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Treasured: Remants of my Late Daughter's Life

    By Suzanne Leigh   I have the first outfit I ever dressed you in two days after you were born — gray sweatpants and red shirt (back then I was unfamiliar with infant girl clothing customs). I have your favorite baby and toddler outfits — a cheetah coat, a halter neck dress, a lilac frock with Peter Pan collar (actually they were probably my favorites).   I have a pacifier, a diaper bag, a bib with “I love my Daddy” on it and notes taken from an infant first aid and CPR class (the phrases “turning blue” and “three sharp slaps between the shoulder blades” are... read more

Three Low Cost Holiday Gifts to Make with Kids

My goal with crafts is usually to stay out of craft stores.  Have you ever ended up spending more money to make hand-crafted gifts than you would have spent otherwise?  I'm not just talking about my former room-mate who wound up in the emergency room with severe burns from her Christmas candle-making project.  I'm talking about those times you went to the craft store and discovered all the cool things you needed to buy in order to make that perfect gift for someone.  I'm also talking about those projects where the individual gift costs very little but the ingredients... read more

Happily Mediocre - Challenging the Goal of Greatness

By Beth Berry     Among my favorite things about living abroad are the unexpected encounters and rich relationships we’ve formed with people from all walks of life and corners of the planet. One such experience stands out as particularly interesting... Some months ago, I met a man from England at our favorite hole-in-the-wall wine bar down the street from our house. He, a chatty guy in his late 40s, and I, excited to be out without kids and sharing a table with jovial strangers from six countries, enjoyed a lively conversation on subjects from healthcare... read more

What's the Rush?

By Sheryl Paul   The race to achieve and succeed begins in utero. From the first prenatal appointment, the health provider measures the size of baby and compares him to other babies of similar age. We're then set on a course of measuring and comparing, secretly hoping that our child is within the realm of "normal" or, hopefully, in the lead. The comparisons continue at the starting gates of life with more charts and percentages defining a baby's growth. And the race only intensifies from there.   From learning to sit up, crawl, walk, and talk, the first two years are... read more

First steps: a stay at home mother faces letting go

  While we were living in England last year, my husband Jake got a black eye playing rugby and I photographed the progression of his bruise during the week that followed. So, when our daughter Maren fell off her scooter and got her first shiner - in the very same spot as her dad's! - we all thought it'd be fitting to take photos of her bruise as it changed. But what began as a silly set of photographs, ended up revealing much more.                                                                                                                         ... read more

It's OK to Tell Our Daughters They're Pretty

Lately I’ve noticed a trend arising among blog posts and facebook dialogue that I find a little perplexing. It has to do with our daughters, and no, it’s not about sexy clothing or Miley Cyrus - at least, not directly. What it has to do with is complimenting our daughters, or should I say, not complimenting them.   It seems there are more and more outspoken moms cropping up, who like to proudly extol the merits of never mentioning their daughter’s physical appearance. Apparently, if you never tell a girl she's beautiful she will not worry about the lack of space... read more

Our Child's Education: Our Decision To Make, Not Yours

  My daughter will be starting school for the first time soon, for 5 full days a week. It is a huge transition for our little family unit, but especially for the two of us, as we have spent the last three years together. I know she will thrive there, as we did not take this decision lightly, and she is so social and loving that I have no hesitation that she will be able to adjust with ease. I am so excited for her, but I’m not going to lie, my heart will be very heavy to see her go. It will remain even heavier knowing that I should still be home with what... read more

Kids and Self-Esteem: I'm so over it

 By Suzanne Leigh   “Hey, Suzanne,” said the 7-year-old whose sibling had been invited to my daughter’s party and was accompanying his mom to pick her up.   “Got anything to eat? I’m hungry.”   “Well there’s the leftover pizza from the party. Want me to help you get a slice?"   “Nah.  Don’t like pepperoni. I wish you had the Hawaiian.”   I was about to forage in my refrigerator for something that might tantalize when I stopped myself: What was I doing catering to this child whom I barely knew, but was apparently comfortable enough to approach me... read more

Mom Guilt - You Are Hereby Pardoned

By Beth Berry     Pop quiz: What do the following have in common? Disposable diapers. Food your baby sucks from a bag. That empty threat you made that got him back in his carseat. The soccer tournament you missed when you were home puking. The movie they watched while you laid in bed and did nothing. The fact that what's-her-face brought handmade, gluten-free, agave-sweetened, almond-flour cupcakes with raisins she dried from grapes grown by her guru and all you could manage was a jumbo box of cheddar bunnies. You guessed it! Guilt. And not... read more

Three Wise Women - An Interview With Grown Hippie Mamas

By Beth Berry     Reposted from my blog, Revolution from Home.    Recently, I had the honor of spending a day with my new friend Barbara and several of her girlfriends, all self-proclaimed hippies who met in Colorado in their 20s and who have managed to remain “thick friends” through the years.   Barbara (first in the lineup) lives part-time in Colorado and part-time here in Tulum. She and her husband have an off-grid, solar powered home in the jungle community my husband manages. Barbara is a gem. She and I hit it off from day one, swapping stories... read more

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