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Sara McKenna Speaks Out About Her Custody Battle with Bode Miller

  Thank you to Cosmopolitan.com for contributing this guest post.    Sara McKenna’s son was 2 weeks old when she learned that her ex, Bode Miller, had filed for custody. McKenna had moved to New York to attend Columbia University two months earlier and gave birth to Samuel Bode Miller Jr. there. Unbeknownst to her, Miller had already filed for custody in California and sent the papers to McKenna’s house in California.    Though McKenna had filed for temporary custody in New York three days after Sam was born, a judge volleyed the case back to California, claiming... read more

Buying Pot for my 11-Year-Old

  By Suzanne Leigh   I am standing in line in one of our state’s legal pot clubs, which sells marijuana to anyone with a doctor’s letter of recommendation. The “patients” look similar to the customers in a middle-market liquor store. There are a preponderance of frat boys and surfer dude-types, women with tattooed shoulders and piercings and a few older folks, who might be military vets fallen on hard times. Most of us look like we are shopping for something to put the spark into Saturday night, but I am here in the hope that marijuana will help my 11-year-old... read more

Letting my Son be Himself

  I’m a mother, and as such, I love my son more than anything else in the world. He has my entire heart. I would do anything to protect his own heart, his feelings, his emotional integrity. I think all mothers feel this way.   Let me tell you about my son. He’s three. He’s imaginative. He’s brilliant at puzzles. He can be a wild man. He talks a mile a minute. He’s huge for his age and moves with exuberance that I identify with Great Dane puppies. He loves anything with wheels. He loves his baby sister. He gets in moods where he wants to cover me with kisses. He’s... read more

Raising a Child Who Wants to Behave: Dare Not to Discipline

Thank you to Dr. Laura Markham and Perigree Books for sharing this exclusive excerpt of Dr. Markham's new book Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting.   How to Set Empathic Limits Setting limits is an essential part of parenting. Limits keep our children safe and healthy and support them in learning social norms so that they can function happily in society. And if we set limits empathically, kids are more likely to internalize the ability to set limits for themselves, which is otherwise known as self-discipline.   How are you... read more

Parenting Fails

I'm not the parent I thought I'd be. I had big plans, BIG plans before having kids. I was going to be endlessly patient, I wasn't ever going to yell. I wouldn't swear under my breath (on a good day). My kids would be HAPPY. They would be well adjusted, content. Polite, confident. Neat. Clean. My kids were going to be living proof that I was a good parent.   Because somewhere along the line, I totally got the message that good parents have good kids. And kids who have problems have bad parents. I don't know where - it's not even something I intellectually believe.... read more

The Trouble with Time-Out

So there you are one afternoon, at the end of your rope with an out-of-control three-year-old. You know you won’t spank him, and you have become mindful of avoiding shame-based measures, so what’s left? Is “Time Out” the answer? At risk of bringing on the wrath of parents everywhere, my answer is no.   Time-outs were conceived as a more humane alternative to spanking, but the problem is, they land a blow to the brain and psyche rather than to the bottom. Right at the moment when the child is overwhelmed by a flood of emotions he cannot manage, and he most needs the... read more

Parenting a Sensitive Child

By Terri Goodwell Web Exclusive We’ve all known sensitive, shy kids. These are the introverted ones who hang on the fringes of the group. They are the ones we often call “slow to warm up” because they look very carefully before accepting new people, places, or things. They are the children who avert their eyes when spoken to by a stranger and shrink away from being the center of attention. Because they typically act quiet, clingy or anxious in unfamiliar social settings, the general consensus is that these kids are fearful and lack confidence. Unfortunately, by... read more

Family Planning: Are the Financially Stable the Only Good Parents?

  I always knew I wanted to be a mother. After struggling to find my path in this life, endlessly searching for what would make me happy, the only thing I was ever certain of was that I wanted to have children. Unfortunately, it didn’t come easy for us. In fact, it nearly bankrupted us just to have our first daughter.   I was at Cornell when my body went haywire, and we discovered it may take some time for me to get pregnant. I’m grateful we got started when we did, because I almost ended up with a hysterectomy and no children at the age of 33. Adding fertility... read more

Top 20 Toy Picks for 2013 | Mothering Natural Toy Guide

  Top Picks for 2013 The choice wasn't easy, but we've settled on our very best picks for the 2013 holiday season based on quality, uniqueness and value. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Don't miss the other categories in this year's guide or our big toy giveaway! Find them both here.       YOXObot Orig This is by far one of the coolest toys to hit the market in a long while. Everything you need to create a 17" tall robot, or a seemingly endless array of other inventions, are included in the box. Designed to get kids building in seconds, just pair the... read more

Treasured: Remants of my Late Daughter's Life

    By Suzanne Leigh   I have the first outfit I ever dressed you in two days after you were born — gray sweatpants and red shirt (back then I was unfamiliar with infant girl clothing customs). I have your favorite baby and toddler outfits — a cheetah coat, a halter neck dress, a lilac frock with Peter Pan collar (actually they were probably my favorites).   I have a pacifier, a diaper bag, a bib with “I love my Daddy” on it and notes taken from an infant first aid and CPR class (the phrases “turning blue” and “three sharp slaps between the shoulder blades” are... read more

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