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Date Night Report: Excuse me, waiter, there's an a%# in my soup.

Laura {not the Mothering art director, a different Laura–since I guess it needs clarification, haha} and I had an absolutely perfect dinner at Farina on Central (in Albuquerque) last night. It started with a chopped vegetable salad to share (great value) and then we moved on to a melanzane (eggplant) brick oven pizza. You know the kind. Thin crust, almost gossamer bubbling cheese, zingy yet subtle sauce and perfectly done eggplant. Accompanied by a bottle of A Mano zinfandel for twenty-something bucks, and a shared affogato for dessert (they dump a shot of... read more

Deadline Pressure meets Hat Day

Mel has this new calendar, see? And she told Melissa and me yesterday (which was Clean Your Desk Day, by the way) that today, January 15, is Hat Day. And we both forgot. But, luckily, Melissa happened to have with her a multi-purpose scarf of versatility—which she was able to transform, impressively, with a flick of her wrist, into a sumptuous turban. And I had a pair of scissors and an old magazine from which I was able to fashion (ironic choice of words, considering the result) an almost-looks-beaded-if-you-squint-real-hard headband. And Mel was there,... read more

when a cover photo comes knocking

When I begin work on an upcoming issue of Mothering—as I’m doing right now—I usually put out a call for images for the cover and any stories that need illustration. I email a description of the photos I’m looking for to a list I’ve gathered over the years of 300+ photographers. Since the kinds of shots we’re looking for are often the kinds of things people are already out there shooting (pregnant women, newborns, toddlers families, breastfeeding, etc), this often results in several cover-worthy photos arriving in my inbox. For our January-February cover,... read more

more from the road

Further in the holiday road trip adventures of Laura, Tim, and Reeve:  A few shots here from 1) the breathtaking views we had while hiking  in Death Valley; 2) our visit to the Sequoias (it’s hard to relay even the remotest sense of the scale, but if you look very carefully, you can see Reeve between the two trees pictured here). The giant forest is truly awe-inspiring: trees that are more than 2,000 years old, almost 300 feet tall. 3) After crawling along the interstate in snow and high winds Wednesday night, we were relieved and thrilled to see the neon pink glow... read more

a day of contrasts

December 26. My birthday. Our road trip. The Grand Canyon by day. Las Vegas by night. Nearly overwhelming. . . Tags: birthday, grand canyon, las vegas, road trip This entry was posted on Monday, December 28th, 2009 at 11:51 pm and is filed under living, photography. You can follow any... read more

road trip!

Still uncertain how to handle Christmases on our own (we visited extended family for many years but have tried to do our own thing lately), this year—after floundering about and feeling like failures at the holiday thing—Tim and Reeve and I ended up doing one of those things we do best: running away. Yes. We rented a car yesterday and hit the road today. Four hundred miles later, we’re hoteled and heading to bed a few miles from the Grand Canyon, looking forward to checking it out in the daylight tomorrow. It’s been a really lovely (and memorable)... read more

a Christmas present from Mel

And these aren’t even a twentieth of the words included in this special-edition Laura Egley Taylor Magnetic Poetry Kit which I just received from my coworker, miracle-worker Melyssa Holik. Since we have a dorm-sized fridge here at the office, I’m not sure there’s even room for all the words there. . . And what words they are! We got your very appropriate thaumaturgy, mercury, and retrograde; fun words like beslubbering, shenanigan, fugacious, and antediluvian poppycock; uplifting words like bucolic, wabi-sabi, and sheets, of, and  easter; inspiring... read more

Special A La Mama Holiday Giveaway!

  • by admin

I have 3-packs of: A Charlie Brown Christmas How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Horton Hears a Who to give away today. The discs are combination DVD and Blu-Ray. To win, all you have to do is send me an email at candacew@mothering.com letting me know a) your favorite a la mama blog moment and b) your name and mailing address. I have five sets to give away and I will come back and update this post when the sets are all gone. But do know that I’ll be giving away more dvds in the future…so check back. *Look for these 3 Holiday... read more

3-pack Movie Giveaway Update: 2 Left

  • by admin

We still have 2 sets of movies to give away… Subscribe to the Mothering.com Blogs Feed This entry was posted on Thursday, December 17th, 2009 at 11:07 pm and is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. ... read more

The Third Night of Hanukkah: On Being an Atheist

We always had a Christmas tree growing up but we would hang Hanukkah gelt from the branches and put a Jewish star at the top of the tree. The star really offended one of my older brother’s best friends, a deeply religious practicing Catholic. He didn’t think Jews should have Christmas trees, and felt the Jewish star at the top was an insult to Christians. My husband, who is from an Italian Catholic family, grew up deeply religious. James paid attention in church, he listened to the priests, and he worried about committing sins. Even as a toddler, James was intrigued by... read more

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