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when the going gets tough, the tough.. .

DANCE! Cleaning up 35 years of magazining is painful. So, obviously, is saying goodbye to the fabulous Production Department trio we’ve* had the opportunity to be, back in the  golden days of yore** when we worked together to create a magazine. So when Melissa stopped by last night, Mel and I stopped our cleaning and sighing, threw a CD (one I had found in a pile of old review submissions), Totally ’80s for Kids, into the computer, cranked up the volume, and danced our saddened hearts out.   P.S. For the record, I am not a fan of ’80s... read more

In the Hotel Lobby on a Rainy California Morning

Everyone was going somewhere. My friend C. took her family to the Grand Canyon. B. wrote that they had just come back from a few days in Puerto Rico. My son’s reading coach was on her way to California to visit a beloved niece. But we were stuck. I was scrambling to finish some assignments, James trying to juggle the needs and decibel level of four children. The only surprising thing about this Spring “Break” is that Hesperus, our oldest (11.5), and Etani, our third (7), were actually getting along. When Hesperus gave Etani a hug goodnight, my jaw dropped to my ankles.... read more

The Greater Good: A New Documentary Film on Vaccines

March 18, 2011 A new documentary film on vaccines, The Greater Good, premieres April 2nd. Please view the press release. read more

Whiteboard wisdom

Thought for the day, courtesy of Mothering‘s beloved web director, Cynthia Mosher (discussing the need to create ad space in our newsletters that won’t crowd the existing space reserved for a skyscraper ad): “Would you please see what you can come up with that will fit well and respect the skyscraper?” O-o-o-o-kay. We’ll get right on that, Cynthia!   Tags: cynthia mosher, MDC newsletter, newsletters, Peggy's Kitchen newsletter, skyscraper, thought for the day, white board, whiteboard, YourPregnancy newsletter This... read more

In Praise of Half-Finished Books

One year, I made a ‘To Read’ list, composed of five novels-Mozart’s Women: His Family, Friends, His Music by Jane Glover; Hot and Bothered, Annie Downey; Painted Shadow: The Life of Vivienne Eliot, First Wife of T.S. Eliot by Carole Seymore-Jones; Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire and Howard’s End, E.M. Forster-to be finished within six months. Pretty ambitious, considering the proposed books are all within the 200-300 page range, one at nearly 700+ pages. Some would say, that doesn’t sound ambitious at all! It is when there is a toddler... read more

Blooming Tuesday: Blue Avocado Lunch Tote Giveaway

First off, this is the last Blooming Tuesday blog I’ll be writing, as my position at Mothering has been discontinued. However, you can still hang with me on Twitter @candacewalsh, on facebook (friend me), and at the Huffington Post. I’ll be the new managing editor at My Healing Kitchen starting next week. Now on to the topic at hand… You pack your children’s lunches lovingly each morning (I know we do) but do you give the same care and attention to your own midday meal? It has taken me years to snap to adding my lunch bag to the queue on the kitchen... read more

The Hyland's Promotion is Over, Thanks for Sharing Some Love!

The Hyland’s Homeopathy free Cold ‘n Cough promotion has ended. Thank you to everyone who showed some love! If you entered you will be emailed or contacted through facebook in the next few days for shipping info. Check out Hyland’s great products on their site or facebook page. From Hylands: New! Hyland’s Cold ‘n Cough 4 Kids is a great solution for multi-symptom cold relief for your children. Our 100% natural formula offers safe and effective symptom relief of common cold symptoms, including sneezing, sore throat, and congestion. This... read more

The Magic Morning Basket

The Magic Morning Basket awaits for your child’s early morning rising. He will awaken and go straight for his basket, discovering the contents and playing quietly, buying YOU a little time in the morning. The basket is placed in the room where your child(ren) sleeps. Its contents are things from your home: toys and crafts that your child owns and has access to, but will appear sparkly and fresh for discovery by virtue of their placement. The goal of the basket is to offer opportunities for self-play and discovery. As such, the items that... read more

Trying Times

When we were (almost) ready to start a family, Ron and I went through trying-but-not-trying times. Then we moved on to actual trying times… …which turned into TRYING times. To cope with the frustration and grief of infertility, I wrote in my journal. In the past, journaling has helped me break through major life barriers (like when I went through a major career change), and it’s helping me now as Ron and I figure out our next step. Writing is an outlet to express my fears, worries, confusion, and hopes. But journaling is just one type art... read more

Wool Dryer Balls

The following is a guest post by Mothering’s Melissa Holik, dishing some behind-the-scenes how-tos for an article in our brand new March-April issue, “A Green Clean.” As Laura and I were prepping for the “Green Clean” photo shoot, we sat down—as we usually do for these shoots—and made a shopping list of all the products from the article and how they might look together: “Vinegar, that’s clear. Baking soda, white. We need some color. . . . OK . . . . flowers, maybe bright yellows and oranges? Gloves, can we can get some in green? Reusable dryer ball . .... read more

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