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Toddler Shouting and Hitting

My 2 year old daughter has started shouting at me all day long, every day. Usually for things I would happily give her if she just asked for them in her regular voice. I have tried to respond to her needs since she was born. So far I have attachment parented, nursed, coslept, and have avoided punishments for her. We try to live peacefully, and I am usually patient, yet this wears me down so much. She even will swing her arm, as if to hit me, but not actually make contact. I am concerned for what is going on in her right now that is creating this. I don't know if... read more

Portrait Bookmarks

By Amanda Soule The drawings my children make of people are so very dear to me. All along in their learning process—from the earliest of blobs (in which I look quite like a potato spud) to the later years when the details of fingers and toes and hair are added—I'm intrigued and in love with the portraits they create of those they love. I'm always so impressed at the elements of personality they manage to convey in their portraits despite their young years and new drawing skills. These portrait bookmarks evolved like many projects do in our home: out of a need for... read more

Help Your Peace-Loving Child Avoid the Draft

By Helen James Issue 128, January - February 2005 On the eve of the Gulf War, while I was marching for peace with hundreds of other protestors, I spotted a familiar mop of shiny red hair down low in the crowd. Sure enough, it belonged to my then nine-year-old son, Adam. I hadn’t encouraged him to take up the politics of adulthood, but he and his buddies had convinced another parent to take them to the rally. We joined forces, and I walked and talked with them as they struggled to understand the deeper meaning of that day. As I stopped to take a photo of the boys with... read more

Student Privacy

By Tim GnatekWeb Exclusive Denise Holmes, mother of two students at Garfield High School in Seattle, Wash., was preparing dinner for her family one July evening when she heard a knock at the door. Two navy officers, dressed in full uniform and armed with recruitment brochures, had come to speak with her 16 year-old son, Marcus, about considering military service. "They were uninvited," said Ms. Holmes. "Marcus has no interest in the military, he's never even played with G.I. Joes," she said. What most irked Ms. Homes about the calling was that the officers had... read more

Outsmarting the Bratz

By Emmanuelle Goodier Web Exclusive - July 18 2008 I hate Bratz dolls. I really do. Everything about them bugs me, from their huge heads to their gigantic eyes loaded with makeup, to their sultry lips, next-to-nothing clothes, and overly sexualized bodies. As the mom of an innocent and pure four-and-a-half-year-old daughter, I especially despise the shallow messages implied in the marketing of Bratz dolls, the skewed concept of beauty they encompass, and most of all, I hate the fact that millions of little girls seem to be infatuated with them. When my daughter... read more

Resources for Stay at Home Dads

My husband is a stay at home dad parenting our nine month old daughter. What resources are available for stay at home dads? Are there parent groups, or any particular literature that speaks to this arrangement?The first place to go is www.slowlane.com, the online resource for at-home dads (Or, AHDs, as we call ourselves). Slowlane has tons of resources, articles and links-including links to many local AHD groups. I also strongly recommend the At Home Dad Newsletter, a fun, useful periodical - get subscription info by emailing Athomedad@aol.com Often, your community's... read more

Response to "Cry it Out"

What can new parents say to people who recommend that they let their new baby "cry it out"?On a recent Internet radio show1, I emphasized that babies are the true experts on parenting. I added that I often ask new parents if they wish they had an expert living with them to help them to figure out what to do next! I told the radio audience to "Just look to the baby. If you're doing something wrong, the baby will tell you. If you're doing something right, the baby will tell you that too. Babies know exactly what they need."The interviewer neatly summed up these thoughts by... read more

The Daddy Shift is now out

My new (first!) book, The Daddy Shift, is now available for order everywhere books are sold, and its very first review appears in this month's issue of Mothering magazine:   In The Daddy Shift: How Stay-at-Home Dads, Breadwinning Moms, and Shared Parenting are Transforming the American Family, Jeremy Adam Smith leaves no stone unturned in his adroit navigation of the slippery terrain of the changing role of "dad." Part lucidly written historical, social, and economic analyses of moneymaking and caregiving roles, and part eloquent portraits of stay-at-home dads of... read more

Being a Birthmother

I have just read your question and answer page on Mothering.com, and as a birthmother, I am so very touched to have discovered a voice for what I have been sorting out for the past seven years. I have an eight-year-old daughter, adopted into a wonderful family, and our adoption is open. I am currently pregnant with my second child, whom I will raise. Your words, "Adoption is an interruption, a disruption, of the natural order of things" is exactly the conclusion that I've come to at this time about my experience. It has worked out extremely well; my daughter is well... read more

Sibling Aggression

My daughter (27-months-old) is very aggressive toward her brother (nine-months-old), who is very active and almost walking already. Since he started crawling and getting into the toys at five-months-old, she has been hitting, pushing his head, pulling his hair, doing anything to make him cry. I just don't know how to deal with it anymore. I know she is adjusting to his presence, but it's been nearly five months of this. I fear I am making it worse by creating a bully and victim mentality. But I don't want to leave my son there to cry while trying to figure out how to get... read more

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