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I Look To You To Know What To Do

My six-year-old son and I were having morning snuggle time when we began to discuss our day. "Yah," he said. "I'm gonna wear these same shorts another day. I pretty much wear the same things over and over...like Dad." "Oh, ya?" I asked with a smile. I had noticed that he had taken to wearing the same plaid shorts and red long sleeve t-shirt with the gecko on it for the past couple days. However, I had chosen not to say anything as a) he was happy, he LOVES geckos, and we weren't going anywhere that he needed to be clean or 'presentable', b) that meant less laundry for... read more

"Mommy Guilt" is a Misnomer

           "Mommy guilt" is something far more serious and harmful than guilt; let's stop calling it that.    By V.K. Harber   Mommy guilt is real and it’s everywhere. From what we feed our kids to how we diaper them to how much TV they watch to how much time we spend with them; there are a lot of ways to feel like we’re failing.   Just one problem: “mommy guilt” isn’t really guilt at all, but rather shame. And shame, unlike guilt which is a useful and sometimes appropriate emotion, shame is just harmful. Guilt is “I made a bad choice”, while shame is... read more

What Marketers Don't Understand About Motherhood

                  Dear Marketing Geniuses,   We don’t watch a lot of television in our house, but I guess the little that we do watch is geared towards women of a certain age because all of the commercials are targeted towards moms.     You paint such a lovely picture of motherhood.  The mom is always well-rested.  She’s usually quite attractive and dressed in something that very easily could have come off of the racks at J Crew.  She’s never sick of cleaning.  We can tell because she smiles wistfully at the shine her new cleaning product produces on... read more

"Do You Trust Me?"

           How learning to trust my child allowed me to begin to trust myself.   "Do you trust me?" the Littlest One asked, four years old, legs barely hanging over each side of the big, old tree trunk stretched across the muddy creek flowing rapidly below. My heart leaped again, this time not just from my unnerving fear that he might fall in, but also from the fear that I might not trust him...might not trust myself. And this concept, trust, was the exact thing that had been surfacing in my mind and in my life over and over for the past several weeks. I... read more

You Get What You Need

Ever go to Target to grab some pool toys or epsom salts and somehow end up with a 20 dollar iTunes card, a vacuum, and ice cube trays shaped like bacon? Or a just quick trip to buy gum and mouthwash (halitosis is serious business) only to come home with five bags of groceries and three abandoned kittens?   All the time, right?   Last week we were heading home with the back full of bags, well past lunchtime, due to the vortex of delightful consumerism that is Target when my husband shouted and pointed out the window.   I barely caught a glimpse of them, just... read more

Slowing the Pace of Life in Summer

We humans are rhythmic creatures. At least that's how we're meant to be. It's why Rhythm is one of the seven Parenting for Peace principles. It is a gift for our children and ourselves to embrace life's ebbing and flowing. Summertime offers us a luscious opportunity for slowing the pace of life.   “As biologists have learned in the past decade,” writes author Jennifer Ackerman, “time permeates the flesh of all living things -- and for one powerful reason: We evolved on a rotating planet.”[1] She observes the many ways in which we carry inside us a model of the... read more

Samantha Wilde & "Motherhood Is Meaningful"

By Brian Leaf     Samantha Wilde is the author of two books about mothering, I'll Take What She Has and This Little Mommy Stayed Home. She's a full-time at-home mother of three young children as well as an ordained minister and a Kripalu yoga teacher. So when does she find time to write? "Nap-times and night time," says Wilde.   I caught up with Samantha Wilde for the following short interview:   Q: You wrote a book about motherhood and envy, did you have to research it for years?    A: You wouldn't believe the interviews I conducted for this book.... read more

How Stories Heal

                  I had a mothering fail today.  I took my girls on a play date to a local park.  The two older ones were running around and playing, and I was sitting on a picnic table under the shade with the baby.     It had been a stressful morning, and I was happy to have a fifteen second reprieve while both big girls were taking breaks from climbing on the high parts of the play ground.  I turned around to grab my phone to check the time, and I heard screaming.  I looked down, and I saw little Mae lying face first on the ground.  Sobbing.  Somehow,... read more

The Passage of Time

  Everest at Two By Sheryl Paul   Note: Originally published on my blog in July 2010. My kids are now eight and four.   There are moments when I can hardly bear the passage of time, moments when I’ll look at my nearly-six year old and realize how young and small he really is but knowing that if these six years passed so quickly, how much more quickly will the next six pass, and the six after that. There are moments when I deeply long for unbroken sleep, but then I snuggle up next to my fifteen month old and revel in his smallness, knowing that, in... read more

Answering The Tough Questions - Life, Death, and Frisky Turtles

    “Mama, what are those turtles doing?”   It was one of those moments of truth that all parents have, where time seems to slow and we quickly page through which available option is the least horrifying. I could lie and distract: “Why I have no idea! Look a gosling!”   I could avoid the question: “What turtles? This lake has turtles?”   Or I could answer honestly because for some foolish reason we’ve decided on a general policy of addressing the tough questions in a gentle, age appropriate manner. Respond authentically without providing too much... read more

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