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10 Great Ways to Be An Unhappy Mom

By Beth Berry  Read more posts by Beth here and here Over the years, I have pinpointed a few behaviors that — though widely accepted and even promoted by popular culture — simply don’t serve me. Changing these behaviors is a process and one that requires both a willingness to take personal responsibility for our choices and a continuous countercultural commitment to creating our lives by a truer, though “less convenient” set of standards. However inconvenient, these subtle shifts sure have made for better living in my experience —... read more

30 Ways it's Become Painfully Obvious That You're a Mom

  Thanks to the Mothering community for sharing these hilarious anecdotes. Take part in some of the fun threads here and here!   It's Become VERY Obvious That You're a Mom When...    Having some "me" time seems like a luxury bordering on gross extravagance. You think it's totally normal to say things like "cats are not for licking," "please don't put raisins up your nose" and "teeth are for food not for friends." You don't remember the last time you went to the bathroom (or took a shower, or changed your clothes) without a companion. You'll sleep in baby... read more

Transitional Mom: Becoming a Mother of Two

By Sarah Scott   When my son was born five months ago, I expected to be a seasoned, confident mother. I had been mothering his sister for four years, after all, so I thought I had this parenting thing down. And, in some ways, I did feel more sure of myself. I skipped over many of the blunders and anxieties that I experienced as a first time mom. But, in one very important way, I was a new parent. I was learning to be a mother of two.                      In the first weeks, this learning curve was steep and intense. On the good days, I felt like I was clawing my... read more

Ten Things You Will Totally Do When You Have Kids

            (Get ready to eat some humble pie. I like mine with whipped cream. Vegan, obviously.)   1.Talk about your kid incessantly Yes you will. To family. To friends. On Facebook. Oh so much on Facebook. But only because your kid is way more adorable and smarter and more advanced than those other babies whose every babble and meal and toothless grin were documented for the world. Obviously.   2. Catch vomit in your hands There is no reason for parents to develop this particular instinct. It does not make anything better. In fact, it makes it worse because now... read more

The Benefits of Ignoring Children (Sometimes)

    When I first became a mother I was always "there."  You know.  Answering every question.  Watching every special moment.  Paying attention so as not to "miss out" or "harm their self esteem."  Of course as time went on and I added more and more children to the mix, this became impossible both because of time and a desire to maintain my sanity.   One day I realized that my children expected to be listened to all the time.  I realized that they felt no shame interrupting a conversation that other people were having to announce that they were wearing socks.... read more

A Bereaved Mom's Plea to the Nonbereaved: 'I Wish You'd Say ...'

By Suzanne Leigh   • “You must be thinking of Natasha a lot today,” instead of, “Happy Halloween,” “Happy Birthday” (or “Happy” anything).   • “It’s so unfair that Natasha passed away,” rather than, “Are you getting over it yet” (or the more tactful version: “Are you feeling better yet”).   • “Tell me about your favorite Natasha memory,” after you’ve updated me on your child’s latest milestone. (I might hesitate and stumble; I might not come up with a very revelatory memory. I might even cry, but I will so appreciate you acknowledging my child’s life.)   • “It’s... read more

One Mistake Even Holistic Parents Make

Are you a holistic parent? Maybe you've been called crunchy or a granola mom. Maybe your extended family rolls their eyes when you pull out the gluten free, organic snacks. You roll your eyes when they give your child plastic toys from China. Maybe your discipline style is different from the styles of your friends and family. Do you find that people judge you harshly for your parenting choices? Do you judge other people harshly for theirs? I'm tired of the judgment that I see between different kinds of parents. If we want to be truly holistic, I think we need to... read more

3 Family-Tested Secrets to Not Getting Sick

I really hate the concept of "flu season" -- it sets us up to be ready to get sick, right?! But I also have a healthy respect ("healthy" -- see what I did there??) for statistics, and it is true that lots more folks get lots more colds and flu during the winter months. Here are three tried and true secrets for not getting sick -- tips that staved off many bouts of illness in our family  over many years. (My kids are now 22 and 26 and continue to use these with great results.)   I have been sharing these tips for not getting sick with friends for years, and finally... read more

6 Mistakes People Make When a Friend's Child Dies

By Suzanne Leigh   My daughter, Natasha   1) Announcing the child's death on social media. Don't do this. Please. Doesn't matter how active the parents might be on Facebook et al; it doesn't mean they want to share their news on this forum, and it doesn't mean they want you to do it on their behalf. See #2 for two reasons why this might rankle.   2) Alerting everyone you know to news of the death. The parents couldn't control the accident or illness that claimed their child's life. Some of them may feel strongly about controlling the manner in which the news of... read more

Mothering's Natural Toy Guide 2013

  Welcome to Mothering's 2013 Natural Toy Guide: a collection of the highest quality natural toys and gifts available this holiday season! We've carefully selected each item based on its superior materials, uniqueness, value and, of course, its fun-factor. Check out the items found in all guide categories below for our full review, pricing information and where to buy.    Looking for our Toy Giveaway? Find it at the bottom of this page!   Top Picks for 2013 The choice wasn't easy, but we've settled on our very best picks for 2013! We hope you love... read more

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