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Little Princes

I’m reading Little Princes (William Morrow) by Conor Grennan. It’s about an American who volunteers at an orphanage in Nepal while embarking on an around-the-world trip. When a mother arrives at the gates of the house looking for her two sons, he realizes her children (along with the other kids at the orphanage) have been trafficked. Conor decides not only to dedicate his time to trying to stop child trafficking in Nepal, he establishes a non-profit to reverse the practice and return the kids to their birth parents. I was captivated by the topic. Ron and I... read more

Member Recommended Homeschooling Blogs

Here is a list of member-recommended homeschooling blogs. You may edit this list to include your favorites or your own blog. In no particular... read more

Waldorf Resource Thread

Hi! This is a thread for member-recommended Waldorf resources, websites, blog links and helpful MDC Waldorf threads. Please note that inclusion in the Resource thread does not constitute an MDC endorsement of the content. If you have an educational and informative resource you would like to nominate for inclusion in this thread, please PM the forum moderators Mothering Magazine Articles Inspired Education Waldorf at Home Helpful MDC Threads Where to Start? Waldorf Resources Helpful Sites, Links,... read more

Learning At School Resources

Mothering Magazine Articles Inspired Education Ways of Learning RESPECT: What Children Get in Democratic Schools Pulling Forward: The Transition to Kindergarten Great Green Schools Thirst for Profit Challenges Natural Parenting Toolbox: Questions to Ask Principals and Teachers Ask the Experts: What's the Difference between Waldorf and Montessori? and here Gentle Hands, Quiet Voices: Secrets of Montessori MDC Discussion Threads Progressive Education: MDC Reading List for Schoolin' Mamas Comparisons Link describing... read more

On Raising a Reluctant Reader

I got a message from my son’s school the other day. “It’s nothing to worry about,” his teacher was quick to say into the machine. “I just wanted to let you know that your son’s been identified as a kiddo who needs extra help with reading.” Etani, though he loves to be read to and has a prodigious vocabulary, has really been struggling with learning to read. We’re a family of readers. James is reading Kafka’s short stories now; Athena is reading the Warrior series and the Sisters Grimm; Hesperus, who has read the Twilight series three times, plows... read more

The Winners of the Sept-Oct Audio Books are...

Listen to the Mothering Audio Book Now! Thanks for taking part in the giveaway! Congrats to the random winners of the Sept-Oct Audio Books– Jenny Halteman, Mary Siever, and River! Contact me at webeditor [at] mothering.com to claim your audio book. If you didn’t win you can get your Mothering fix today by grabbing a copy of the audio book for just $2.99 to download immediately! Listen to Mothering anywhere, anytime. I love to listen in the car! Where will you listen to your Mothering Audio... read more

Win a Mothering Sept-Oct Issue Audio Book!

Sept-Oct Mothering now an Audio Book! The Sept-Oct issue is now available as an Audio Book so you can listen to it anywhere, anytime hands-free!! Leave a comment below telling us why you would like a copy of the Mothering Sept-Oct Audio Book and you could win a copy to be downloaded tomorrow. Three lucky winners will be chosen tomorrow afternoon. If you need your Mothering fix today you can grab a copy of the audio book for just $2.99 to download immediately, and if you are chosen to win tomorrow we will give you your money back! Make... read more

Why Not Apply to Harvard? If You Don't Get Rejected Sometimes, Maybe it Means You Aren't Trying Hard Enough...

At a family dinner I sat across from my husband’s cousin. Everyone was in high spirits, eating enormous plates of pasta and retelling familiar yarns in loud voices with lots of backslapping and beer guzzling. But Cousin Stephanie looked thoughtful. She just started her junior year and was wondering about colleges. “So what are you thinking?” I ask. “Maybe dentistry,” she says. “Or international relations or psychology or business or journalism. Maybe journalism. I’m really not sure.” “Wow,” I say, impressed that she’s already looking ahead... read more

Back to School Resources on Mothering.com

With the kiddos heading back to school, Mothering.com has some wonderful resources to inspire you throughout the year. Check out these great articles and visit all of the resources from Mothering.com in our Education section. Some resources to get you started: The Satisfied Learner: How Families Homeschool Their Teens Homeschooling Can Help Every Parent Pulling Forward: The Transition to Kindergarten Inspired Education Home Sweet Homeschool Hatch a Natural Writer Gentle Hands, Quiet Voices: Secrets of... read more

No friends for kids with learning differences?

It’s been a long week. A boy at my 10-year-old son’s school has been calling him “stupid,” “dummy,” and “idiot.” This would not be nice for any kid, but for my son these words hurt deeply. As I mentioned in my second post on this blog, Jacob is severely dyslexic. “Stupid” is a label he lives with every day. I hesitate to use the word dyslexic because most people do not have a clue what dyslexia is. I know I didn’t until five years ago when at the end of Jacob’s first grade his tutor told me she thought he was dyslexic. I thought being dyslexic meant... read more

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