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Finding my Tribe After the Death of my Daughter

    By Suzanne Leigh   The dining area of this mountainside campsite is teaming with families. There are squeals of excitement from the younger kids, who are casing the joint looking for potential adventures, peals of laughter from the adults and frequent hugs and hearty handshakes. Nobody appears to be sick; nobody appears to be sad. It looks “normal,” as in TV- commercial sun-streaming-through-the-windows normal. It seems to be the kind of gathering that I have taken pains to avoid since Natasha’s final decline. My excuse for not showing up at these get-togethers... read more

The Worry and Wonderment of Parenting

This is Childhood contributing author, Lindsey Mead    One morning in the middle of the year Grace was in 3rd grade, while driving to school, I asked both my children what they thought they would remember as the main thing they had learned from me.  Why I asked I’m not sure, but legacy and lessons were on my mind.  Whit blurted out, “Potty training,” and all three of us laughed.   “Well, Whit, that is one thing I’m awfully glad you learned,” I said with a grin.  Grace was looking out the window, pondering.   “Manners, I think,” she said, hesitating.  “Oh, and... read more

5 Surprising Benefits to Making a Pet a Part of Your Family

Interview with Blair Lee, author

In this episode the moms share the first part of their interview with Blair Lee, Author of REAL Science Odyssey Chemistry 1 and Biology 2, and homeschooling mom and giveaway a set of Biology 2 Ebooks from Pandia Press.   Some links in this episode: http://www.thoughtstem.com/ http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/31fd395/ http://www.space.com/     To see the full show notes, including a LOT MORE links to all the resources mentioned, please visit our website: The Savvy Homeschool Moms, episode 41.   To subscribe to or download our show, check us out on... read more

So Precious It Hurts

As my dear friend drove our two families up to a local ranch for their quarterly homestead day a few weeks ago, I looked in the backseat at our three sweet and precious boys. Their faces were alive with excitement at the prospect of “going back in time,” as my little one said. Three beautiful, kind, creative, alive boys. The angles of our hearts. And, knowing that we would be driving up a steep and winding road seven miles into the mountains (not my favorite kind of road), an awareness of their vulnerability pierced through me. An awareness that one wrong move, one... read more

5 Inspiring Story Lists in Celebration of International Children's Book Day!

  To help inspire a love of reading in all kids, April 2nd is International Children's Book Day (Hans Christian Andersen's birthday) and April 13-19 is National Library Week!    In celebration of these great initiatives we're sharing five fun kids' story collections on everything from breastfeeding and bonding to girl power. We hope you'll love these books as much as we do!   Children's Books that Depict Breastfeeding   We recently asked the Mothering community to share kids' books that depict breastfeeding and were thrilled by the response. We have pulled... read more

Attachment Parenting in Picture Books

By Mndy Rhiger   Stories are a way of exploring our world.  They help us to make sense of who we are or who we could be.  Stories can be windows into different worlds, or they can be mirrors reflecting our own world.   We don’t want to overlook the importance of stories as mirrors for our children since, as early childhood literacy educator Carolyn Munson-Benson writes in Playful Reading, “A child often will pay more attention to a story that mirrors his people, her culture, and familiar aspects of family life.”  As non-mainstream families, how can we find stories... read more

Outdoor Adventures (with books)

by Mindy Rhiger   As I write, it is a beautiful day here in Minnesota. I am reminded of of what Todd Christopher wrote in his book The Green Hour:   “. . . Interaction with nature affords children the pleasurable multisensory experiences that challenge their minds, invirgorate their bodies, restore their spirits and sharpen their focus. And . . . it is perhaps a parent’s first and best medicine for addressing that trio of decidedly modern maladies endemic to childhood today: obesity, attention deficit, and media addiction.”   The Green Hour is full of activities... read more

Books for young animal lovers

By Mindy Rhiger   April and May have been busy months.  I’ve blogged about books for Earth Day, Arbor Day, Mother’s Day, Midwifery Month, and Osteoporosis Awareness Month.  Since I know many Mothering families are animal lovers, I didn’t want to pass up the chance to blog about books for National Pet Month.  It’s a great opportunity to talk with kids about pet adoption–or maybe adopt a pet of your own.   As always, books are a great place to start:                                         A homeless dog finds a family in Fleabag by Helen Stephens.  This... read more

Celebrating Arbor Day in Books

By Mindy Rhiger   In 1872, J. Sterling Morton proposed that a special day be set aside for the planting of trees.  We know that day as Arbor Day, or the last Friday in April.  One way to celebrate is to learn more about trees, and there is no shortage of great books to choose from.   Since April is also National Poetry Month, it seems appropriate to start with a book of tree poems.  Old Elm Speaks by Kristine O’Connell George just may change the way you look at the trees you see.  Some of the poems are from the trees’ perspectives.  Some are from the eyes of the... read more

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