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Finding my Tribe After the Death of my Daughter

    By Suzanne Leigh   The dining area of this mountainside campsite is teaming with families. There are squeals of excitement from the younger kids, who are casing the joint looking for potential adventures, peals of laughter from the adults and frequent hugs and hearty handshakes. Nobody appears to be sick; nobody appears to be sad. It looks “normal,” as in TV- commercial sun-streaming-through-the-windows normal. It seems to be the kind of gathering that I have taken pains to avoid since Natasha’s final decline. My excuse for not showing up at these get-togethers... read more

The Worry and Wonderment of Parenting

This is Childhood contributing author, Lindsey Mead    One morning in the middle of the year Grace was in 3rd grade, while driving to school, I asked both my children what they thought they would remember as the main thing they had learned from me.  Why I asked I’m not sure, but legacy and lessons were on my mind.  Whit blurted out, “Potty training,” and all three of us laughed.   “Well, Whit, that is one thing I’m awfully glad you learned,” I said with a grin.  Grace was looking out the window, pondering.   “Manners, I think,” she said, hesitating.  “Oh, and... read more

5 Inspiring Story Lists in Celebration of International Children's Book Day!

  To help inspire a love of reading in all kids, April 2nd is International Children's Book Day (Hans Christian Andersen's birthday) and April 13-19 is National Library Week!    In celebration of these great initiatives we're sharing five fun kids' story collections on everything from breastfeeding and bonding to girl power. We hope you'll love these books as much as we do!   Children's Books that Depict Breastfeeding   We recently asked the Mothering community to share kids' books that depict breastfeeding and were thrilled by the response. We have pulled... read more

Sara McKenna Speaks Out About Her Custody Battle with Bode Miller

  Thank you to Cosmopolitan.com for contributing this guest post.    Sara McKenna’s son was 2 weeks old when she learned that her ex, Bode Miller, had filed for custody. McKenna had moved to New York to attend Columbia University two months earlier and gave birth to Samuel Bode Miller Jr. there. Unbeknownst to her, Miller had already filed for custody in California and sent the papers to McKenna’s house in California.    Though McKenna had filed for temporary custody in New York three days after Sam was born, a judge volleyed the case back to California, claiming... read more

Five Things I Want My Daughters To Know

My baby, my fourteen month old, is walking.  She’s doing that little drunken sailor walk where she is able to somehow get from one end of the room to the other without actually bending her knees.  How toddlers do this is beyond me.     She is our third child.  We’ve been through this before.  But no matter how many times I see a baby learn to walk and thus march strong into the world of toddlerhood, it still amazes me, and in no small part because it is mind boggling just how often a toddler will fall down and then just simply get right back up to try again.   It... read more

Raising Feminist Kids

  By Jon Sponaas for Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers   Feminism is a word that represents such a vast (and often conflicting) array of meanings, that, no matter how much you’ve read, it’s hard to know what you’re thinking and talking about when you’re thinking and talking about Feminism. And I should say it straight up in the first paragraph that I’m certainly no expert in terms of the many and varied nuances of feminist theory. I mean, hey, I like to think of myself as open-minded (who doesn’t?) but it’s often made clear to me that, as a result of... read more

Raising my Daughter to View All Kinds of Families as Normal

  Throughout the world, there are thousands of same-sex parents raising children. In the US, approximately 220,000 children under 18 are being raised in same-sex households. (Source) My sister, Carrie, and her wife, Rebecca, are married with two beautiful children. In our family, including some very conservative extended family, I'm proud to say that my sister-in-law was welcomed with open arms. Carrie and Rebecca's children are treated no differently than any other cousins or grandchildren. I hesitate to use the word normal because it is such a subjective word that... read more

A Grieving Sibling Gets a Message from Her Sister

  By Suzanne Leigh   My daughters never looked alike: one resembled mom, the second takes after dad. One was pensive, creative and forever clutching a sketchpad; the other is bolder, more impetuous, a practical Ms. Fix-it commandeering electronics of all kinds and swiftly repairing a vacuum cleaner while her mom flounders on the sidelines.   Marissa is in fourth grade; she’s the same age as Natasha was when she had recovered from her brain tumor treatment and was happy and apparently healthy, before the beast came back and gradually sucked out her joyfulness and... read more

Laundry Zen

  I don't meditate at an ashram or study ancient tracts.   I do laundry.   I’ve found a certain peace in this mundane task. When my family cries out, “Where are you?” I answer from the laundry room, “I’m looking for the meaning of life.”  (If I’m cooking, I answer, “Saving the world.”)  I no longer say this sarcastically.   Sure, sometimes I resent the messy parts of motherhood. I was raised to believe I could be anything I wanted to be. Right now I want to be right where I am, but when I’m gripping a pair of mud-encrusted socks my United Nations career... read more

Closing the Door On Childbearing

Seen through the lens of transitions, life is a series of doors. The door of childhood closes as the door of adolescence opens. The door of being single shuts to reveal the open door of married life. The door of winter falls asleep as spring’s door awakens. A client who I had counseled through the wedding and motherhood transitions wrote to me about a year ago after having her third child to ask, “How do I know when I’m done having kids? I love having babies and I imagine it’s a transition of its own with real grief when I decide not to have any more kids.” Faced with... read more

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