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Preschool Triumphs

My daughter loves preschool. And I couldn't be happier.   We had a very rough transition to preschool. She's only three and a half, and there was a part of me that thought that she could wait and just have the one year of preschool before starting kindergarten. I had made a similar decision with my son, and then ended up pulling him out of preschool entirely and giving him an extra year at home (which, for the record, did not make that transition to kindergarten any easier).   Each child benefits from coming after the one before. Which, as an oldest child, I... read more

It's OK to Tell Our Daughters They're Pretty

Lately I’ve noticed a trend arising among blog posts and facebook dialogue that I find a little perplexing. It has to do with our daughters, and no, it’s not about sexy clothing or Miley Cyrus - at least, not directly. What it has to do with is complimenting our daughters, or should I say, not complimenting them.   It seems there are more and more outspoken moms cropping up, who like to proudly extol the merits of never mentioning their daughter’s physical appearance. Apparently, if you never tell a girl she's beautiful she will not worry about the lack of space... read more

Thanks for Thinking Pink, Hollywood, Now How About Kids with Cancer?

    By Suzanne Leigh   “Pinktober” has come and gone, and once again Hollywood’s hottest have been prominent in their objective to put the word out about breast cancer.   We’ve had actor and model Rebecca Romijn introducing the “hand bra” in a humorous video made to promote breast cancer awareness month. We’ve seen reality star and breast cancer patient Giuliana Rancic making a guest appearance at the launch of a website dedicated to “stylish living through breast cancer,” and singer Beyoncé promoting a pink nail polish, in which a percentage of the cost will be... read more

Do You Encourage Your Kids To Trust Themselves?

By Sheryl Paul My sons and I often walk along the creek behind our house. It’s a time for us to slow down, recalibrate, and allow the wisdom of nature to infuse us with her knowledge. Our time in nature is an essential component to our sons’ education, not only in terms of learning about the natural world but their spiritual and emotional growth as well. One day at the end of summer my older son found two beautiful rocks. One had a shimmery quartz section in the center and the other was shaped like a heart. He often finds interesting rocks down at the creek, which... read more

Boo! Are Fairy Tales Too Scary for Kids?

“But they’re so awful!”   This is a response I often hear from parents when I recommend Grimm’s fairy tales as basic reading fare.  The idea of regaling their young children with stories of orphans and witches, kidnappings and murders—at bedtime no less—is daunting, understandably.  As parents we tend to want to present something of a Hallmark world to our children, so we naturally gravitate to soothing, sunny, children’s books, including sanitized versions of fairy tales classics.  Wishing to shield them from the darker aspects of humanity, such as anger, greed,... read more

8 Misconceptions About Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

I planned on going back to work when my first child was six weeks old, but ended up delaying that plan by, oh let's see... almost twelve years now. In that time I've come across many misconceptions about being a stay-at-home mom, some of them my own. Here are just a few:   1. It’s Boring   This kind of depends on your definition of boring. For example: My five year old thinks changing her underwear every morning is boring. My mother thinks doing less than five tasks at once or sitting for longer than thirty seconds is boring. I tend to fall somewhere in between... read more

10 Tricks and Treats for a Naturally Inspired Halloween

  Creative Candy Crafts Looking for something to do with all of that unwanted Halloween candy? Check out these crafts and activities!    Jack-O-Lantern Cookies Have some sweet and spooky fun with these wholesome Jack-O'-Lantern cookies.    Green Halloween dECOr Discover unique and inexpensive ways to create eco-friendly decorations everyone will love.   Earth-Friendly Treats and Treasures Look beyond plastic trinkets and sugary candy with these simple ideas for a greener holiday.    Healthier Halloween Looking for some tasty treats to replace candy this... read more

Looking for eco-friendly, organic, long-lasting toys? Try wood

This post is brought to us by Real Wooden Toys     Look around your kids’ toy room. How many of those toys do your kids actually play with? How much money did you spend on the latest gadget or fad toy, only to have it discarded into the bottom of the toy box a few weeks later?   Now think about the toys your parents played with—maybe even the toys YOU played with—and think about what made them special. For me, it was my erector set, but you can insert the name of your favorite childhood toy here. The reason I loved it? It was well-made (I still have it, 30+ years... read more

Mothering is Hard Work

          Being a mom is tough work.  I don’t care who you are -- rich or poor, married or single, first time or experienced, mothering is hard work.   This evening I made a new meal for my family.  It was a spaghetti squash casserole filled with yummy veggies, fresh spices, and cheese.  (Seriously, who can resist cheese!)  I loved it.  My husband loved it.  My five year old loved it, and even my nine month old loved her pureed version.  My two year old... not so much.     “Goosie no eat!  Hurt Goosie mouth!” and “Icky!” were some of the more eloquent expressions... read more

N is for Natural and Non-Judgmental

Being enthusiastic about our passions without judging others' choices.     By V.K. Harber   I was recently told by a complete stranger that I “look like someone who cooks from scratch”. I’m fairly certain this was meant neither as a compliment nor as a simple benign observation. The whiff of insult was subtle but noticeable.    I’m not sure what gave me away as a person who does indeed cook from scratch. I was not wearing an apron or a dusting of flour, which would be two very obvious tells for me. Perhaps it was the unwashed hair or the slight odor of toddler... read more

Mothering › Child Articles