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Back to School Resources on Mothering.com

With the kiddos heading back to school, Mothering.com has some wonderful resources to inspire you throughout the year. Check out these great articles and visit all of the resources from Mothering.com in our Education section. Some resources to get you started: The Satisfied Learner: How Families Homeschool Their Teens Homeschooling Can Help Every Parent Pulling Forward: The Transition to Kindergarten Inspired Education Home Sweet Homeschool Hatch a Natural Writer Gentle Hands, Quiet Voices: Secrets of... read more

Custody Issues

I will try to keep this short, although the story in its entirety is quite complex and heartbreaking. I am an AP mama to the most amazing five year old. Almost three years ago, his dad filed for divorce without telling me and was successful in obtaining temporary primary custody by an ex parte order that his attorney filed that was full of flat out lies. Over the next year and a half, we battled for custody in court and he eventually won primary custody- again by lying over and over again to the court about me. I have suffered from depression and anxiety my entire adult... read more

All the World's a Stage

By Suzan L. Jackson Issue 106, May-June 2001 "Queen Falee! The bad guys are approaching! Don't worry--we'll protect you!" my six-year-old son, Jamie, yells to me as he runs through the kitchen wearing rain boots, a blanket tied as a cape, and a hat from an old Oktoberfest. "Queen Falee! Bad guys! We protect you!" Two-year-old Craig is right behind him, dressed in his own cape along with a bandanna tied around his waist, a firefighter's hat, and his brother's old shin guards. This is a typical scene in our house, as our two boys dress up in assorted items and act out... read more

"We're Going To Leave Now, Okay?"

Many parents with young children tack on “Okay?” at the end of their sentences, turning what is intended as a statement of fact, “We need to leave the park now,” into a question, “We need to leave the park now, okay?” Adding this question to the end of the statement presumedly creates a dialogue about the leaving. The problem is the parent often didn’t intend to discuss whether or not leaving was to the child’s liking. The “okay?” is a set up because it implies that the child has a voice in the decision but resistance from the child (“I don’t... read more

In Britain 12-Year-Olds Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

Health care professionals in Great Britain are under no obligation to inform parents or get parental consent before giving young girls the Gardasil vaccine, which is supposed to provide protection against some strains of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). According to the CDC, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted virus in America, and has been linked to cervical and other forms of cancer. An article in Britain’s Daily Mail claims that the British Department of Health, as part of a nationwide campaign to halt the spread of HPV, has confirmed that... read more

well, what did I expect? He grew up in Santa Fe. . .

This afternoon’s phone conversation with the college boy: Me: Hi, Reeve, just checking in. . . Reeve: Hey, Mom! Can’t talk now. I’m finding out what color my aura is. . . # This photo of my Tim, our Reeve, and Reeve’s good friend Louie—taking a break while hiking in the Santa Fe National Forest earlier this summer—is not related to the post at all. I just like it. (The composition, mostly.) # # # # # # # Tags: aura, hiking, phone, reeve This entry was posted on... read more

interpreter for the knee-high crowd

This just in from the college student (a.k.a. my 21-year-old son, Reeve): he’s been asked by his work-study boss at the choral library to dress like Mozart and go talk to local elementary school kids about classical music. Which just cracks me up. He’ll do a great job, I know, because he’s really good with little people and he loves to talk music. But sure wish Tim and I could be there to listen in. . . # Photo of Reeve as Papageno in Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” taken during a night of opera scenes at New Mexico State last... read more

Guys and Dolls

Issue 103, November/December 2000 By Ronnie Cohen My son Cory fell in love with Janet the moment he saw her. With her wild black hair and her blue and white floral dress and apron, Janet looked like a Rastafarian Gretel. Her dreadlocks formed when my seven-year-old daughter, Zoe, let out Janet's braids and then tried to brush her hair. After her effort failed, Zoe banished the fabric doll with the plastic head to the bottom of a toy-filled cedar chest. One rainy day Cory pulled Janet out and couldn't put her down. When Zoe discovered the intensity of her four-year-old... read more

Just a Mom

By Shara CampsallWeb Exclusive - January 15, 2007 I stood in line with students, single moms, and other young couples. We were all waiting to view the home and eventually race to apply for occupancy. I eyed up my competition, and felt certain we were a shoe-in. A family of three, working professionals in our mid-thirties; we were excellent tenants. The home was unkempt, but had the space we would require as a soon-to-be growing family. I quickly made furniture arrangements in my head, and pictured how curtains and flowers would liven the place up. I introduced myself to... read more

Tea Collection Children's Clothing Giveaway!

I love sharing cool new (to me) kids’ clothing companies that are really beautiful, unique, and hip. Especially when so many kids’ clothing options at big box stores are crappy, trashy, and banal. How do I really feel, right? Their kids’ clothes go from baby sizes up to size 12! Tea Collection is giving away a $100 gift certificate to one lucky A la Mama reader who enters the contest (by leaving a comment below). They also carry beautiful clothing for women, and so if you decide to procure some sweet threads for yourself, your secret is safe with me ;... read more

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