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Founded in 1976, Mothering magazine was the birthplace of the natural family lifestyle, and today Mothering.com is the premier online community for parents interested in natural family living. Providing philosophical inspiration and practical advice for more than 30 years, Mothering is respected for cutting-edge, well-researched information and resources.   Statement of Purpose Mothering celebrates the experience of parenthood as worthy of one's best efforts and fosters awareness of the immense importance and value of parenthood and family life in the development of... read more

4 Eco-Friendly Easter Celebration Ideas

Looking for some fun ways to green your Easter or Spring celebrations this year? Check out these simple ideas that the whole family is sure to love.      Natural Easter Egg Dye   Did you know that you can avoid unnatural food coloring and make your eggs beautiful by using natural ingredients? Find out how with this helpful how-to. Also check out this fun video for more tips!           Up-cycled Easter Baskets   Looking for a fun family project for Easter? What could be more fun, and special, than homemade Easter baskets? Lynn Colwell from Celebrate... read more

Easter Herb Garden How-To and Herb Quiche Recipe

  This accidental idea came to me when I went to Trader Joe’s to buy some flowers for a friend last Easter.  I already had the herb quiche in the car and stopped by the store on my way.  I kept looking for some spring flowers, but mostly there were expensive Easter lilies and orchids left in the flower section.  All of a sudden the herbs got my attention.  I thought for less than the price of the lilies I could buy at least 6 different herbs and a beautiful square basket to put them in.  She could use the herbs for a long time and reuse the basket too.    I was not... read more

How to Dye Eggs Naturally for Easter, Ostara or Spring!

    Whether you'd like to celebrate Easter, Ostara, Spring dyeing eggs is a fun, crafty tradition that children love to be involved in.  However, using toxic food coloring is something most natural living families probably want to avoid.  Thankfully there are many options for eco-friendly egg dyeing!   Some all natural options for dyeing eggs include: red, purple, or yellow onion skins, red cabbage, blueberries, yellow apples peels, paprika, carrots, and grape juice.  We decided to use what we had on hand, which was beets, kale, and turmeric.   If you’re using a... read more

Featured Craft: Runaway Bunny Easter Picture from Living Crafts Magazine

  Thank you to Pardis Amirshahi, the editor of Living Crafts magazine, for providing this special guest post.   Being a mother to a preteen who used to love the Runaway Bunny story (by Margaret Wise Brown) as a toddler, I thought of making a picture from the book for her as a gift for Easter this year, and wrap it with the book, which she does not even remember now.  The book tells the story of a bunny who tells his mother he has decided to run away.  The mother tells him that she’ll run after him and find him and bring him home in different scenarios, starting with... read more

Earth Day Books the Whole Family Will Love

by Mindy Rhiger   Celebrate Earth Day and all that goes with it with these fun books!   My Mama Earth: Watch the wonder experienced by a small child journeying through the world and  taking in the many magnificent aspects of nature. This imaginative and lyrical picture book showcases the love between a mother and child, celebrating the ever-changing beauty of the natural world along the way.           Make a reusable cloth bag with Gabby and Grandma Go Green by Monica Wellington.  This brightly colored picture book follows Gabby and her Grandma as they have a... read more

Super Summer Gear: 10 Hot Selections for the Whole Family

Summertime goes by too fast, so we've selected some of our favorite new warm weather products to help you stay cool, travel safer and have more fun while it lasts! Check out these 10 awesome items you won't want to miss.        S'well Stainless Steel Water Bottle   This stylish water bottle will keep your drinks icy cold or nice and hot for hours. The construction is heavy duty and the unique cap is a serious improvement on typical stainless steel drinking bottles. Holds up well to bumps and... read more

Who Wins in an Arm Wrestle, Mother Nature or Technology?

The parenting debate these days is roughly where religion was at in the Middle Ages. A recent Slate article was subtitled, “How the mindful parenting movement is setting parents up to fail.” This seems a bit harsh to me. Or at least sensationalized. You won’t find an article titled “How The Christians Are Setting Us Up For Failure” or “Red Wine: The Blood Of Christ, For Realsies?” And thank goodness for that. These debates are so five hundred years ago. Maybe you follow the Ten Commandments and I prefer The Sermon on the Mount, but we’re not going to argue about it. It’s... read more

For Valentine's Day: Paper Doll Bookmarks (with fabulous hair)

    Next up in Mel and Laura’s Several Fabulous Things You Can Make for V-Day Project: paper dolls!   But not just any paper dolls. These paper people have long lovely locks like Rapunzel—or any number of pro football players these days—to help your favorite reader mark his or her place.     What you’ll need   scissors colored paper (card stock is preferable, needs to be sturdy enough to handle being handled a lot) hole-puncher (to make small round holes for yarn hair to go through) needlepoint needle (or one with a big eye, anyway) yarn glue stick   1.Print... read more

For Valentine’s Day: Love Poetry Magnet Kit

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