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Sacred Space

My daughter was lying on my bed. She was five and a half. She looked around the room and said it was so peaceful and beautiful. She noted that my room had altars with candles and photos and there were no toys in my room. She said that she liked my room more than the room she shares with her brother. She went on to decide that she hated her room and that it wasn’t fair and I had the good room. She worked herself up rather quickly. I went through a myriad of response feelings internally: “Back off, this is my room. Of course my room is peaceful... read more

On School Starting So Soon

It took our family a long time to transition into summer. Now that we’ve finally settled into a rhythm to our days, summer is winding down. The tomatoes are ripening on the vine, the air is cooling off at night, the university students are coming back, and it’s almost time for the kids to go back to school. In the meantime, Bill Clinton just celebrated his 64th birthday, Dr. Laura dropped the N-word bomb eleven times and is now resigning from radio (true confession: when I worked as an ESL teacher in Atlanta and commuted from Little Five Points to Buford Highway I... read more

My Upside Down Life

My Upside Down Life: The Joys and Struggles of Living with Mom and Dad By Cynthia MirandaIssue 120, September/October 2003 I was in yoga class, practicing the Salamba Sirsasana, or headstand. The teacher was explaining that one of the benefits of this asana is that it gives you a different perspective. It turns your world upside down and helps you deal with any challenge in your life. As I relaxed into this asana, I reflected on how this last year has been one long sirsasana . . . During the time I was pregnant with my daughter, Jade, I was promoted to the position of... read more

What is a Family-Friendly Company?

Issue 128 - January/February 2005 Benefit packages offered throughout the US economy include a set of policies and practices termed “family-friendly.” Their basic intent is to help working parents balance personal or family life with work responsibilities. These policies can include maternity and pater-nity leave benefits; allowances for personal and sick time; work-schedule flexibility, including policies related to part-time work; telecommuting policies; breastfeeding arrangements; employer-supported childcare; and counseling referral programs. Yet some question... read more

Stress Management & the Talking Stick

Snow Creek, California The Talking Stick ritual was introduced to me from a man who learned the tradition from his elders. It was taught to me thusly: Gather in a circle There is a stick or sacred item in the middle of the circle Whomever is holding the stick speaks and the others in the circle listen Words spoken are lean Whatever is said in the circle stays in the circle (unless permission is given) The one using the talking stick speaks from his/her heart, about his/her truth A... read more

21 years ago today

  It takes a miracle . . . Yes, indeed. Tim and I were a little shell-shocked today by the awareness that our son, Reeve, is now officially an adult. He turned 21 today. We celebrated with a family road trip (Reeve’s girlfriend, Eliza, joined us) to Chaco Canyon and will continue a celebration of sorts tomorrow, as we caravan down to Las Cruces (about 4 hours south of here)—where Reeve is in school—to help him move into his new digs. . . So. A joyous day of exploration, stunning scenery, stimulating conversation, fabulous road music,... read more

Building Community: Making Space for Other Adults

When I was a young girl, there were a handful of women that I had my own relationship with. My own mother had very good women friends and she encouraged me to have my own one-on-one connection with them. There was Victoria who lived across the walk street; I would cross the sidewalk to her house, we would make strawberry smoothies and play Monopoly on her front porch. There was Candace, a gorgeous thesbian filled with imagination; Candace sewed me a gold velvet Christmas stocking, took me to a grown-up cafe, and took me ice-skating. Victoria and... read more

Do You Risk Going for Your Dreams or Should You Stay Home and be Safe?

Lava Beds National MonumentA few weeks ago we went camping at Lava Beds National Monument with another family. The kids ran around like puppies and we grown-ups sat in the shade and talked. I told our friends about my daughter’s teacher. Hesperus’s first grade teacher was one year from retirement when she found out the cancer she had battled years before had come back. Lynnette died four months after she was diagnosed. She was 59 years old. When I called her husband to offer my condolences he told me Lynnette had so many plans for her retirement, that she had watched... read more

Cosleeping Beauty.

I shared a bed with my son from the time he was 2 weeks old until he was about 16 months.  For the first 2 weeks I kept him in a little old bassinet by my bed, with me sleeping on the edge, keeping a hand on him at all times.  I didn’t fully trust my sleep deprivation, so that felt like a safer option for me.  I adored sleeping with my new babe; it was so easy to roll over & nurse him instead of having to drag myself out of bed & stumble down a hall to retrieve him from a seperate room, & there is nothing sweeter than waking up to the sounds of your little one breathing... read more

A Photo Gallery of BlogHer 2010 (Not), New York City, August 2010

Etani shows signs of being a budding photographer as we trek 2,980 miles from Ashland, Oregon to New York City, New YorkWhy do I have to spend four hours on this airplane? And why is that man in the seat behind me holding his temples? And why, I wonder, did they put me and my brother and my mom in the very last row?You may think this is a photograph of Atlas holding up the world with Saint Patrick's Cathedral (the seat of the Catholic church) in the background but it's actually pornography. What other scantily clad man is a naked woman allowed to admire? What do you... read more

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