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Back to School Resources on Mothering.com

With the kiddos heading back to school, Mothering.com has some wonderful resources to inspire you throughout the year. Check out these great articles and visit all of the resources from Mothering.com in our Education section. Some resources to get you started: The Satisfied Learner: How Families Homeschool Their Teens Homeschooling Can Help Every Parent Pulling Forward: The Transition to Kindergarten Inspired Education Home Sweet Homeschool Hatch a Natural Writer Gentle Hands, Quiet Voices: Secrets of... read more

How to Help a Child Overcome Fears

My daughter is 7 years old. She went to a Halloween party where they showed Michael Jackson's Thriller.  I had not arrived to intervene and my husband did not see any potential issues.  Well, when I arrived she came to me crying and scared from watching the transformation of Michael Jackson from a human to a werewolf.  It's February now and it still haunts her. More in general scared than werewolves now but she does not want to be alone even when going to the bathroom.  She's fine as long as we're together.  At night it's worse.  She wants the curtains closed when it... read more

I can bring home the bacon...

    I had a profound moment today that I’d like to share with you. As I got onto the metro this morning with my son a mother in our neighborhood shouts out: “Hi you guys!” It’s my son’s friend’s mother, a woman I don’t know well but I do know that when we moved here just over a year ago she talked alot about how much she loved her job. It was one of those dream jobs where she was director of a department responsible for using creative methods to bridge the gap between liberals and conservatives in America and create a more peaceful... read more

We're planning for the new (home)school year!

  In this episode we talk about the Olympics and yes, Doctor Who did get discussed (well, hey, the Olympics ARE in the UK this year and the show IS a UK show, and we ARE Whovians, afterall…how could it not??) AND… most importantly: (as its been ALL CONSUMING for us lately!) PLANNING and ORGANIZING FOR THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR!   Some links from this episode: Tina’s Flags of the Olympics Printable Enchanted Learning (also mentioned for flag printables) Weekly Homeschool Planner Mead Flex Hybrid Notebinder HomeschoolRealm.com’s Charlotte Mason booklist for history   To see... read more

Transitioning to Attachment Parenting

I am gradually working on becoming a connected and attached parent, which is a big change and we are still getting there. I am finding that the more leeway I give and the more respect I try to show to his feelings my 7 year old seems to be behaving more and more selfishly and disrepectfully. Having said that, he is more caring towards his siblings, but more reluctant to do anything that he doesn't want to do. I expected that there would be a transition, but the "selfish" and "uncooperative" behaviour (my husband's judgement, not mine) is increasing the resistance... read more

How To Refine Your Writing: Keep A Journal

Have you ever thought of starting a journal but just don’t know where to start? Maybe you find there isn’t enough time in the day, or perhaps you find yourself faced with the question: What would I even write about?? A journal is something that is personal, a place where you can let it all out, stuff that you would never share with other people, let alone the world, or a place where you can work through personal issues (definitely much cheaper than a psychiatrist!). It can also be as impersonal or informal as you like, more as an exercise in writing, a list... read more

When "home" is a stranger's house

After being forced to flee from violence in eastern Congo, Jacqueline and her four children now live with a gracious stranger and have few possessions, including these washing basins that she chose at an IRC market fair.   Fleeing Congo’s brutal conflicts, a mother struggles for her family’s survival. SOUTH KIVU PROVINCE, Democratic Republic of Congo—It is a torrid late afternoon in the highlands of South Kivu when Jacqueline, with her baby daughter strapped to her back and several washing basins on her head, finally makes her way back home. She descends quickly on the... read more

Mission Accomplished

By David Waag Web Exclusive - February 25, 2008 It is our third visit to the bathroom in as many hours. And like the two previous visits, we are leaving mission unaccomplished. The mission is for Stella, my two and half year old daughter, to go poop. Not a big deal except that we are in the Houston airport without Mom and with a six-hour-layover between flights. I'm not suggesting that if Mom were around it would be any easier or that I am not capable of handling the situation. Oh contraire, we have been safely out of diapers for several months, I am a seasoned... read more

Of Hiking, Sketching, and Getting Lost on Grizzly Peak in Ashland, Oregon

The Sketch of Mt Shasta James Made Before Getting Lost on Grizzly PeakTo celebrate my birthday this year, James, the baby, and I went for a 5-mile hike up Grizzly Peak at 7:00 a.m. while it was still cool outside. The older kids didn’t want to come so we left them at home. A better parent would have insisted they accompany us. A better wife would have noticed sooner—four and a half years ago—when her husband was gone for five hours. As we hiked up the trail my thoughts drifted back to when we first moved to Ashland… “Did you call Search and Rescue yet?” James banged... read more

Spring Break? No, Sibling Break!

I only have two kids, but some days I feel like my house is under army attack because, frankly, it’s a sibling war zone. “He tripped me!” “He’s a liar!” “You’re sooooooooo mean!” “I hate you forever!” At times I tell myself it’s natural. Siblings argue. I mean, what did I expect having two boys 19 months apart? That they could play one-on-one basketball without shouting? That we’d have a competitive-free household? I guess not, but I was hoping for some peace and lately its been all war. It’s Spring Break time and... read more

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