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4 Ways to De-Stress Back-to-School

Four Ideas for Simplifying Life While Enriching Education   Is it me, or does time seem to just keep going faster? Here we are again in the early weeks of a new school year...already!   In my day [best stated in crochety, old-lady voice], we were very excited for back-to-school, in large part, I think, because summer’s pace was soooooo much slower than it tends to be these days. There weren’t all the summer programs, the series of vacations, the catch-up tutoring. There were long, hot days filled with swimming, catching pollywogs, reading comics and Nancy Drew, and... read more

Promoting a Lifelong Love of Reading

  I remember when my oldest daughter was an infant.  Everything was fresh and new, and I was eager and excited.  I wanted what was best for her.  I wanted to give her the world.   And I would turn on the television or open a parent’s magazine, and I would be bombarded with advertisements about programs to teach infants to read.  The claims were remarkable with tots who are barely old enough to speak able to read off of flashcards, and slightly older children reading books way above what one would expect.   And I admit.  I was intrigued.  We all know how important... read more

Panicking about Preschool

                  My stomach is in knots, and I'm teetering on the edge of tears when I think about it.  Julie starts preschool tomorrow.  I know it's illogical.  I know that this will be really, really good for my girl, and I know that I need to make sure that I don't show any of my reservations to her.  I know all that.   But that's my baby, and I don't want her to go.   She's my last one, but that doesn't really matter.  I was just as misty when my older two started school.  It's more that she's just barely three and a half, and I'm not ready for her to be... read more

The Myth of Normal

                 It could be argued that the idea of normal is the one of the most psychologically damaging ideas ever to hit modern culture. For lurking just behind the pervasive and negative running commentary that affects most of my clients, “What’s wrong with me?” is the question, “Why can’t I just be normal?” But what is normal?   To me, normal is trying to squeeze yourself into a narrow range of what our society views as acceptable behavior. It’s living life muted because your loud sounds and bright colors don’t fit the mold.  It’s cutting off the flares of who... read more

Our Child's Education: Our Decision To Make, Not Yours

  My daughter will be starting school for the first time soon, for 5 full days a week. It is a huge transition for our little family unit, but especially for the two of us, as we have spent the last three years together. I know she will thrive there, as we did not take this decision lightly, and she is so social and loving that I have no hesitation that she will be able to adjust with ease. I am so excited for her, but I’m not going to lie, my heart will be very heavy to see her go. It will remain even heavier knowing that I should still be home with what... read more

Giving Kids the Freedom to Grow

                We live in a townhouse.  We are lucky that we have a decent sized back yard that the kids can run around in, but because of association regulations, we can’t put a swing set or a giant trampoline out there.  Any toys that go out have to easily be able to come back in.     Sometimes when we decide to go out and play, I’ll briefly wonder what my kids will do out there.  It’s just a big open, grassy yard surrounded by our neighbor’s property and two farms.  There’s simply not much there.   But trust me; they find plenty to do.  Sometimes... read more

Bored - Nothing to Do!

  By Sheryl Paul Everest and I have been reading a wonderful book we picked up at the library called, “Bored – Nothing to Do!” by Peter Spier. It’s a picture book about two adolescent brothers who, after being ordered by their mother to “Go do something! I was never bored at your age!” decide to build an airplane using materials that require them to completely dismantle their house. Everest, the consummate mess-maker and destruction artist, thinks the book is hysterically funny and laughs at every page. But I wonder if he’s also responding to the book’s subtext:... read more

Sustainable Style for Back to School: The Ultimate Guide to Green Supplies

  Sustainable Style for Back to School   Back to school season is here and we know you're likely thinking about how you can be more eco-friendly this year without breaking the bank or spending excessive amounts of time you don't have.   With that in mind we've created six easy to use guides that break down some of the best green options for back to school basics. From easy to find brands who are making an eco effort to more unique, stylish and sustainable supplies that you would normally have to dig to... read more

Pens, Pencils and Highlighters Oh My! 6 Eco Options for Back to School

This special section was created by natural product expert Amy Serotkin of The Mindful Home as part of Mothering's Ultimate Green Guide to Back to School Supplies. Check it out for many more eco-friendly, made in the USA picks for back to school.   Little changes make a big difference. Choosing sustainable alternatives to even the most minor items is a great way to help kids celebrate our earth all year long. Here are some of our best picks for eco-friendly pens, pencils and... read more

Sustainable, Stylish Notebooks and Binders for Back to School

This special section was created by natural product expert Amy Serotkin of The Mindful Home as part of Mothering's Ultimate Green Guide to Back to School Supplies. Check it out for many more eco-friendly, made in the USA picks for back to school.   Let your kids celebrate their sustainability in style with these gorgeous notebooks, paper products and binders made with the earth in mind.     Academic Planner by Sarah Pinto   Sarah Pinto makes academic planners and notebooks in... read more

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