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5 child article submissions by the Mothering community.

Kids in the House: the New Video Resource for Families

Thank you to Jessica Williams for contributing this post.      While driving down Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, California, native Swede, Leana Greene, had a vision. Billboards promoting cooking shows surrounded her and she thought, “Why isn’t there a show dedicated to teaching people how to cook up a good family?” A working mother of three, Leana was passionate about self-educating through parent lectures. Her children’s schools hosted the nation’s best experts to explain the latest trends in education, cutting edge child psychology, and new research about our... read more

Holiday time: when family & friends criticise your parenting choices

By Lisa Hassan Scott         “Well, when you come to visit, I can try to see if I can get a portable crib.” My husband and I were planning our first visit to his parents’ house, and my in-laws were really excited.  “That won’t be necessary,” I said, “the baby will just sleep with us.”  A silence.  “With you?  But won’t you roll on top of her?”  And so began a conversation about parenting that has been going on for ten years.  At first, I felt uncomfortable and defensive of our choices.  Everything we were doing was so, well, different from the choices our... read more

A mammal, and proud of it!

It’s easy to forget that we humans are animals– mammals to be precise. Perhaps it can be distasteful to think that we are just another animal.  But reminding ourselves of this simple truth can be a brilliant way of connecting with our instincts and accepting our baby’s needs. My eldest daughter is nearly nine.  When she was born I’d had very little experience of babies.  Everyone else seemed to know more than me.  They said I was spoiling her by picking her up all the time; that there must be something wrong if she needed to feed again after only a half... read more

Podcast Episode 3: Breastfeeding Beats the Blues

  In this episode, Mothering Radio explores breastfeeding and postpartum depression. Julie Grant interviews Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, who has authored three books on postpartum depression and who wrote “Breastfeeding Beats the Blues” in Mothering’s Sept-Oct 2010 issue. The article examines how breastfeeding can help women recover from postpartum depression, despite the common advise to wean during this time. A copy of the article can be found in the Sept-Oct 2010 issue. Listen Now Download this episode Subscribe... read more

Child Led Weaning Resources

Here is a list of Resources for Child-led Weaning. Please feel free to pm your friendly forum moderator or an administrator if there is anything you would like added to the list. Mothering Articles Not Just for Babies: 10 Good Reasons to Breastfeed Your Toddler To Wean or Not to Wean: Who Says When Is Enough  "Mommy, I Want Nummies!" The Benefits of Nursing Past Three Extend Breastfeeding's Benefits Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy From Katherine Dettwyler, PhD A Natural Age of Weaning Frequency of Nursing in Other... read more

Mothering › Child Articles