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30 child article submissions by the Mothering community.

Sitting With My Child's Anger

               How mindfulness can help children and parents deal with their anger.   My son sat at the table, body noticeably calmer than it had just been, but eyes still darting from my husband's face to mine. Recently emerging from his room, he was coming down off of the rage that had gripped him once again. The anger that had led him to scream in our faces, kick the chair, and run away to his quiet place. What prompted it? I could tell you a hundred different scenarios and they would all be true at one time or another. But, in his words, my seven-year-old said,... read more

Kids in the House: the New Video Resource for Families

Thank you to Jessica Williams for contributing this post.      While driving down Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, California, native Swede, Leana Greene, had a vision. Billboards promoting cooking shows surrounded her and she thought, “Why isn’t there a show dedicated to teaching people how to cook up a good family?” A working mother of three, Leana was passionate about self-educating through parent lectures. Her children’s schools hosted the nation’s best experts to explain the latest trends in education, cutting edge child psychology, and new research about our... read more

Teaching Kids to Love and Trust Themselves

By Sheryl Paul   Yesterday I took my sons to observe a Parkour class. I had never heard of Parkour until my husband pointed out that Everest has been doing it naturally around our house. I watched a few videos on it and thought, “Why not? Let’s give it a try.” It’s a street art that combines gymnastics, running, and leaping to create a Ninja-like, monkey-esque crazy amazing physical experience. My boys love watching it, are compelled to do it, and so it seemed like it could be a natural fit.   My current parenting motto is, “Go where the yes is.” I know... read more

Isn't age 11 old enough to be crossing the street alone?

  By Suzanne Leigh   Picking up my younger daughter from a summer camp, we passed a middle school camp where cars were double and triple parked. A familiar sight and one that has always surprised me. Here’s what happens: school or camp gets out at 3:30 p.m. and parents that miss a spot in the parking lot, patrol the area at 10 mph until they catch sight of their child dawdling down the street. Then they punch the hazard lights, exit their vehicle and wave their child into the backseat. These kids are ages 11 to 14.   As one who walked to and from school years... read more

Agreeing to Disagree: Gentle Parenting Despite Criticism from Loved Ones

                  I splashed my face with cold water, hoping to wash away the tears intermingled with anger. As I toweled off my cheeks with the fluffy hotel towel, my father’s words rang through my head, stinging me once more. “You might want to gather up all of your swim stuff before you leave. I'm going to get an earlier flight and leave tomorrow. These kids…my nerves just can’t take it. The screaming and crying morning, noon, and night... I mean…this generation is different. If I’d act that way growing up, my dad would have beat my ass. I can’t handle being... read more

Kids and Self-Esteem: I'm so over it

 By Suzanne Leigh   “Hey, Suzanne,” said the 7-year-old whose sibling had been invited to my daughter’s party and was accompanying his mom to pick her up.   “Got anything to eat? I’m hungry.”   “Well there’s the leftover pizza from the party. Want me to help you get a slice?"   “Nah.  Don’t like pepperoni. I wish you had the Hawaiian.”   I was about to forage in my refrigerator for something that might tantalize when I stopped myself: What was I doing catering to this child whom I barely knew, but was apparently comfortable enough to approach me... read more

Should I Train My Child....Like a Dog?!

    Last week I shared a post here on Mothering called, "There is Not Always A "Fix" For the Difficult Child." It was actually a post I wrote some time ago on my own blog about my then two year old.  That two year old is now three (almost four) and things have changed some.  She is still a firecracker.  She still has a strong personality.  She still likes to boss around me and anybody else near her.  And I still love her and am still trying to figure things out.     There was an interesting comment on the post when I shared it on Mothering though.  She... read more

Helping Kids with Frustration and Rage

  By Sheryl Paul   Just as I’m about the pour a splash of vanilla into the shake I’m making for my son, I hear two blood-curdling screams followed by the sight of my older son, Everest, tearing around the corner with his 3 1/2 year old brother, who has transformed into the Tazmanian devil, close behind. Everest dashes behind my back to create a blockade between him and Asher. Asher runs full-force toward his brother, but finds himself in my arms instead.   I carry him to the couch and hold him tightly. Contained in my arms and against the warmth of my... read more

The Trouble with Time-Out

So there you are one afternoon, at the end of your rope with an out-of-control three-year-old. You know you won’t spank him, and you have become mindful of avoiding shame-based measures, so what’s left? Is “Time Out” the answer? At risk of bringing on the wrath of parents everywhere, my answer is no.   Time-outs were conceived as a more humane alternative to spanking, but the problem is, they land a blow to the brain and psyche rather than to the bottom. Right at the moment when the child is overwhelmed by a flood of emotions he cannot manage, and he most needs the... read more

I Was a Spanking Mother

Yes, I spanked my son. It was almost twenty years ago but I still remember it vividly. Ian was six or seven and was stubbornly, defiantly ignoring me right to my face. (About what? Now that I cannot recall!) Something primitive inside me uncoiled and I was suddenly spanking him. I regretted it immediately and ever since -- not just for the obvious reason of having been violent with him, but also for the sliver of his respect I lost in that moment.   We lose the admiration of our children when we “lose it.” It’s a mammalian thing: all animal behaviorists know... read more

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