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Room to Play: An IKEA Small Space Transformation

When my husband and I moved into a new home with our two kids last year we talked about options for creating a new play area in the small room off of our living room. Normally, our children simply play and read wherever they see fit, and usually that is in the living room. We love that and don’t want it to change. But the 15ft by 9ft addition to our living room was calling out to us as a place that would be a perfect kid-centered addition to our living space–with special areas for reading, art, and play. Flash forward a year and the room was still empty–busy... read more

A friendly reminder

…to hang on to at least some of the many thousands of drawings and paintings your child will make over the next few years. Right now it might seem like the artwork is no big deal, there’s so much of it—but I’m over here in your future, telling you that these drawings will become real treasures for you down the road! And a tip: After a drawing is finished, ask your child to tell you what’s happening in the picture and write it on the artwork itself. Then date it. And put it somewhere safe (after some time on the fridge, of course!).   Above: A... read more

Go Ahead and Shoot

My kids brought home two red plastic water guns from our most recent visit to their grandmother’s house. These little pistols are old school, the way I remember them from childhood: detailed to look realistic, fitting snugly into a small hand. When my three year old son Gabriel first saw them, his eyes sparkled. “Mama. That is a gun,” he said, the same way I might have said ‘that is a diamond’ or ‘that is a tropical island’ if either of those treasures were ever presented to me. Previously, we had a single water gun that drifted around the backyard. One of... read more

Answers to Sibling Harmony

Siblings & Bodypaint (by our friend Amir at www.AmirImage.com) Hi Friends, A mother wrote in on Mothering.com’s Ask An Expert and wondered how to get her 7-year old boy and her 5-year old girl to appreciate each other and nurture a sibling bond as their personalities are very different and most of their interactions “largely unpleasant.” I answered with some of my favorite tips for family unity and sibling harmony. I touch upon individuation, togetherness, family unity, activities that promote bonding, conflict resolution, media that... read more

Mud puddles, rain drops, and worms.

We live in the midwest.  We had a big storm yesterday, one that started off as rain, switched to snow and hail, and eventually became rain again.  All throughout, we experienced thunder and lightning.  Honestly, I thought it was spectacular!  I love a good thunderstorm, though usually it takes place in the summer.  I love watching the earth swell with water, filling as it opens for the miraculous birth of new plants, new life, green grass, beautiful flowers.  We grow a garden, and I am eager to see the rain soak the ground to prepare it for my plants. This... read more

Giveaway: Kimochis plush Toys with Feelings Inside

  • by admin

“Kimochis, Toys with Feelings Inside,” Giveaway! We’re giving away 1 Cat and 1 Mixed Feelings Pack AND 1 Cloud and 1 Mixed Feelings Pack Kimochis…Toys with Feelings Inside® are unique, fun, educational plush characters that help facilitate positive communication between children and their parents, caregivers, and peers and help cultivate social and emotional learning. Feelings can be messy, especially during the holidays, and Kimochis™ can help kids and parents cope and handle their feelings! Using Kimochis™ is a playful,... read more

Don't Eat My Broccoli

  See this broccoli? It's mine, all mine This is one of my family’s favorite games. I take a piece of raw or steamed broccoli and ask one of the children to watch it for me. “I really want this piece of broccoli,” I say. “It’s so perfect and delicious and I want to eat it up as soon as I drink this water. Could you keep it safe for me?” My child nods seriously and promises to watch over the broccoli. There is no way he will let anyone else near it, he avers. I turn away for my sip of water. “Oh no!” I cry, seeing that the... read more

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