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A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler, part 1

  In this episode the moms chat with Aubyn, Krista and Janeen, three homeschool moms who share their "typical" homeschool day with us.   Some links in this episode:   Winning with Writing Obon Donna Young    To see the full show notes, including a LOT MORE links to all the resources mentioned, please visit our website: The Savvy Homeschool Moms, episode 34.   To subscribe to or download our show, check us out on iTunes, or our website.     This episode is sponsored by Moving Beyond the Page – homeschool curriculum for hands-on, creative, and gifted... read more

How to Explain to a Sighted Toddler That His Parents Are Blind

By Kristen Witucki for Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers     Langston knows my husband and I can’t see. That we are both blind. He never points at things and always attempts to verbally describe something to us. He knows that if he wants to show us something he can’t describe, he needs to bring it to us or us to the site. He even manages to show us where our dog threw up without having us touch it directly or touching it himself. “Mess,” he says in disgust, “mess, mess!”   Last August, a job teaching English and creative writing at the West Virginia... read more

Treasured: Remants of my Late Daughter's Life

    By Suzanne Leigh   I have the first outfit I ever dressed you in two days after you were born — gray sweatpants and red shirt (back then I was unfamiliar with infant girl clothing customs). I have your favorite baby and toddler outfits — a cheetah coat, a halter neck dress, a lilac frock with Peter Pan collar (actually they were probably my favorites).   I have a pacifier, a diaper bag, a bib with “I love my Daddy” on it and notes taken from an infant first aid and CPR class (the phrases “turning blue” and “three sharp slaps between the shoulder blades” are... read more

My Five-Year-Old Still Has a Bottle

By Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers     My five-year-old-daughter has a bottle of milk every night. Should I say my five-year-old-daughter still has a bottle of milk every night? Many people would add the modifier—and I can’t fault them for this. I haven’t made even one attempt to wean her from that ritual. No surprise, our shared attachment to her bottle stems back to her babyhood.   One of the biggest adjustments I had to make as a fourth-time mom but first-time adoptive mom was to become comfortable with the bottle’s... read more

Poem: In Fever

By Sheryl Paul   In my four year old’s feverish state We slip between the worlds together. I, the island, and he the little boat who anchors himself to my shores, his small hot limbs wrapped around me as if I am his tree of life.   Which I am, and he mine, and together we swim through the currents, sometimes close, sometimes holding the space that rises up to meet each stage of independence. But tonight I will not let him go.   He reaches for me in sleep, the fever stirring delirious words from his lips and quaking his limbs. I soothe every one. I... read more

What I Want To Teach My Daughter About Kissing Frogs

By Kristina Cerise   As the parent of a young daughter, I am on the receiving end of frequent “Wait ‘til she’s dating” comments. The implication is that I should be dreading the day she is ready to date. But, the truth is that I want Daughter to date. In fact, I hope she dates a lot. A lot of people. A lot of times.   I want her to practice getting in—and out—of relationships.   I want her to learn to identify the personality traits that bring her joy as well as those that bring sorrow.   I want her to learn how to heal a broken heart without growing the scar... read more

Family Planning: Are the Financially Stable the Only Good Parents?

  I always knew I wanted to be a mother. After struggling to find my path in this life, endlessly searching for what would make me happy, the only thing I was ever certain of was that I wanted to have children. Unfortunately, it didn’t come easy for us. In fact, it nearly bankrupted us just to have our first daughter.   I was at Cornell when my body went haywire, and we discovered it may take some time for me to get pregnant. I’m grateful we got started when we did, because I almost ended up with a hysterectomy and no children at the age of 33. Adding fertility... read more

How to Know When It’s Time to Get Rid of the Swing Set

    By Randi Olin   It had been nine years since we moved into our house and acquired the swing set left behind by the previous owners. My son Daniel would climb the stairs and look through the telescope. He would see a pirate ship. A far away galaxy. A dinosaur. He would run into the enclosed “clubhouse” underneath the slide, the sound of the screen door shutting behind him. He would crouch down in a secret spot where he had stored sticks and rocks and grass for the caterpillars he had gathered. My daughter Emily would yell, “higher!” as I pushed her on the swing.... read more

The Transitions of Childhood

My younger son is going through a transition. He’ll be turning four in about seven weeks, and he’s showing all of the tell-tale signs of leaving one stage and shifting into a new stage: reactive, out of control, eating habits shifting and sleep schedule changing. He’s yelling at his big brother for crowding his space, yelling at his dad when he asks if he wants help, and yelling at me when I ask him what he would like to eat for lunch. Five minutes after these outbursts, he’ll be as sweet as pie and telling jokes like the life of the party. If we parented according to... read more

Sitting With My Child's Anger

               How mindfulness can help children and parents deal with their anger.   My son sat at the table, body noticeably calmer than it had just been, but eyes still darting from my husband's face to mine. Recently emerging from his room, he was coming down off of the rage that had gripped him once again. The anger that had led him to scream in our faces, kick the chair, and run away to his quiet place. What prompted it? I could tell you a hundred different scenarios and they would all be true at one time or another. But, in his words, my seven-year-old said,... read more

Mothering › Child Articles