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Rattles, Teethers and Stackers for Babies and Toddlers | Mothering Natural Toy Guide 2013

  Shake, Rattle and Roll From natural and organic rattles to fun stackers and cars -- this category is full of gifts perfect for babies and toddlers. Don't miss the other categories in this year's guide or our big toy giveaway! Find them both here.   Wooden Rainbow Grasping Bead Toy What a fun and colorful grasping toy for little hands! Bright, attractive beads can be rolled around to encourage their developing motor skills and keep them interested. Made from maple with safe, non-toxic stains.   $20 at Nova Natural Read or Share Reviews for This... read more

Toys for Imaginative Play | Mothering Natural Toy Guide 2013

  Your Child's Imagination is the Limit Delicate fairy wings, delightful wooden kitchens, whimsical mobiles and more to spark the imagination of children of many ages. Don't miss the other categories in this year's guide or our big toy giveaway! Find them both here.     Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy Make bath time fun in a whole new way with this unique ferry boat with cars from Green Toys. All Green Toys are constructed from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs here in the USA so you can feel great about purchasing this item for your little one.   $19... read more

Special Mentions | Mothering Natural Toy Guide 2013

  Special Mentions These items didn't meet all of our natural material or manufacturing qualifications, but they still deserve some attention for their dedication to eco-packaging, educational quality and/or contributions to non profit work supporting kids. Don't miss the other categories in this year's guide or our big toy giveaway! Find them both here.   Click through on each product to read our full review and discover more about what makes each toy special.    What Makes it Special: Eco-Packaging and a Donation to Free the Children     What Makes it... read more

How Your Male Partner May Be Contributing To Your Delay In Conception!

By Jessica Williams for kidsinthehouse.com   If you and your partner are struggling with fertility, consider the Y-Chromosome factor! There are various aspects of male infertility and this Kids in the House video by Dr. Daoshing Li, D.O.M., L.A.C., Ph.D., Dipl. CH, outlines some of the potential challenges and possible solutions.       About kidsinthehouse.com   kidsinthehouse.com films videos with the nation’s top pediatricians, psychologists, best-selling authors, celebrities, & parents. kidsinthehouse.com has over 8000 videos on conception to college. read more

What's the Rush?

By Sheryl Paul   The race to achieve and succeed begins in utero. From the first prenatal appointment, the health provider measures the size of baby and compares him to other babies of similar age. We're then set on a course of measuring and comparing, secretly hoping that our child is within the realm of "normal" or, hopefully, in the lead. The comparisons continue at the starting gates of life with more charts and percentages defining a baby's growth. And the race only intensifies from there.   From learning to sit up, crawl, walk, and talk, the first two years are... read more

The Scars Mommy Hides

           There are so many different mothers and children and so many different situations and lifestyles and choices and preferenes that it is quite difficult to make any generalities about mothering.   What might be right for one wealthy mother with a host of nannies in Beverly Hills is oftentimes different than what is right for the stay at home mom in rural America or the working mom in one of our nation’s cities or the multitudes of mothers across the world in Finland or France or Afghanistan or Zimbabwe.     But the more moms that I talk to, the more two... read more

Healthy Holiday Recipes the Whole Family Will Love

  Enjoy these delightful and wholesome recipes at your next holiday celebration:    Cookie Cutter Cookies Cookie baking is an essential part of the holidays. Here's a wheat-free, egg-free recipe with no refined sugar.    Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie It's not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Celiac-sufferers won't have to miss out with this recipe! Holly's Pilgrim Stuffing This delightful dish is a colorful and healthy spin on a Thanksgiving favorite.    French Bean Casserole A... read more

Money Basics For Every Kid

By Jessica Williams for kidsinthehouse.com   If we don’t proactively teach money management to our kids, we often end up teaching our children financial literacy by default, leading by example. If we struggle with our own relationship to earning, spending, saving and sharing money, we might not be passing along the best lessons to our children. Kids In The House filmed 24 educational videos with financial expert, Gregg Murset, CFP, to explain the best practices for family financial education today.   Watch this Kids in the House video with Gregg Murset, CFP, to learn... read more

Preschool Triumphs

My daughter loves preschool. And I couldn't be happier.   We had a very rough transition to preschool. She's only three and a half, and there was a part of me that thought that she could wait and just have the one year of preschool before starting kindergarten. I had made a similar decision with my son, and then ended up pulling him out of preschool entirely and giving him an extra year at home (which, for the record, did not make that transition to kindergarten any easier).   Each child benefits from coming after the one before. Which, as an oldest child, I... read more

It's OK to Tell Our Daughters They're Pretty

Lately I’ve noticed a trend arising among blog posts and facebook dialogue that I find a little perplexing. It has to do with our daughters, and no, it’s not about sexy clothing or Miley Cyrus - at least, not directly. What it has to do with is complimenting our daughters, or should I say, not complimenting them.   It seems there are more and more outspoken moms cropping up, who like to proudly extol the merits of never mentioning their daughter’s physical appearance. Apparently, if you never tell a girl she's beautiful she will not worry about the lack of space... read more

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