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Caught In The Blogosphere

(I wrote about this a few years ago on my blog, but think it is certainly still relevant.) You tell someone you are a Mommyblogger and they roll their eyes. Oh, one of those, said with disdain. It sounds almost as bad as ‘tweens’, or some other clever marketing strategy. Is that all this is? Is that all mothers are these days? One of the biggest target marketing groups? There are women out there breaking (smashing) every myth of what it means to be a mother. At the same time, you got to wonder if some of us are unconsciously exploiting ourselves... read more

Momma Trade: Green, Free and Effective

  I had a six-month old and a two-and-a-half year old, when I did my first “Momma Trade.” I met a woman at the park who had children the same age as mine. We connected immediately and began talking about being with the children full-time. We both loved being with our kids, however, we had paper-work and creative projects that we wanted to attend to and found it nearly impossible to split focus while tending to our children. We started to brainstorm a situation wherein we could meet at one of our homes and one of us would retreat to a... read more

Tick by Athena

5-year-old Athena with the stray puppy we rescued in NiameyEarlier this week we we’ve been talking about how dogs are treated in Niger, and before that about whether or not our family of six should have a dog. Athena, my 9-year-old wrote a story about the dog we rescued in Niger when we were living there from 2006-2007. Here’s Athena’s story: One day, when I was six years old and in Africa, my mom and I were walking to school. I saw a dog lying in the street. She looked up when she saw us, and thumped her tail on the ground. She had sandy brown fur, and a big scar on her... read more

Atheist Parenting

by Jake Aryeh Marcus Find Sustainable Mothering on Facebook and Jake on Twitter. There is an interesting discussion over at PhD in Parenting in a post called Approaching Heaven, Mummies and Infinity about raising kids without religion. As happens to me a fair bit, I began to leave a comment that became so long I brought it over here and turned it into a blog post of my own. Thanks to Annie for the nudge. My boys are now teens and tween and I have been shocked that “is there a god?” and related questions simply never came up. My boys never asked me “whether” questions... read more

On the (Mis)treatment of Dogs in West Africa

Outside the Petit Marché in Niamey, NigerLast week Tracy asked about the puppy we adopted when we lived in Niger. Athena, who was five when we found the puppy four years ago, still draws pictures of our family with Tick in them. When we went to her fourth grade conference, the teacher read us a story Athena wrote about finding Tick, caring for Tick, and losing Tick. In Niger most people don’t like dogs. One afternoon we went to visit the compound of a Togolese friend who had a puppy. A Nigerien woman who lived in the same enclosure gave the sleeping puppy a hard kick as... read more

women at work: just another day at the office

In which Laura and Mel (staff photographer Melyssa Holik) shoot hot drinks for Jan-Feb, spill cinnamon while trying to sprinkle a fancy pattern on the surface of one of said drinks, and, absent a vacuum cleaner, discover that effective traffic cones can be hastily constructed out of paper when circumstances demand. Meanwhile, Managing Editor Melissa Chianta, who might have thought she was going to get some editing—or even some managing—done today, finds herself agreeing to go for an impromptu manicure in order to better serve as outdoor mug-hugging... read more

Working And Student Parents Resources

        This will be our wiki for resources for Working and Student Parents. The reason for this it so keep the resource list manageable, visable and readily available, especially for new members or members who may be new to the unique circumstances of being a parent with responsibilities outside the home. Interviewing Day Care Providers/Finding Good Child Care Pumping and Working Please be sure, also, to look through our Breastfeeding forums for information, support and resources. And, Kellymom, as always, has plenty of really helpful... read more

Have You Taught Your Kids Phone Manners Today?

I dial a friend’s number and when the phone is picked up I say hello. There’s silence on the other end. Than a small voice, an under-eight-year-old voice, says, “Who is this?” Maybe it’s the question, or maybe the inflection, but it sounds rude. The appropriate response to “Hello” when you call someone is almost always “Hello.” Right? But kids don’t know that unless they’re taught. And telling your kids about good phone manners isn’t enough. In the moment they might feel shy on the telephone, or uncertain what to say, so you actually... read more

Tell Me, Mama

By Laurel DawsonWeb Exclusive "Mama, what makes leaves fall?" I quickly try to recall my basic science facts about leaves. Struggling for accuracy I begin to stumble through my answer about chlorophyll, sunlight, and the leaf dying. The exact science eludes me and I fear passing on misinformation. I make a mental note to visit the library. I begin to say we can ask Papa because he readily and accurately recalls scientific facts when suddenly I stop myself. I remember there are many beautiful and correct ways to respond to a question and using scientific facts is only one... read more

Zen and the Art of Mothering

By Susan W. Specht Issue 91, November/December 1998 Once upon a time, I would rush my children around the block, through the grocery store, and out the library door, hollering, "Come on, let's go!" or "Hurry up!" But I'm slowing down. Maybe I'm getting older. Or maybe--and I hope this is true--I'm getting wiser. My kids and I are so much happier, it turns out, when we do less. When I schedule fewer activities, I'm more peaceful and my kids sense that contentment. With fewer errands, I'm so much less likely to hiss in a store, "Don't touch that!" With shorter lists of... read more

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