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Extracurricular Activities for Homeschoolers

In this episode, we chat about our new fundraising group, how to talk to family members who may be against homeschooling, creating an all inclusive curriculum, and extracurricular activities for homeschoolers. Art Class Swim Lessons Spiral Scouts Soccer T-Ball Kid Yoga Some links from this episode: Homeschool Fundraising Co-op History for Music Lovers Pass the Bean Dip blog post from Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers Succinct Answers to the question “Why do you homeschool?”   To see the full show notes, including a LOT MORE links to all the... read more

Adventure Into Islam: Children's Books on the Muslim Life

By Cynthia Mosher The events of September 11, 2001 , thrust Muslims and the Islamic world into the forefront of our national consciousness. The media have flooded us with pictures and words that speak of violence, hate, suspicion, and fear. The resulting covert and overt prejudice has shamed many of us into questioning just where our society is headed. The beauty of Islam is veiled as children and adults alike are manipulated in the effort to support and sustain the "war against terrorism." Have our children become victims of that war? Islam is the second largest... read more

One Mom's Cure For The Summertime Blues

By Vickie Oddino Issue 119, July/August 2003 I have mixed feelings about summer. I work as a teacher, so summertime is vacation time, not only for my children but for me. That part I love. But there's so much pressure. My children are six and three, and summer-camp programs bombard us with flyers and mailers. These programs include weekly bus trips to the beach, to water parks, to Disneyland, and to every conceivable fun place in the metropolitan Los Angeles area. But the price is always a shocker. Perhaps when my children are a little older, and I'm a... read more

I can bring home the bacon...

    I had a profound moment today that I’d like to share with you. As I got onto the metro this morning with my son a mother in our neighborhood shouts out: “Hi you guys!” It’s my son’s friend’s mother, a woman I don’t know well but I do know that when we moved here just over a year ago she talked alot about how much she loved her job. It was one of those dream jobs where she was director of a department responsible for using creative methods to bridge the gap between liberals and conservatives in America and create a more peaceful... read more

Talk with Parenting for Peace Author Marcy Axness on April 23rd

Update: Connect with Marcy on this page through April 27th! Mothering is glad to announce that Marcy Axness, Mothering blogger and parenting expert, will be answering questions about her new book Parenting for Peace right here on All Things Mothering April 23rd-27th. Keep an eye on the blog, our Facebook page, or our Twitter feed for a link to talk with Marcy on April 23rd! The Topic: Mommy Mind-Meld: Turbo-Charge Your Baby’s Brain Development Join us as early development specialist and Parenting for Peace author Marcy Axness, PhD, shares... read more

Exposure to Society's Harmful Influences

Dear Naomi, ever since I have learned about unschooling I have tried to balance the exposure of my now 4 year old son to what is labelled as addictive and harmful in our society; DVD movies and sugar are what we struggle with. I used to say NO to all of it, but the older my son got the more he wanted to find out what these things were all about. The more I resisted the stronger his urge got. At one point all I ever heard was 'Chocolate...and Spiderman'. Although my son has been and is with me all the time, unschooled, I have most of my food/goods delivered, I am out with... read more

Physically Hurting Others

Hi Naomi, I love your book and have been using SALVE with great success.My only struggle is with my 6 and 9 year old sons physically hurting one another and or myself. I have tried seperating them and telling them that I cant allow them to physically hurt one another but they are to physically strong for me and often turn to hitting or kicking myself. If I am listening to one the other keeps teasing and razzing the one I am tring to ALVE and vice versa.What can I do to help prevent or deal with these situations? Many thanks  Dear Parent, Children are our mirrors. If... read more

International Children's Book Day: Enter to Win Two Board Books from Barefoot!

This promotion has ended. The randomly chosen winners are Anne Lehnick and Lori Nicholas. Congrats!! You will be contacted by email.  And many thanks to Barefoot Books! Check out these tips for reading to your babies from Leah Lesser of Barefoot Books and then follow the instructions below to enter to win two board books!! So many of us have been there. Cuddled up with our baby in the rocker or on the couch, or a picnic blanket, or wherever you may be sharing a quiet story or two together. And then drool oozes out of her yummy mouth right onto the book. Sigh. It’s all... read more

The Mother I am Right Now

I have been wondering where I fit in to this Mothering.com bloggesphere. I had been invited based on previously written pieces of work and now here I sit on the precipice of unknowns pondering what part of myself to share. I am sure of myself as a writer but have found myself paying much closer attention to the other posts here and to blogs in general.  What is ‘My Voice’, I wonder? What ‘me’ do I want to share? I am a mother but do I qualify as enough (of an attachment – vegan – baby-wearing – earth-mother) to be here? No. No, you don’t my little voice... read more

Difficult Child or Natural Leader? It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Thank you to Suzy Hayman DeYoung from Parenting with New Perspectives for this guest post. While chaperoning a fourth grade “team building” field trip, the group of twelve students were given a complex challenge that involved devising a way to cross a pit by obtaining a rope swing positioned out of arm’s reach. Interestingly, the four children who ultimately came up with the solution were the ones frequently labeled as disruptive, distracted and challenging in the classroom. Out here in the woods, however, they were resourceful, resilient, cooperative and focused. One... read more

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