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Pizza and Big Emotions

"But I wanted PIZZZZZZAAAAA!!!" he wailed across the restaurant filled with customers. "But you ordered tomato soup," I reminded him for the fifth time while gesturing to the soup and bread set in front of him. "It's here. We can't take it back." Despite my feeble attempts to reason with a three-year-old, he wasn't buying it. (What was I thinking anyway??) He cried. He flung his body down onto the booth. If I looked closely enough, I might have seen some gnashing of teeth. He was full-on, full-body, full-volume mourning the pizza that was meant to be his and the... read more

Would You Let Your 9-Year-Old Shave Her Legs?

  By Suzanne Leigh     My 9-year-old daughter was examining her legs. “Why do I have this?” she said, pointing to the fine hair that was starting to sprout around her shins.   “Oh, that’s normal. All girls start to get that, especially as they get closer to their teens,” I said.   “Will it go away when I’m a grown up?”   “Actually no, the hair can get thicker as you get older. Adult women have hair on their legs and their underarms,” I explained, wondering whether mentioning the pubic area would be TMI at that particular moment.   Marissa looked... read more

Helping Kids with Frustration and Rage

  By Sheryl Paul   Just as I’m about the pour a splash of vanilla into the shake I’m making for my son, I hear two blood-curdling screams followed by the sight of my older son, Everest, tearing around the corner with his 3 1/2 year old brother, who has transformed into the Tazmanian devil, close behind. Everest dashes behind my back to create a blockade between him and Asher. Asher runs full-force toward his brother, but finds himself in my arms instead.   I carry him to the couch and hold him tightly. Contained in my arms and against the warmth of my... read more

Feeding the Sensitive Child

"Why didn't you eat your guacamole?  I thought it was your favorite," I comment to my daughter, AJ, as I go through the warm remains of her half-eaten school lunch. "I don't like it any more," she responds with a shrug. I hold my tongue, knowing from experience that it's best not to make a big deal out of it.  It won't do her any good to know that I went out of my way to buy that avocado.  That I watched for it to become perfectly ripe before mixing it with her favorite salsa to make what she knows as guacamole dip.  She doesn't need to hear about starving children in... read more

15 Fun and Enchanting Holiday Tales for Children

The holidays are a time of magic and delight for children. Celebrate the enchantment of the season with these 15 extraordinary tales.   The giveaway portion is over--the winner can be found in the comments!    An exquisitely illustrated retelling of a classic story from Barefoot Books. An evil troll creates a mirror which reflects the bad and ugly sides of people. When it breaks, shards of its glass enter a young boy, causing him to reject his loving family and best friend Gerda. Helped by kind strangers and guided by her warm heart, Gerda makes... read more

Homeschooling? Relax

        I’d like to tell you about homeschooling. About a unquenchable thirst for learning. About children who clamor to do extra math problems, write novels in their spare time and teach themselves Mandarin, just for the heck of it. I’d like to, but I can’t. Because I have no idea who those people are.    There’s this idea that homeschooled kids are some kind of special quirky weirdo geniuses. And maybe that’s true, sometimes. But for the most part, my kids are just kids. They squabble over toys. They ask me to buy Lucky Charms. They love cartoons. They... read more

Finding Your Tribe

We all need connections with other parents. This article shares the story of one mom who found a special way to connect and create a mini-community all her own. If you are looking for ways to connect with moms in your local area check out our Finding a Tribe section in the forums--where you will discover subforums for areas across the US, Canada and the world.    If you're pregnant you may also like to join one of our popular Due Date Clubs for lots of support and fun. Or join the conversation in one of our other helpful forums: such as Talk Amongst Ourselves,... read more

What Teens Need from Us

A common misconception is that teens need us to drop the reins. But neurodevelopmentally, they are as tender as infants, so teens still need us very much. One of the most important books I’ve encountered about parenting during early adolescence is poignantly and aptly titled Our Last Best Shot. Author Laura Sessions Stepp spent two years finding out what teens need for future psychosocial wellbeing and success. She admits in the book that she “wanted to minimize the significance of parents and emphasize the importance of other adults.”   While she discovered the... read more

Raising a Generation of Contributors, Not Just Consumers

  Lately, my daughter has been doing something that has sparked some of my proudest moments to date as a parent.  It has nothing to do with impressive demonstrations of memorization, advanced abilities or blossoming talents.  Now that she just turned 3 and she’s able to really communicate thoroughly and ask thoughtful questions, the thing that makes me proudest is abundantly evident, and is summed up by her uttering one simple question – “Who made this?”   It began a few months ago, and these days she asks it with increasing frequency, about nearly everything.  From... read more

How To Teach Your Child To Develop Intuition

By Jessica Williams for kidsinthehouse.com     Dr. Dan Siegel is internationally regarded for his insights about the brain and human development. He is the author of several books, including the classic, Parenting From the Inside Out, co-authored by Mary Hartzell, M.Ed., and the new favorite, The Whole Brain Child, with co-author, Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D. Kidsinthehouse.com was fortunate to interview all three of these parenting experts.   Enjoy this video from Dr. Dan Siegel about the development of intuition.       About... read more

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