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Kitchen Rituals: Everyday Magic

Do you believe in the importance of rituals? I do. I’m not talking about religious services necessarily but the repetitive actions that bind us to our history and humanity; the kind that help us stay grounded and present in our gadget-rich, consumer-driven, busy busy busy lives. Between shuttling kids around, being a loving partner, working, scaling the laundry mountain and trying to stay on top of life, it can be difficult to find a moment’s peace or a timeless place. Although I am a feminist, I may make some who ascribe to this label upset when I say that... read more

Interview with Claire Dederer, author of POSER: MY LIFE IN TWENTY-THREE YOGA POSES

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Claire Dederer, bestselling author of POSER: MY LIFE IN TWENTY-THREE YOGA POSES. What advice, yogic or otherwise, do you have for new moms and dads, especially in those first few wonderful but very trying years. Oh, dear, I get asked this often. And I feel like the least qualified person on earth to be dispensing advice on this particular subject. I can only say I wish I’d devoted myself more wholly to the motto “Whatever works.” There’s a a huge diversity of solutions and ways of parenting that are... read more

CPSC Takes Action Against Magnet Toy Maker After Child Dies

Thank you to Nancy Cowles, Executive Director of Kids in Danger, for this guest post. You may have heard or seen on the news or social media about the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) suing the makers of Buckyballs to stop sale of these magnetic desk toys.  This might seem like an abrupt or overreaching effort by this small government agency, but if we take a look at the background and the hazards of these tiny powerful magnets, it will start to make sense. Before a young boy named Kenny died in Washington State in 2005, no one thought... read more

Raising Peacemakers Amidst the Carnage

Like so many of you, I’ve been stunned and saddened over the carnage in Aurora last weekend. I cannot shape my mind around any adequate words to address the sense of loss, of anguish, of sorrow — particularly for the families of victims, but also for all of us whose sense of safe-home has been a bit further eroded. Our human instinct is to do something, yet we do not know what. It reminds me of a parable I share in the epilogue of my book: Three villagers are strolling along the bank of their community’s river, and suddenly to their dismay they see a child,... read more

Silver Reflections on Motherhood ~ My Son is 25!

Ian, 3 days old I was taken by the crucible called motherhood a quarter-century ago: my son Ian turns twenty-five today. The baby who was born smack on his auspicious due-date (seven-eleven!) arrived to find a mother in emotional disarray, to say the least. I have said it countless times, in keynote talks…classes for grad students…casual conversations…and even in my book: Motherhood brought me to my knees. Cracked me open. Excavated me. I had planned for Ian to sleep in a cradle in our room during the early weeks, but on our first night home... read more

Why controlling what our children eat does more harm than good

It’s normal  and considered sensible to have food limits and judgments on what our children consume, and people will commonly praise, affirm and nod approvingly when we do so.   But are we doing more harm than good with this approach?  Will it really lead to our children having a healthy relationship with food? In most households certain food is labelled as ’junk’ or ‘healthy’, and the ‘junk’ is then restricted, or completely eliminated.  However, what is interesting is that nutritionists can’t even decide what constitutes healthy – current... read more

Youngest ever female CEO of a public company? Motherhood? No problem, what's next?

sponsored post Julie Smolyansky became the youngest female CEO of a publicly held firm when she took the helm at Lifeway Foods, Inc. in 2002. Beyond the responsibilities of running a multi-million dollar business, Julie also sits on the board of directors for several humanitarian organizations, volunteers her time mentoring young entrepreneurs, raises two young daughters – oh, and in her spare time, she’s been known to run a marathon or two. It’s hard enough to find time to take a shower or eat a proper meal with two small kids in the house – so how... read more

Planting Peace on the Summer Solstice

My husband, Steve and I have wanted a Peace Pole for our garden for years. We were generously gifted money towards one for our wedding almost four years ago, and we thought it would be a great way to celebrate our nuptials. We kept meaning to order it, and it kept getting put off for one reason or another. Then we thought we’d commemorate Zinnia’s birth with one, but the busy life of new parenthood put it on the back burner. Then we planned to do it for her first birthday, but nope it didn’t happen then either. Last summer, we finally got around to... read more

Are airlines family friendly?

Last week, I found out that United Airlines is no longer allowing families with babies to pre board, which I think is ridiculous. It’s really not that fun to watch a parent with an exhausted, irritable baby advance at glacial speed down a crowded aisle while over-sized hand luggage almost hits their heads on the way up to the overhead bins that are too full to hold the extra bag you had to bring for the baby stuff. As you can tell, I am seriously annoyed at United- but it goes further than that. To make matters worse, airlines are now charging extra for window and aisle... read more

Fed Up With Mandatory Snacking

Wikimedia Commons I’ll never live down my bad reputation as the anti-snack mom in a certain group. Okay, in pretty much every organized activity my kids have been in. At least where we live, a group snack has become de rigueur. It doesn’t seem to matter if the little darlings are twirling at gymnastics or sitting on their butts during Chinese class, there’s built-in time to eat. It’s odd in our weight-obsessed culture that snacks and drinks are expected at nearly every kid-oriented event. It’s a perilous situation for several... read more

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