are aching in this boots. Maybe we can tie ourselves onto this ledge to take a snack break.” I have been using the power of “Yes, and” in my mothering, and in dealing with what life has been... read more

The Most Thoughtful Gift

By Jeanmarie DevinneyWeb Exclusive “Are you kidding me?” my friend asked. “I feel sorry for you if that’s the best gift you’ve ever received.”What she didn’t understand was it was also one of my most memorable parental successes. As a single parent at that time with two young children (under the age of eight), there were invisible issues it seemed no one ever discussed--until it affected the children. In all the reading I did with the hopes of being the best possible parent, I didn’t ever recall the topic of gift giving and young children. I never found an article... read more

Giveaway: Kimochis plush Toys with Feelings Inside

  • by admin

“Kimochis, Toys with Feelings Inside,” Giveaway! We’re giving away 1 Cat and 1 Mixed Feelings Pack AND 1 Cloud and 1 Mixed Feelings Pack Kimochis…Toys with Feelings Inside® are unique, fun, educational plush characters that help facilitate positive communication between children and their parents, caregivers, and peers and help cultivate social and emotional learning. Feelings can be messy, especially during the holidays, and Kimochis™ can help kids and parents cope and handle their feelings! Using Kimochis™ is a playful,... read more

Five Children Die Each Day in Car Crashes

I heard about this on NPR yesterday morning, and I’ve been obsessively thinking about it ever since. About five children die everyday in car accidents. The NPR story emphasizes that some of these deaths could be averted if American children stayed rear facing for longer. Even if you have a toddler, it’s safer for her to face backwards. Apparently in Sweden children as old as four face backwards in their car seats. But even if your child is safely buckled, you can’t avoid the fact that driving is dangerous. My friend Vicky’s son... read more

Saying Yes

by Sarah Juliusson of www.MamaRenew.ca – Find Mama Renew on Facebook & Twitter Musing a lot on the nature of saying Yes – and No – these days.  To others, and even to myself… Last week I shared a post with you on the Guilt of Saying No – so thought I’d bring you these musings from the Mama Renew blog on the art of saying No & YES: ***************** We hear a lot from mothers about the challenge of saying “No”.  We all do it.  The request for a favour comes, we feel that gut response that screams out Noooooo!, and then we smile graciously and say... read more

A Guest Post from Cori Howard of The Momoir Project

Thanks to Cori Howard of The Momoir Project for this guest post. Cori Howard with her children It’s a Tuesday night and I’m sitting in a Vancouver café surrounded by ten other moms. The café is closed and we are just getting to know each other in this warm, cozy, intimate space. There are new moms and moms of toddlers and teenagers. There are grandmoms, adoptive moms and stepmoms, and they’ve come from all over the city to be here—at a writing class. Many people ask me why mothers would want to take a writing class – why they would want... read more

The Guilt of Saying No

Got a phone call from a good friend in distress today.  She wondered if I might be able to help her with boundary setting.  She kindly gave me permission to explore these ideas in a blog post! Ah…. yes, the fine art of recognizing when to say No, and not carrying the guilt forward. As mothers, so many of us carry a very strong caregiver archetype, always willing to go above and beyond when there is someone in need.  As we talked it was clear that there are several people in her life who are dearly in need of support.  With each she described a very different... read more

Pick Me! Pick Me!

By Cindy Jones Web Exclusive Let me begin by saying that I love my job as a full-time mother to four boys. I am totally fulfilled, happy, and satisfied. However, my resume is not getting any longer these days; I'm not getting any raises, bonuses, or promotions; and it comes as no surprise that I was not among those named "Unsung Heroes of the Year" by my neighborhood newspaper. I don't mean to be pushy, but if someone would just nominate me for some kind of award, I could put it on my resume and it would really be fun for me. I'd even help write the nominating... read more

Thinking of the Less Fortunate on Thanksgiving

My mother called from South Africa with devastating news. One of my younger cousins, who I remember so well as a slender smiling four-year-old, committed suicide. She hanged herself last Thursday. She was thirty-two years old. I think I may have laughed. Oh god, I did laugh. My mother’s words were so unbelievable that I couldn’t understand what she was saying. L was dead. How could that be possible? I laughed the way my brother laughed when I was nine and he was seventeen. Jeremy was sitting on the front stoop of the house he rented... read more

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