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Sibling Aggression

My daughter (27-months-old) is very aggressive toward her brother (nine-months-old), who is very active and almost walking already. Since he started crawling and getting into the toys at five-months-old, she has been hitting, pushing his head, pulling his hair, doing anything to make him cry. I just don't know how to deal with it anymore. I know she is adjusting to his presence, but it's been nearly five months of this. I fear I am making it worse by creating a bully and victim mentality. But I don't want to leave my son there to cry while trying to figure out how to get... read more

Clean Green Fun (I Only Drank One Small Glass of Not-Green Wine)

The Kids (and the House) Ready for the Green Party. Etani (far right) got shy and decided not to perform his amazing pogo stick act.Party preparations yesterday were a bit tense. First 6-year-old Etani pulled the tablecloth off the table and dumped the spinach vegetable chips all over the floor. Twice. And his mother, who would prefer to write about herself in the third person in this instance, completely lost it and got furious and shrieked so loudly that even though said mother was in the hallway out of sight and not yelling at any particular child (though she wanted... read more

Eleventh Way for Dads to Change the World: Play video games with your kids

By Jeremy Adam Smith Lawrence Kutner had seen his teenage son play video games. But like many parents, he didn't know much about them. Then in 2004 the U.S. Department of Justice asked Kutner and his wife, public health researcher Cheryl Olson, to run a federally funded study of how video games affect adolescents. Olson and Kutner are the co-founders and directors of the Harvard Medical School’s Center for Mental Health and Media. Kutner, a psychologist, had never examined video games, either in his research or in his life as a dad. And so the first... read more

The Velveteen Stepmother

By Barbara Burkard Web Exclusive My seven-year-old stepson ran up to me, face flushed with pride. ”Here, Barbara. I got you a Mother’s Day present.” In his outstretched hand lay a green and purple rubber frog, with a red tongue that uncurled when you squeezed the frog’s body, as if to zap up insects. ”I know you like frogs, so when I saw this, I thought you’d like to have it.” As I hugged him and assured him that it was indeed a wonderful Mother’s Day gift, I couldn’t help but think how far our relationship has come. Not quite three years ago, I moved to England. I... read more

Where, Oh Where, Has Our Sex Life Gone

By Gabriel Constans Issue 132, September/October 2005 When your newborn is literally sucking the energy from you 24 hours a day, will the energy to make love with your husband ever return? How do you nurture your relationship and find time for sex when you have young children who want and need your attention every waking—and sleeping—moment? What is the secret to having intimate evenings together when your child or children are in their teens? You may find yourself replying to these questions by exclaiming, "Never!" "It's impossible!" "You're kidding!" or "We've... read more

Saying Goodbye: my last post on mothering.com

My mother-in-law Susan was nine years old when her mom died. Ten years later her older sister, who had five children, choked on a piece of steak at a restaurant and also died. Susan never had a chance to say goodbye. Maybe because of those sad experiences, my mother-in-law is always careful to make goodbyes—even if you’re just going away for a few hours—special. My husband does too: No one, not even the I’m-Miss-Independent 11-year-old, leaves without a hug and a kiss and an I love you. This is my last post for mothering.com. My first post... read more


Oh, Vero Beach, Florida: we meet again. My family and I are on our annual pilgrimage to see my in-laws. It’s a particular sort of vacation, one that gives you one type of freedom (kiddo with the grandparents while a do-not-disturb sign hangs on the hotel room door in the middle of the afternoon, if you catch my drift) while robbing you of another (dinner is at Grandma’s—you will have the Cornish game hen). My husband’s family has been coming to Vero Beach since 1918. My son Caleb is the sixth generation to come here. Which makes me connected to the... read more

Motherhood Brings Me Down

“Waaaaake UP, Maaamaaaa.” My five-year old’s whine cut cruelly through REM mode like a dull knife pressing down on a firm tomato. My brain explodes red pulp and seeds. It’s like the film Inception but instead of my secrets being stolen from my resting mind via Leonardo DiCaprio, it was a girlchild with curly hair, her toddler-esque tummy peeking out from a too-small shirt and indignant look on her face, who was entering my dreams. My eyes fluttered open and I accepted a breath as deep as I could manage as I finally sat up. My body was heavy with fatigue from... read more


Issue 156 September/October 2009 by Lizzie MartinezIt’s 7:10 on a Tuesday night, and a weeping four-year-old is barnacled to my leg.“Don’t go, Mama, don’t go!”My husband stands with our other two children, who are also pleading with me to stay. Behind him, the kitchen table is littered with dinner dishes. The house is tossed. His eyes look tired, and I begin to capitulate. Maybe ?I should just stay home tonight...“Go on, hon,” he says quietly, and kisses me. “Drive safely.” That’s our separation mantra.I peel the four-year-old off my leg, and my husband restrains her... read more

It's Off to Work We Go—Baby in Tow!

By Annie FeigheryIssue 128, January - February 2005 The nonprofit sector of the American economy was largely created and designed by women, and it continues to provide many women more family-friendly working arrangements that ease their struggles in balancing family life, financial needs, and career ambitions. My introduction to the unique benefits nonprofits can offer mothers came a few years ago, when, after months of toggling childcare with my spouse, I began to look for a position with a higher salary and/or fewer hours than my museum position offered. I found a... read more

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