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Co-sleeping Nightmare!

Help! My 6 month old son sleeps in our bed and nurses continually throughout the night, I feel like I'm a prisoner to my own bed. I used to be able to nurse him to sleep at night then get up and do chores. This is getting more and more difficult. He wakes quickly and can only be consoled by nursing, even though he is not hungry. Often if I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom he wakes within seconds of me leaving the bed. I'm not sleeping well because he is nursing so often (every 1-2 hours). Daytime naps are similarly difficult, he only falls asleep at... read more

Miss Representation

  “You can’t be what you can’t see,” Marie Wilson, founder of The White House Project, explains in this powerful film. Yet the media preaches that a woman’s value is found in beauty and sexuality rather than in her leadership abilities.  What can be done? This revealing documentary has some answers. It premieres Oct. 20th at 9/8 central on OWN.  Filmmakers suggest hosting a house party to watch and discuss it together. The film’s site is packed with resources and ideas for empowering youth. Here are some some of the issues raised by Miss... read more

On Being a Parenting Original

By Kelly Coyle DiNorcia  Issue March/April 2008 I've always been a little odd. I decided at age 11 to become vegetarian. As early as middle school, instead of passing notes in English class like my peers, I was a prolific letter-writer on a variety of issues. As an adult, my way of life was seen by others as quirky, eccentric, and unconventional, if still tolerable. However, when my daughter was born, something changed. What had previously been viewed as interesting, if a little peculiar, was suddenly seen in a whole new light. My lifestyle became the target of... read more

Cold Memories

By Leah BassoffWeb Exclusive - January 1, 2007 One of the biggest changes I experienced after having children is that it ended my sense of chronological time as I'd once known it. As I watch my children playing, I find myself cast back to my own childhood, find myself reliving my own childhood memories of the snow and the cold in a sensory, visceral way. Watching my son Kevin tunnel his mitten-clad fist into the snow, I can remember what it was like to eat snow off of my mittens, that delectable taste of crushed ice, dirt, and wooly mitten fuzz. As Kevin's mittens get... read more

Natural Parenting Toolbox: Questions for Successful Teen Communication

Ask yourself the following questions to help determine if you are communicating openly with your teen: Am I honest with my teenager? Do I really say what I feel, in a non-hurtful way? Can my teen be honest with me? If he shares his beliefs with me, and they are different than mine, am I still able to accept them? Do I listen before debating or retorting? Do I give positive feedback, without demanding a change? Am I open to receiving feedback from my teenager? If I were a teen, would I come to me to share a feeling or a goal? read more

How Do Kids Gain Self Control?

How do kids get self control, or how to teach it? I'm confused between the huge difference in attachment parenting and God centered parenting. In one we can use compation, non violant communication, listening, validating, etc, and in the other is empowering caracter vertus and practicing self control. Were is a place between the two? How can a child get to have self control in an environment were we never adress it? How to apply attachment, compation, etc, at the same time as living in a way that fosters self control? Thanks you so much for your response!Dear Parent: It... read more

Opening Up To Letting Go

“We need in love to practice only this: letting each other go. For holding on comes easily–we do not need to learn it.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke My parent’s marriage ended when my mother told my father she didn’t love him anymore and that she was not sure she ever did. Years later, after all of the ugliness of the divorce was done, something at my father’s core was never the same again.  His belief in love was soured and distilled into an experience of abandonment that morphed to fit every ending that followed.  Over the years of my loveology practice, I have... read more

Love With Wendy: Mothering Loveologist

I study love. I am convinced that in the last ten minutes of our lives, the only thing that will hold any importance at all is who we loved and who loved us back.  I feel most true to my own life when I am able to write stories about how to find your way through the challenging and messy emotional places that love both creates and heals.  It is the last and most original aspect of our humanity. I am excited to become the official Mothering loveologist and be able to offer a wider range of content in a wider range of formats.  You can email me here now with your questions... read more

"Excuse me, Mom, will you please reconsider?"

Hi Friends, Here is a simple L.O.V.E. Parenting tool called “Excuse me, Mom, will you please reconsider?” Have you ever answered, “No,” too quickly, instantly regretted your decision and then been faced with your child’s incessant demand? Have you ever answered, “No,” rather benignly, and then been startled by an overwhelming explosion of dismay from your child? If you can teach your children to say the simple phrase of “Excuse me, Mom, will you please reconsider?” instead of begging, pleading, shouting, demanding, screaming, hitting, pouting, or... read more

Will You Gaze Lovingly At Your Kids Tonight?

Gretchen Rubin, a New York City based writer and author of The Happiness Project, and her husband have a very sweet tradition. Every once in awhile after they’ve put their two daughters to bed, Rubin’s husband says to her, “Come on, let’s go gaze lovingly.” They tiptoe. Jamie slings an arm around Gretchen’s shoulder. They stand for a moment together and gaze lovingly as their daughters are quietly sleeping. These days my 11-year-old is going to bed later than I am. When we open the door to our room we invariably wake the baby, who’s a light sleeper. But just thinking... read more

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