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What Happened When This Bereaved Mom Sought A Psychic Connection: Part II

  By Suzanne Leigh   Following on from my last post, I decided to see a psychic in the desperate hope of connecting with my 12-year-old daughter, who passed away recently from a brain tumor. This is what happened:   “I’m seeing a young girl who passed recently, maybe months ago,” said our psychic, looking directly at me as I sit in a community church, one of 30 other anxious hopefuls, wanting to make a connection with a lost loved one.   Our psychic comes from another country, but she exudes California: she is barefooted, with loose clothing and the shoes... read more

Get Ready To Read By Playing

By Laura Grace Weldon     To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.  - Victor Hugo   Reading readiness doesn't come from educational toys or programs. It rises from exactly what kids already like to do: moving their bodies, enjoying words, and free play. Why?   Movement helps children develop the necessary brain-body maturation that must be in place before they can make sense of something as abstract as symbols that decode into words. Find out what kinds of movements are essential here.     Reading aloud... read more

"Do You Trust Me?"

           How learning to trust my child allowed me to begin to trust myself.   "Do you trust me?" the Littlest One asked, four years old, legs barely hanging over each side of the big, old tree trunk stretched across the muddy creek flowing rapidly below. My heart leaped again, this time not just from my unnerving fear that he might fall in, but also from the fear that I might not trust him...might not trust myself. And this concept, trust, was the exact thing that had been surfacing in my mind and in my life over and over for the past several weeks. I... read more

You Get What You Need

Ever go to Target to grab some pool toys or epsom salts and somehow end up with a 20 dollar iTunes card, a vacuum, and ice cube trays shaped like bacon? Or a just quick trip to buy gum and mouthwash (halitosis is serious business) only to come home with five bags of groceries and three abandoned kittens?   All the time, right?   Last week we were heading home with the back full of bags, well past lunchtime, due to the vortex of delightful consumerism that is Target when my husband shouted and pointed out the window.   I barely caught a glimpse of them, just... read more

Books For and About Strong Girls

I have three little girls five years old and younger, and they love princesses.  I don’t think there has been a single day over the last two years that at least one person in our house hasn’t been wearing a tiara and pearls.  We have it all -- the dresses, the boas, and the books.  Oh the books!   I know little tot princess culture is a hot topic of sorts, with some people hating everything about it and other people thinking it is a harmless phase that many little girls go through.   I guess you could say I’m kind of in the middle.  I don’t see any problem... read more

Slowing the Pace of Life in Summer

We humans are rhythmic creatures. At least that's how we're meant to be. It's why Rhythm is one of the seven Parenting for Peace principles. It is a gift for our children and ourselves to embrace life's ebbing and flowing. Summertime offers us a luscious opportunity for slowing the pace of life.   “As biologists have learned in the past decade,” writes author Jennifer Ackerman, “time permeates the flesh of all living things -- and for one powerful reason: We evolved on a rotating planet.”[1] She observes the many ways in which we carry inside us a model of the... read more

Interview with The Bitter Homeschooler, Deborah Markus

Part 1 (Find Part 2 here)   In this episode the moms interview Deborah Markus, author of the Bitter Homeschoolers Wish List, and editor and owner of Secular Homeschooling Magazine.     Some links in this episode:   The Bitter Homeschooler's Wish List   Secular Homeschooling Magazine   Don’t Worry! A Guide for Relatives and Friends of Homeschoolers     To see the full show notes, including a LOT MORE links to all the resources mentioned, please visit our website: The Savvy Homeschool Moms, episode 32.   To subscribe to or download our show, check us out... read more

Samantha Wilde & "Motherhood Is Meaningful"

By Brian Leaf     Samantha Wilde is the author of two books about mothering, I'll Take What She Has and This Little Mommy Stayed Home. She's a full-time at-home mother of three young children as well as an ordained minister and a Kripalu yoga teacher. So when does she find time to write? "Nap-times and night time," says Wilde.   I caught up with Samantha Wilde for the following short interview:   Q: You wrote a book about motherhood and envy, did you have to research it for years?    A: You wouldn't believe the interviews I conducted for this book.... read more

Three Wise Women - An Interview With Grown Hippie Mamas

By Beth Berry     Reposted from my blog, Revolution from Home.    Recently, I had the honor of spending a day with my new friend Barbara and several of her girlfriends, all self-proclaimed hippies who met in Colorado in their 20s and who have managed to remain “thick friends” through the years.   Barbara (first in the lineup) lives part-time in Colorado and part-time here in Tulum. She and her husband have an off-grid, solar powered home in the jungle community my husband manages. Barbara is a gem. She and I hit it off from day one, swapping stories... read more

Fake It Until You Make It

How Pretending I Was a Better Parent Helped Me Be a Better Parent   I'm going to put myself out there and admit something that I typically do not admit in print. Vulnerability isn't comfortable for me (understatement), but I am guessing that most of you have felt the way I do at some point in your parenting career. I am tired. I am often overwhelmed. I lose my cool more times than I care to admit with my children. At four and six, my boys have an energy that I cannot keep up with from time to time. The amount of fighting in the house can go from zero to full blown... read more

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