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Sitting With My Child's Anger

               How mindfulness can help children and parents deal with their anger.   My son sat at the table, body noticeably calmer than it had just been, but eyes still darting from my husband's face to mine. Recently emerging from his room, he was coming down off of the rage that had gripped him once again. The anger that had led him to scream in our faces, kick the chair, and run away to his quiet place. What prompted it? I could tell you a hundred different scenarios and they would all be true at one time or another. But, in his words, my seven-year-old said,... read more

The Price We Pay to Stay "Connected"

  As a child born in the mid 70’s, my generation has witnessed a pretty radical lifestyle shift due to technological advances. It is a transformation that will no doubt continue to insert itself further and further into our lives with the development of each new “must have” gadget. It begs the question – are these things really “must have” items?   I grew up with a hand-me-down walkman, and my first one speaker boom box with a shoulder strap (which I thought was the greatest thing ever!) wasn’t bestowed upon me until the 5th grade. My parents didn’t get... read more

Simple Tips for the Work at Home Mom

By Megan Leary     For 16 months I worked full time  in my home office for two different employers.  The position would have normally been an in-office job but because of my inability to pump milk for the babe I was able to negotiate my situation. Working at home had its challenges.  I have several musings on that topic that are working their way to my fingertips to type out but for now here are some tips I would impart on other mamas considering a working from home set up.     Get up and get dressed. Set your alarm, take a shower, and get ready... read more

What It's Really Like to Work From Home

By Beth Berry     (Dug up this script from two years ago thinking a few of you might relate...)   My kids are home from school today, unexpectedly. I knew it was a national holiday, it just never registered that school would be out for the rest of the week. It seems appropriate to write about the very circumstances under which I find myself -- working, while tuning out/minimally managing the chaos around me. Over the next hour I will share with you the interruptions and requests from my children and husband, just for kicks. This ought to be... read more

Stay-at-Home Parents Win Financial Victory

Stay-at-home parents won a victory over their own financial futures late last week when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) agreed to propose a new rule requiring credit card issuers to take household, rather than just individual, income into consideration on an application for credit. The proposed rule will remedy an issue that arose last year when the Federal Reserve stipulated that credit card agencies could only consider individual income on an application. The Credit Accountability, Responsibility & Disclosure Act (CARD), which was intended... read more

Juggling Career and Home

By Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner Issue 117, March - April 2003 For a long time it was assumed that professional success, power, and full-time motherhood were mutually exclusive, and women who took time out of their careers to parent were seen as leaving professional life forever. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. For the first time in 25 years, a growing number of women are choosing to take time out of the workforce to care for their children. The proportion of working mothers who also had infant children declined from a record high of 59 percent in 1998 to 55... read more

Building Opportunity Through Photography

Mathare is collection of slum areas in Nairobi, Kenya. The population includes hundreds of thousands of children. Although pollution, poverty, disease, and crime are ever-present, hope lives there too. One way out for children is vision and empowerment.  A foundation started by former slum-dweller Julius Mwelu  is giving children the opportunity to express themselves through photos and videos. The Mwelu Foundation  teaches young people about photography, film production, journalism. It also helps them look at themselves and their community through a... read more

When Working Mothers Strike...

This morning thousands of Hyatt hotel workers across the country walked out on strike demanding justice on the job for unionize and non-union hotel workers.[1] Many of these workers are women who work as housekeepers in the hotels. Hotel work is highly gender segregated with housekeeping as an almost solely female job. In non-union hotels, like the Hilton Long Beach, housekeepers are given only 15 minutes to change bedding, scrub the bathroom floor, vacuum, empty the trash, and change the linens in addition to cleaning up the scattered belongings of the hotel... read more

Peggy O'Mara Discusses Balancing Work and Family

Suzanne from Lunapads discusses balancing work and family with Peggy O'Mara. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeN-RQI4CM0   read more

Mompreneurs Panel Fundraiser: Highlights from moms talking about starting their own businesses

Mompreneurs Panel Friends, Last Wednesday I participated on a panel of Mompreneurs (moms who take their passion and start a business) as part of a fundraiser for a local charter school which seeks to educate children in a child-led learning style, with a diverse student body that is representational of the neighborhood, and achieve an academic standard of excellence. It was an evening of celebration: honoring the achievements of the business women who were unanimously led by the heart in creating uplifting... read more

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