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Are airlines family friendly?

Last week, I found out that United Airlines is no longer allowing families with babies to pre board, which I think is ridiculous. It’s really not that fun to watch a parent with an exhausted, irritable baby advance at glacial speed down a crowded aisle while over-sized hand luggage almost hits their heads on the way up to the overhead bins that are too full to hold the extra bag you had to bring for the baby stuff. As you can tell, I am seriously annoyed at United- but it goes further than that. To make matters worse, airlines are now charging extra for window and aisle... read more

Fed Up With Mandatory Snacking

Wikimedia Commons I’ll never live down my bad reputation as the anti-snack mom in a certain group. Okay, in pretty much every organized activity my kids have been in. At least where we live, a group snack has become de rigueur. It doesn’t seem to matter if the little darlings are twirling at gymnastics or sitting on their butts during Chinese class, there’s built-in time to eat. It’s odd in our weight-obsessed culture that snacks and drinks are expected at nearly every kid-oriented event. It’s a perilous situation for several... read more

Mama Meltdowns: Making peace with losing your temper.

Over at my blog, I write about happy afternoons in our English village. Or I write about all the small wonders of family life. Or I write about trips to places that look like a page ripped right out of a fairytale. But, to quote one of my favorite movies, “this ain’t Ozzy and Harriet”. Our family has many good times but we have our bad times too. And, while the balance is thankfully weighted more towards good, it does seem that we experience both positive and negative emotions with equal force. Take this weekend, for instance. It began with high hopes and... read more

June Photography Exhibit at The Museum of Motherhood

  Have you ever struggled with finding a balance between creativity, work and motherhood? I certainly have.   Right this minute, as I sit here trying blog about my upcoming photography exhibit at The Museum of Motherhood, the boys are calling me from another room and asking me to read to them and take the seeds out of their watermelon. They want to use the computer and now one of them is creating something loud in the basement. The other one just reminded me that we missed baseball practice on Tuesday and my husband is floating in the air somewhere... read more

What boys need

      It was supposed to be one of those rare weekends when my husband and I would get a brief break from parenting our three small children. Lord knows we love them, but we were in serious need of some alone time, quiet and a full night’s sleep. While our children stayed with my parents we sought refuge in the trees and lakes of a nearby campground. After much debate about which campsite was the most private, we set up our tent and flopped into our chairs by the campfire, eagerly... read more

Confessions of a Burned-Out Soccer Mom

Every well-meaning parent shares a desire to offer their children life experiences that will prove inspiring, informative or otherwise enriching. Given the millions of options at our disposal, however, how on earth are we to prioritize our time and money? Throughout the years, my husband and I have struggled to scrape extra cash from the bottom of the barrel for music lessons, gymnastics, acting, camps, team sports and tutoring. Never fully knowing whether our money was well spent and struggling to afford $1/minute lessons (no kidding), I often... read more

Speaking Up For Radical Homemakers

  Wikimedia CC 2.0 Okay, radical sounds hip. I can live with that. But homemaker?  The last few decades that word has been a synonym for drudgery. Besides, ask my kids who really does the dusting and vacuuming around here. They do. What’s radical homemaking? A few years ago Shannon Hayes wrote a wonderful book called Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture. Yes, I thought when I heard the term. Naming something gives it momentum. And the lifestyles of people defining for themselves what The Good Life is all... read more

A recipe for roots

Just add a little salt Scribbled on the back of an old grocery store receipt is a recipe I got from my parents’ neighbour. I feel it in my pocket and smile. It’s for Aunt Nora’s chicken salad. I have no idea who Aunt Nora is, but she must be a creative woman for there are red grapes, pineapple chunks and curry in her chicken salad. I imagine her in her kitchen as she chops and stirs, unaware that her recipe is being passed from the hands of one person to another. I am no great chef, but there is something about recipes that excites me. Maybe... read more

Opening Up To Letting Go

“We need in love to practice only this: letting each other go. For holding on comes easily–we do not need to learn it.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke My parent’s marriage ended when my mother told my father she didn’t love him anymore and that she was not sure she ever did. Years later, after all of the ugliness of the divorce was done, something at my father’s core was never the same again.  His belief in love was soured and distilled into an experience of abandonment that morphed to fit every ending that followed.  Over the years of my loveology practice, I have... read more

Video: a little Mother's Day humor from MomsRising

Click on the image above to watch this humorous video for Mother’s Day from MomsRising. Customize it and pass it on to your favorite mom. Happy Mother’s Day! About Melanie Mayo-Laakso is the Content Manager for Mothering.com. Mothering is the birthplace of natural family living and attachment parenting. We celebrate the experience of parenthood as worthy of one's best efforts and are at once fierce advocates for children and gentle supporters of parents.   Posted by: Melanie Mayo-Laakso read more

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