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Your Help Needed for Book on Single Child Families

Call for Interviews: Adult only-children, parents of an only child, or parents who have one child and are debating about having more. Lauren Sandler, a writer working on a book about the rise of one-child families, would like to speak with you about your personal experiences in a one-child family. Lauren is an only child who has only one child (a daughter, age 3), and she is looking for across-the-board examples from around the world: rural and urban, religious and secular, mainstream and counter-cultural, of all races, ethnicities, orientations, education... read more

Podcast Episode 4: Greening Education

  In this episode, Mothering Radio looks at greening our schools. Julie Grant interviews Jeremy Adam Smith who wrote “Greening Education,” as a digital addon for Mothering’s July-August 2010 issue. “Greening Education” explores how parents and administrators can work together to make schools more eco-friendly and includes great ideas for how you can make a difference in your community. A copy of the article can be found here. Listen Now     Download this Episode Subscribe to our podcast to... read more


By Mary DeMocker Web Exclusive - February 20, 2009 I am here to witness the destruction. Five Tibetan monks are about to destroy the sand mandala that has taken them a week to create. To dramatize the impermanence of all existence, the monks will sweep up the mandala, carry the sand to the nearby river, and pour it into the rushing water. Inside an area cordoned off with black satin ropes, an elderly monk hovers at the elbow of a novice. Bent over the mandala, the younger one rubs a rod along the ridged spine of a metal funnel. Out flows a tiny stream of yellow sand... read more

Talking about Childcare

By Diane K. McHaleIssue 112, May/June 2002 Why is guilt the first thing that comes up when we talk about child care? Last year the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) released data linking longer hours in child care to misbehavior. One working mother quickly responded, "There is always enough time for more guilt when you're a working mother. Then [you] look at the day's news and find out there's yet another reason why we working mothers should feel lousy about what we're doing to our kids."1 Psychologists rushed to reassure working... read more

Waiting to Hear from College and a Winning Essay

The high school seniors I know who are applying to college are all getting ulcers as they wait to hear back from schools, their parents are scrambling to submit financial information, and everyone is feeling nervous. As part of the Cornell Alumni Ambassadors network, I interviewed three candidates applying to Cornell, where I did my undergraduate degree. They were all impressive 18-year-olds. My fingers are crossed for them. College admissions have gotten so competitive. It can be psychologically devastating to these young adults to work so hard on... read more

Are You My Mama?

By Donna Surgenor Reames Web Exclusive The worst part of having a brain tumor was not the surgery, the medicines or the seizures. It hasn't been the confusion, the fear, and the nightmares. The worst part was having to send my three children 400 miles away to their grandparents. I'm back with them now, at my parents' house while we await the first of my disability checks so the girls and I can live on our own again. I haven't worked in seven weeks and I have no more sick leave. We're basically broke. But none of that matters as much as all of us being together again. I... read more

Putting the Naked Back in Our Marriage

By Valerie Schultz Issue 95, July/August 1999 When we mix together our busy schedules, nursing babies, and an unforgiving budget, my husband and I rarely get away together as the marriage experts advise. Our vacations are usually visits to friends or relatives, or family camp-outs. Our idea of decadence is take-out Chinese food eaten after the kids are asleep. A play or a concert is an extraordinary treat. Even a movie on a big screen happens in a blue moon - especially if the movie is not made by Disney. Of course we love our children. We love being Mommy and Daddy.... read more

Is This An Activity You'd Consider Doing with Your Daughter?

Where should I sit? Three giggling 11- and 12-year-old girls were on the couch and two on chairs, with the four other moms in a horseshoe facing them. Everyone enjoying freshly baked chocolate brownies, the girls talking in breathless voices, the grown-ups friendly but a bit shyer and more subdued. Hesperus and I were at the organizational meeting of our new mother-daughter book group. A mom of one of Hesperus’s best friends, who’s in a similar group with her older daughter, invited us to take part. After nearly an hour of discussion the ten of us chose our first book:... read more

The Female Dance of Compare and Despair

Village Hi Friends, I was working with a client who was triggered by another mother at a playdate. In the other woman’s home, my client immediately felt overwhelmed with the sense of her own inadequency. The other mother’s house was clean, her body was fit, her children seemed happy and well-adjusted and she had the sleep-issue dialed into perfection. I think there are elements of this scenario that come up for almost every mom at some point. Mothers are women and women often compare and despair… My client and I spoke at length... read more

Wanting What I Have

By Melissa Hart A typical training session with Archimedes goes like this: I walk into our nature center’s clinic and cut a chicken breast into chunks, drop them into a box strapped around my waist, pull on a leather glove, and walk down a path to a wood-and-wire enclosure. From his log in one corner, Archimedes opens his black beak and from it emanates a sound like squeaking bicycle brakes. His yellow eyes register the box of chicken and my hand as I place a glistening pink bit on the Astroturf-swathed perch. I step back and wait. He ruffles his white feathers and... read more

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