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Primal Wound Author Speaks on Adoptee Challenges

Nancy Verrier is an adoptive mother, therapist and author of the groundbreaking book The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child.  In a session at today's Adopt Salon conference in Los Angeles, Nancy shared some reflections almost twenty years after publishing one of adoption's landmark works.  In the following interview (that I did some years back), Nancy shares her views on a variety of adoption’s “hot topics,” but all emerge from a basic theme:  adoption creates “different kinds of relationships” and some unique challenges for adoptees.   MA:     I’m... read more

Rethinking Adoption in the 21st Century

For generations, formal adoption in America consisted overwhelmingly of white babies who were born to white, unwed women and were parented by white, married couples. Our laws, policies, practices, attitudes and understanding were based on that reality – and they have not significantly changed. Yet the population of adopted children – and the characteristics of expectant and prospective parents – no longer look anything like the ones for whom the institution was created. We need to examine the historic changes that have taken place, and ask ourselves: Is it time to stop... read more

Mom Guilt - You Are Hereby Pardoned

By Beth Berry     Pop quiz: What do the following have in common? Disposable diapers. Food your baby sucks from a bag. That empty threat you made that got him back in his carseat. The soccer tournament you missed when you were home puking. The movie they watched while you laid in bed and did nothing. The fact that what's-her-face brought handmade, gluten-free, agave-sweetened, almond-flour cupcakes with raisins she dried from grapes grown by her guru and all you could manage was a jumbo box of cheddar bunnies. You guessed it! Guilt. And not... read more

Talking About Adoption...Honestly

Talking about adoption honestly supports healthy emotional development for both children and parents. Yet it is not always the easy choice. False cheer and inaccurate platitudes often feel like the less challenging way to go. (As Mitchell discovered in a light-hearted treatment of this issue on a recent Modern Family. He found it easier to tell Lily her mother was a princess--until she became obsessed with princesses!)   The road to adoption is invariably a challenging one for many adoptive parents, marked by many losses—the children they might have had, but for... read more

Guide to Natural Family Living: The Best of Peggy O'Mara 2012

Peggy O'Mara has been inspiring natural families with her writing since 1980 when she became publisher and editor of Mothering magazine. Today her honest words continue to provide support and guidance to parents as they navigate family life. Here are some of Peggy's most loved pieces from 2012. You can read more of Peggy's recent articles on her blog.     Pregnancy & Birth   Am I Pregnant? What are the early signs of pregnancy? Thousands of women come to Mothering.com every day to ask this question. From breast changes to fatigue, Peggy O'Mara breaks... read more

In Mali, mothers focus on survival today, but dream of a better tomorrow

Assetou Diallo, with a brother, her daughter Mariam and nephew Mohammed in Kati, Mali (Photo: Peter Biro/IRC) By Peter Biro Kati, Mali— A week after Mohammed was born, he was abandoned by his parents and left in the care of an aunt who was already struggling to raise nine children. “Milk is expensive and it is very hard to feed them all,” the aunt, Assetou Diallo, said as she sat in front of her home, a one-room shack next to a busy dirt road on the outskirts of the Malian capital of Bamako. This year has been particularly... read more

10 Great Ways to Be An Unhappy Mom

By Beth Berry  Read more posts by Beth here and here Over the years, I have pinpointed a few behaviors that — though widely accepted and even promoted by popular culture — simply don’t serve me. Changing these behaviors is a process and one that requires both a willingness to take personal responsibility for our choices and a continuous countercultural commitment to creating our lives by a truer, though “less convenient” set of standards. However inconvenient, these subtle shifts sure have made for better living in my experience —... read more

Ditch your TV! Less screen time = more creativity & health and less pollution

Last week we were at a restaurant full of kids for brunch, and our waitress pointed out that our son was the only child in the restaurant who was not staring at a smart phone or iPad.  We looked around, and sure enough she was right.  There were at least eight kids in the restaurant ranging in age from 9 months to 9 years, and they were all staring at screens.  Our son was busy ignoring our adult conversation.   He was playing with a tiny toy Meerkat, and pretending that it was peeing all over the food.   It was pretty funny, and a few minutes later we found... read more

When Attachment Parenting Makes You Crazy

Every once in a while I hear about a mother struggling to be the perfect “attached parent” and feeling like she is failing miserably. I don’t know exactly what attachment parenting means to you, in fact, I am not sure what it means to me. But I do think that many of us feel like failures if we haven’t checked off a million things on our “perfect attached mom” list. I hear women expressing guilt over the fact that they don’t : -cloth diaper -nurse two kids -nurse past a year -co-sleep -do crafts or are feeling overwhelmed... read more

A 3-Way Toolkit to Ease the Stress of Mothering

I’m going to try and keep this post short and to-the-point. A handy toolkit to ease the stress of mothering, regardless of the “brand” of mothering (working, stay-at-home, by fathers, by others, you name it). This is a summary of the gems that emerged from my appearance this week with Mallika Chopra and Sarah Ripard at the California Women’s Conference. The audience loved what we shared, so I wanted to share it with you! First, why do so many of us tend towards feeling overwhelmed with the stress of mothering these days? Since humans are by nature... read more

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