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Top 10 Safe Websites for Kids

Many of us limit screen time for our children, but when we do want to allow them to experience a website we want it to be safe. Mothering has compiled a list of sites that are perfect for kids of many ages, educational, free to use, and completely without ads.   Starfall This delightful website is perfect for kids who are learning to read, or getting ready to read. With simple and fun books, games and activities that inspire the imagination, Starfall has earned its place as a top destination for discerning families.    NGA Kids A wonderful site from the... read more

You Can't Spoil Them with Love

By S.K. Valenzuela   Though Valentine's Day has already come and gone, the whole month of February always seems to me to be dedicated to love. It gives us a fabulous excuse to reflect on what love really is and to assess our growth in love.    I teach Baby Care classes at an area hospital, and one of my goals is to help parents to understand the fundamental relationship between responsiveness and trust. It's a cycle that begins from the very first moments after birth and continues...well, frankly, I don't think it ever ends. The basic premise is that responding... read more

Holiday time: when family & friends criticise your parenting choices

By Lisa Hassan Scott         “Well, when you come to visit, I can try to see if I can get a portable crib.” My husband and I were planning our first visit to his parents’ house, and my in-laws were really excited.  “That won’t be necessary,” I said, “the baby will just sleep with us.”  A silence.  “With you?  But won’t you roll on top of her?”  And so began a conversation about parenting that has been going on for ten years.  At first, I felt uncomfortable and defensive of our choices.  Everything we were doing was so, well, different from the choices our... read more

Sustainable Style for Back to School: The Ultimate Guide to Green Supplies

  Sustainable Style for Back to School   Back to school season is here and we know you're likely thinking about how you can be more eco-friendly this year without breaking the bank or spending excessive amounts of time you don't have.   With that in mind we've created six easy to use guides that break down some of the best green options for back to school basics. From easy to find brands who are making an eco effort to more unique, stylish and sustainable supplies that you would normally have to dig to... read more

21 Toys Under $21 | Mothering Natural Toy Guide 2013

  21 Toys Under $21 You don't need to spend a fortune to grab high quality toys for your little ones. Here are our favorite gifts under $21. Don't miss the other categories in this year's guide or our big toy giveaway! Find them both here.     Botanical Pocket Press This super simple, made the the USA botanical pocket press is perfect for nature hikes and backyard explorations. Replaceable, heavy duty rubber bands apply pressure to create long lasting pressed plants. Easy to use for kids of all ages and an excellent price!   $7.95 at Down to Earth... read more

I'm Sorry; It's Not You

By Sheryl Paul Sometimes I think the five most important and responsible words we can say to our loved ones are, “I’m sorry; it’s not you.” In that moment, with those five words, we communicate to others that our bad mood, grumpiness, bitchiness, or whatever term we prefer to describe a closed heart is not someone else’s fault. We take full responsibility and, in doing so, open a space inside for something softer to enter. When we defend against what is, whether it’s sadness, irritability, anger, exhaustion, hunger, or disappointment, we erect a steel wall around... read more

The Science of Attachment: The Biological Roots of Love

By Lauren Lindsey Porter Issue 119, July/August 2003 Turn on your television. Walk the aisles of a toy store. Peruse the shelves in the baby department. What do you find? Toys to enchant and stimulate. Products to soothe and calm. Videos to enhance intelligence. Games to teach. There is a myriad of merchandise out there, all designed to connect with our babies, magnify their intelligence, and help them negotiate the world. There is also a vast library of advice to go along with the merchandise. Grandparents, pediatricians, friends, obstetricians, and daycare providers,... read more

"Mommy Guilt" is a Misnomer

           "Mommy guilt" is something far more serious and harmful than guilt; let's stop calling it that.    By V.K. Harber   Mommy guilt is real and it’s everywhere. From what we feed our kids to how we diaper them to how much TV they watch to how much time we spend with them; there are a lot of ways to feel like we’re failing.   Just one problem: “mommy guilt” isn’t really guilt at all, but rather shame. And shame, unlike guilt which is a useful and sometimes appropriate emotion, shame is just harmful. Guilt is “I made a bad choice”, while shame is... read more

Why We Homeschool

By Sheryl Paul People often ask us why we homeschool. I used to launch into a long-winded answer about how we never planned to homeschool but by the time Everest was two it became apparent that, because of his high emotional and moral sensitivity and his asynchronous learning style, he would be crushed in any traditional school environment. I used to talk about our attached parenting style and our belief that kids need to be with their parents much longer than our culture encourages. I may have said something about our outdated educational paradigm and the... read more

Pizza and Big Emotions

"But I wanted PIZZZZZZAAAAA!!!" he wailed across the restaurant filled with customers. "But you ordered tomato soup," I reminded him for the fifth time while gesturing to the soup and bread set in front of him. "It's here. We can't take it back." Despite my feeble attempts to reason with a three-year-old, he wasn't buying it. (What was I thinking anyway??) He cried. He flung his body down onto the booth. If I looked closely enough, I might have seen some gnashing of teeth. He was full-on, full-body, full-volume mourning the pizza that was meant to be his and the... read more

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