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Families Come First in Sweden

By Brittany ShahmehriIssue 109, November/December 2001 Recently, my husband's laptop needed repair, and he called technical support to arrange for service. When he explained the problem, the phone representative at the multinational computer company said, "I'm going to recommend level-two support, but the technician will have to call you tomorrow to schedule an appointment. Today he's home with his sick kid." When we still lived in the US, my husband might have wondered what a sick child had to do with his laptop. But last year we moved to Sweden, where parents not... read more

The Glory in Being Mom

                  When you are praying desperately for a baby after years of trying, it can seem like every day is like walking through a land mine.  You never know when you are going to come face to face with a reminder of exactly what it is you are missing out on.   One such day occurred just under a month before I found out I was pregnant with my now five year old.  It was an anniversary of 9/11, and the college I was teaching at had a guest speaker come in who was a survivor of the 9/11 attacks.  I cancelled our regular class for that day and had my... read more

Ease Parenting Stress Through Mastery

"I had to love her enough to let her hate me." It was a stunning and very wise thing that Carol Burnett said to the ladies on The View. Burnett said she was scared of her daughter -- of saying the wrong thing, making her angry, pushing her away. (She was talking about her late daughter Carrie's three-year struggle with addiction when she was a teen.)   While Burnett's situation was extreme, her experience isn't unusual. Scared, stressed-out parenting has become epidemic: many parents today feel overwhelmed and under-adequate. Always waiting for the other shoe to... read more

Special Mentions | Mothering Natural Toy Guide 2013

  Special Mentions These items didn't meet all of our natural material or manufacturing qualifications, but they still deserve some attention for their dedication to eco-packaging, educational quality and/or contributions to non profit work supporting kids. Don't miss the other categories in this year's guide or our big toy giveaway! Find them both here.   Click through on each product to read our full review and discover more about what makes each toy special.    What Makes it Special: Eco-Packaging and a Donation to Free the Children     What Makes it... read more

Listen Up, Moms! It's CHILDHOOD Cancer Awareness Month

By Suzanne Leigh                 If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never heard of it – or even noticed those gold ribbons, the emblems of childhood cancer.   I know I didn’t know that September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month until my 7-year-old was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.    Sometime in the middle of one of Natasha’s vicious chemo cycles, I wondered into a grocery store that was festooned with pink ribbons, and was asked at check-out if I wanted to make a donation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Sure I did, but why was... read more

Rethinking Adoption in the 21st Century

For generations, formal adoption in America consisted overwhelmingly of white babies who were born to white, unwed women and were parented by white, married couples. Our laws, policies, practices, attitudes and understanding were based on that reality – and they have not significantly changed. Yet the population of adopted children – and the characteristics of expectant and prospective parents – no longer look anything like the ones for whom the institution was created. We need to examine the historic changes that have taken place, and ask ourselves: Is it time to stop... read more

I Want to be Two

    I want to be an infant. I want to lay my head on a pillow and have it sink in to the comfortable softness, warmed and comforted by the very fact that I don’t know enough to worry. I want to smile innocently and laugh freely. I want to take delight in the attentions of others without having the self-awareness to feel self-conscious. I want to be two. I want to state my opinion boldly and confidently. I want to believe in self-assertiveness. I want to let the hedonist in me free. I want to simultaneously want to be cradled and set free. I want to be... read more

Enlightenment at Three

Growing Down: My Three-year-old Teaches Me About Enlightenment By Maggie SheaWeb Exclusive, June 26, 2006 Nestled in the cave of her bottom bunk, dressed in a purple nightgown, a miniature philosopher attempts to enlighten her mother. At three, she has the cosmos on her mind. Her insights come mainly at night, after I've read her two or three stories. "Can you snuggle up with me?" she says as she curls into me. Her saucer-shaped blue eyes light up with joy then turn serious with fear, her perky mouth following suit, as she tells tales, tries out new theories and gives... read more

Alternatives To Punishment

Need some help with punishment alternatives? Copy this list and post it where you can see it, as a constant reminder. Use positive reinforcement. Create a positive environment. Say yes as much as possible. Save no for the important things. Use natural consequences. Use logical consequences. Use restitution. Leave it up to your child. Compromise. State your expectations, and get out of the way. Give specific instructions. Give a reason. Offer help. Give a choice. Redirect your... read more

The Price We Pay to Stay "Connected"

  As a child born in the mid 70’s, my generation has witnessed a pretty radical lifestyle shift due to technological advances. It is a transformation that will no doubt continue to insert itself further and further into our lives with the development of each new “must have” gadget. It begs the question – are these things really “must have” items?   I grew up with a hand-me-down walkman, and my first one speaker boom box with a shoulder strap (which I thought was the greatest thing ever!) wasn’t bestowed upon me until the 5th grade. My parents didn’t get... read more

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