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Summer Solstice: A Family Ritual

  BY SHERYL PAUL IN JUNE 2010 Tomorrow we transition into summer through the portal of the Solstice, the longest day of the year. Like the wedding day, a mother’s labor and baby’s birth day, and moving day, today is the transitional marker that separates the old stage of life or season from the new. As such, it carries a vulnerability and potency that is available to us when we intentionally choose to connect to its energy. In honoring the Solstice this year, I turned to one of my favorite books for celebrating rituals with children called “Circle Round”, by... read more

The Season of Wonder

  brought to us by Mothering sponsor Oak Meadow     Becoming attuned to Earth’s cycles can enhance our lives while contributing to a healthier lifestyle, community, and world. From the time our children are very little, we can share with them our appreciation and delight of the great outdoors, and encourage a growing awareness of nature and all its wonders.   This time of year feels like a celebration as the Earth revives after a winter sleep. Visiting your favorite “sit spot” with your children is a wonderful way to revel in the changes of... read more

Power to the Peaceful

Mother's Day as a celebration of the unique power mothers have to be peacemakers.    By V.K. Harber   As Mother’s Day approaches in the US and retailers ready their supply of flowers, candy, jewelry, and spa packages, I find myself torn, as I always am, between supporting the spoiling of mothers and highlighting the fact that, like so many holidays, Mother’s Day has drifted pretty far form it’s original intent.   Undoubtedly, mothers everywhere deserve some pampering. A little extra sleep, some alone time, a special meal, and some adorable kid crafts... read more

How to Dye Eggs Naturally for Easter, Ostara or Spring!

    Whether you'd like to celebrate Easter, Ostara, Spring dyeing eggs is a fun, crafty tradition that children love to be involved in.  However, using toxic food coloring is something most natural living families probably want to avoid.  Thankfully there are many options for eco-friendly egg dyeing!   Some all natural options for dyeing eggs include: red, purple, or yellow onion skins, red cabbage, blueberries, yellow apples peels, paprika, carrots, and grape juice.  We decided to use what we had on hand, which was beets, kale, and turmeric.   If you’re using a... read more

Start A Mind-Stretching Family Tradition

  By Laura Grace Weldon             I’m not talking about a new device or game, I’m talking puzzles.    Yes, really.   During the winter months my grandparents kept a puzzle going on a table near their front window. It had hundreds of tiny pieces, far too many for a small child’s ability, but I noticed the quiet pull it exerted on people. My older sister would wander past and pause to tease one into place. My father would linger a few minutes in peaceful reverie with his father-in-law as he worked on it. My mother and her mother would sit... read more

Candy Can Teach Science and Nutrition Concepts: hands-on experiments to try with your kids

Looking for a fun way to introduce science and nutrition concepts to your kids?   In her new book, Candy Experiments, author Loralee Leavitt shares dozens of brand-new experiments that use candy to teach about these topics. The following excerpt from Candy Experiments contains fun and easy ways that you and your children can test food for sugar, hydrogenated palm kernel oil and artificial dyes!   About the Book:   Make giant gummi worms, turn M&Ms into dazzling comets, grow candy crystals and turn cotton candy into slime! You'll find all these... read more

Frugal Family Fun

Spending quality time as a family doesn't have to cost a lot. Here are some great suggestions from Mothering community members for frugal family fun.     Activities at Home   Have a Tea Party: This simple activity is super frugal and can prove to be hours of fun for kids of many ages. All you need is some tea or other favorite drink, a snack, some fun dress up clothes and an imagination. See more thoughts for making your tea party a hit in this post.    Create a Water Table: Use an old bin or bucket and let the kids melt ice, add food coloring, float... read more

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions from the Mothering Community

Earlier this week we published an article about the most common New Year's Resolutions in the US and asked Mothering Members to share their own resolutions.    Taking suggestions from that conversation, and other related threads, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions from Mothering Members. Here they are in no particular order.   Are your goals on this list? If so, follow the provided links to find support and inspiration for them in the Mothering Community.    Spend More Quality Time as a Family: play more with the kids, eat... read more

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

According to a study by the Journal of Clinical Psychology 45% of Americans make New Year's resolutions every year. And while only 8% of people accomplish these goals, the study states that a person is ten times more likely to attain their ambitions if they explicitly state them as resolutions.    Here is a list of the most common New Year's resolutions. Are your 2013 goals on this list? Tell us about them in our fun community thread happening right now!    The results are out: here are the Top Ten New Year's Resolutions from the Mothering... read more

100 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Kids

  Trying to think of a last minute stocking stuffers for the kids?   Here are 100 great suggestions from the Mothering community to help you complete your holiday shopping!   We've chosen suggestions that are mostly inexpensive and can be purchased locally or ordered as a subscription without having to plan ahead.    For more ideas check out all of the great threads in the community!     Crayons and Markers Paints and Brushes Construction Paper Yarn Knitting Needles or Crochet Hooks Sewing Needles Fabric... read more

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