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Conscious Parenting with Dr. Shefali Tsabary

By Jessica Williams for kidsinthehouse.com   Dr. Shefali Tsabary is the author of The Conscious Parent, a book about which His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, “Dr. Tsabary describes the importance of compassion…and how we can learn to develop it from our relationship with our children.” Dr. Tsabary describes Conscious Parenting as “The ability to become more aware of when we have fallen off track, when we need to shift back into the deepest state of groundedness, when we are being triggered by our past, rather than responding to the present, and when we are responding to... read more

This Too Shall Pass

  Dear Tired, Stressed Out, In-Much-Need-Of-A-Shower Mom,   You were up every hour last night nursing a teething baby.  Cringing from the bites, cringing from the time on the clock, cringing from the remnants of the baby weight on your tummy.   This too shall pass.   You walked into Target with three smiling little tots.  You were just running in for some laundry detergent and some milk.  You walked out without laundry detergent, without milk, and with a screaming two year old and a sobbing infant.     This too shall pass.   You are sitting with ice on your... read more

One Mistake Even Holistic Parents Make

Are you a holistic parent? Maybe you've been called crunchy or a granola mom. Maybe your extended family rolls their eyes when you pull out the gluten free, organic snacks. You roll your eyes when they give your child plastic toys from China. Maybe your discipline style is different from the styles of your friends and family. Do you find that people judge you harshly for your parenting choices? Do you judge other people harshly for theirs? I'm tired of the judgment that I see between different kinds of parents. If we want to be truly holistic, I think we need to... read more

Will YOU Like Your Adult Child?

If I've been a bit incommunicado lately it's because I was busy reaping some delicious fruits of parenting for peace: enjoying my adult children! Raucous midnight rounds of "Wise & Otherwise," updates on their interesting lives, great food & rich conversation around the dinner table -- holidays to savor!                                   A few days after we had that gorgeous portrait snapped in the forest wilderness where I live, my son Ian posted to Facebook a photo of him and his sister in matching yellow raincoats from oh, about 18 years earlier.   It reminded... read more

Bonding through Books

6 Realizations that Surprise me a Year after the Death of my Daughter

  By Suzanne Leigh   ·        1. That I think the Victorians might have had the right idea. Dressing in black mourning clothes, shunning celebrations and receiving visitors who came to pay homage to the deceased child was what was expected of bereaved mothers in the 19th century. At one time I’d have viewed these antiquated mores as rigid, inappropriate and punitive. After losing my daughter, they sound like a healthy way of being true to one’s grief and sharing it with the community in a somber manner congruent with our sadness. Author Jana Riess describes mourning... read more

Fathering in America

  Have you seen this picture in this blog post?  In short, it is a picture of a father wearing his 6 month old daughter in a carrier while fixing his older daughter's hair.  I just came across it today for the first time.  It immediately caught my heart because I love viewing babywearing pictures as much as others like viewing pictures of beautiful sunsets or gorgeous scenery.   The headline stated that it was “controversial” and stirred emotion in many people.  That seemed kind of weird to me because, after all, it’s just someone brushing a kid’s hair.  I do it... read more

The Playful Parenting Approach to Childhood Anxieties, Guest Post by Larry Cohen

  I am thrilled today to be hosting a guest post from one of my heros, Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD, author of Playful Parenting. Today's article is adapted from his new book, The Opposite of Worry: The Playful Parenting Approach to Childhood Anxieties and Fears. Enjoy!   I needed an idea for my eighth-grade science experiment. My mother was the director of a nursery school, and every spring the children hatched chickens as a project. I cared for the eggs and the baby chicks on nights and weekends. My sister Jeanie was studying to be a psychologist at the time (I guess... read more

Mothering Beyond Baby-wearing (and Cloth Diapers and Breastfeeding and...)

There is a common phenomena among the crunchy in our midst.  It is the self labeling of parenting practices.     You've seen it, haven't you?   "I'm a cloth diapering, gentle parenting, long-term breastfeeding, baby-wearing, home-birthing natural mama!"   It's the tag line/self description on many a blog, e-mail, and profile.  Funny thing is, even though I have done all those things, I don't care for the label.  Much less a self imposed one.     Wondering why?  It isn't because I buck against all labels.  It is because those things are fleeting.    My... read more

3 Family-Tested Secrets to Not Getting Sick

I really hate the concept of "flu season" -- it sets us up to be ready to get sick, right?! But I also have a healthy respect ("healthy" -- see what I did there??) for statistics, and it is true that lots more folks get lots more colds and flu during the winter months. Here are three tried and true secrets for not getting sick -- tips that staved off many bouts of illness in our family  over many years. (My kids are now 22 and 26 and continue to use these with great results.)   I have been sharing these tips for not getting sick with friends for years, and finally... read more

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