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Wool Dryer Balls

The following is a guest post by Mothering’s Melissa Holik, dishing some behind-the-scenes how-tos for an article in our brand new March-April issue, “A Green Clean.” As Laura and I were prepping for the “Green Clean” photo shoot, we sat down—as we usually do for these shoots—and made a shopping list of all the products from the article and how they might look together: “Vinegar, that’s clear. Baking soda, white. We need some color. . . . OK . . . . flowers, maybe bright yellows and oranges? Gloves, can we can get some in green? Reusable dryer ball . .... read more

Giveaway & Flash Sale: Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers

Charlie Banana is giving one lucky A la Mama winner 2 6-packs of cloth diapers! And everyone else wins, too, with the following flash sale. For the next three days: February 28, March 1 and March 2, the 6-packs of diapers in S, M and L sizes will be on sale for 20% off (usually $99.99, now $80). Use code Mothering0320. Charlie Banana is also offering free shipping on orders over $150 with the following code: 0203moth from February 28 through March 17, 2011. You can use both codes for one order, and really rack up the savings.... read more

Our Korean Lunar New Year, With An American Indian Twist

Thank you to Terra Trevor for this guest post. It’s part family reunion, part cultural revival. Our friends remove their shoes at the door. Sounds overlap in layers. The song Arriang and talking and laughter mixed with the clicking of sticks from the game Yut. We’re celebrating Solnal—the first day of the first month by the lunar calendar. Most people think of this as Chinese New Year, but Koreans celebrate as well, and two of my children are adopted from Korea. My hall table is piled high with wrapped packages, inexpensive items purchased at the... read more

One of America's Top Pediatricians Leaves Pediatrics

Maggie Kozel with her husband and two daughters. A top pediatrician, she decided to leave the profession. Her new book explains why.   “You have to read this book,” my friend Rebecca urged, handing me back an advanced review copy I had loaned her. “Everyone needs to read this book. We need to get this book in front of every member of Congress. This is exactly what happened to me. This is why I left medicine.” Even though I’m an avid reader, I have stacks and stacks of unread review copies, sent to me by authors or by their nice PR folks. It was one of... read more

Winners of Recent Giveaways Announced...

Parentless Parents book by Allison Gilbert: Stacy, #4 commenter “One of the biggest fears I have is raising my child as I wish I was raised. My mother is gone 10 years now and I’m estranged from my father. I’ve suffered through years of addiction and I’m finally sober with a loving husband and a miracle of a daughter. I’m in therapy right now and we’re working on removing negative self-talk from my lexicon.
I want my DD to have her own experience being raised. I do not want it to be a reaction to myW feelings and how I felt I was raised. This book... read more

For Valentine's Day: Cute thumbprint cards for your Valentines

  Remember the fun of exchanging those cute (and, well, corny) valentines in elementary school? Times have changed, but kids still love to swap valentines.   Here are some quick and easy ones for you to make. Just sketch out some simple designs with a pen or pencil (you can even use the designs above for inspiration) or use stencils to create the main design and customize them with a thumbprint to make them truly one of a kind.    What you’ll need • card stock (white or lightly colored) • a stamp pad •  thumbs • crayons, markers, paint, or glitter (optional)   •... read more

For Valentine's Day: Sweets for your Sweetie

  Bag some sweets for your sweetie with these fun designs you can print out on small paper bags—plus a fabulous recipe for sea salt brownies!   What you’ll need • small paper bags (often sold as “lunch bags”) • a printer • pinking shears (optional, but they make for a nice-looking bag top) • treats to put in the bags (We highly recommend the sea-salt brownies below!)   What you do   1. Download and print a pattern, or create your own stencil, for your bag.    2. Print a test page onto paper, then hold the test page up to your paper bag to see where on the bag the... read more

For Valentine's Day: Snow globes

  All these years, I haven’t forgotten snow globes we made out of baby food jars when I was in kindergarten. I loved those things! So when—as the snow was yet again coming down outside our office windows—Mel and I started putting together our list of things to make for Valentine’s Day, I saw my chance to create these again.   Back in the day, we used some pretty awful plastic flowers (I think we were making our snow globes as Mother’s Day presents), but I thought it might be fun to try making some using old castoff toys and gumball machine trinkets. Here’s how it works.... read more

For Valentine's Day: Fun and Easy Felt Necklaces

  More from Mel and Laura’s Fabulous Crafty V-Day Undertaking: A quick and easy project for Valentines of all ages!   What you’ll need   •    scissors •    pieces of felt in a variety of colors (we used 9 x 12 inch sheets of basic felt) •    tacky glue •    yarn   What to do   1. Download and print out, or draw your own, Valentine's Day shapes.    2. Using pins or a stapler, attach the felt to the page containing the shape you want to cut out (so that it won’t slip when you cut it).   3. Cut out the shapes you want to use. (If you want to make a more complex... read more

For Valentine’s Day: Love Poetry Magnet Kit

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