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Healthier Halloween

Halloween is truly a kid's holiday—good friends, creative costumes, event-filled parties, all with a cool spooky theme—who could ask for more? Oh yes, one more thing, the treats—lots of sugary candy treats! With all the fun of this holiday comes a parent's worst fears, too many sugary treats in your kid's possession and the arguments that ensue over this treasure trove. If you don't feel like contributing to the neighborhood children's tooth decay, consider giving treats that are healthier.     Here are some suggestions:   Naturally flavored and sweetened... read more

Fairy Houses and Fairy Gardens: Earth-Friendly Architecture!

This blog post is brought to us by Oak Meadow     Building something in a natural setting using natural materials is an excellent way to encourage your children to spend time outside, which is the best way to help them learn to appreciate the natural world. There is something irresistible about these eco-friendly creations. Enjoy these and other ideas from Oak Meadow’s Living Education Journal!       Fairy Houses   Fairy houses (also called woodland dwellings) are a beautiful, enchanting way to explore and enjoy nature. They use natural, found... read more

Roll with it

                    We wheeled our bikes out of the garage yesterday afternoon, happily looking forward to riding through the bright, warm summer afternoon to our local fro yo store. My littlest (21 months) was buckled in the Burley trailer, already flipping through one of the lift-the-flap board books I keep in there, and my oldest (6) was fast on his way to the street corner. He waited for me there while I closed the garage door, strapped my helmet on and pedaled down the block to catch up with him. This was only our second bike ride since summer... read more

Vacation On and Off The Beaten Path

  As far as educational vacations go, it’s tough to beat Washington, DC. We’re lucky enough to live within an easy day’s drive, so we loaded up with roughly half of everything we own, booked a hotel room and hit the road, smugly patting ourselves on the back for bringing school lessons to life as well as being all around swell parents.   And there in the heart of it all: monuments and memorials, The Reflecting Pool, museums, this fancy building that looked important... Look I’m not a tour guide. But it was impressive. The kids looked around, shrugged and, in a... read more

It's a Prince! Giveaway from Barefoot Books!

This giveaway has ended. The randomly chosen winners are Angel Maszy, Chapsie and mommariffic. Congrats!!! You will be notified by email. Many thanks to Barefoot Books for the giveaway!                                 As many of you have heard, a new little prince was born on July 22nd! We thought we'd celebrate with a fun giveaway from the awesome Barefoot Books. Follow the simple instructions below to enter to win one of three copies of The Prince's Bedtime to read to your own little prince or princess! We'll be drawing winners on Friday at 3pm PT.   To... read more

How-to Become a Mothering Blogger

                Are you a mom blogger? Do you have a passion for a topic and want to share it? Mothering is looking to take on more weekly bloggers who want to write about their passions and help parents find the information they need. We are particularly interested in bloggers who want to write about natural/eco family living topics, but are open to new and unique suggestions that will be a good fit for our readers. Blogging positions are unpaid, but you will receive unparalleled exposure to our large community and the option of promoting your... read more

4 Simple and Safe "Sparklers" for the 4th of July

  Parades, barbecues, fireworks: kids love the 4th! And sparklers are becoming an ever more popular way for little ones to celebrate. But are those burning sticks safe for tiny hands? Many experts say no.   So, if you decide to skip the hot sparklers this year, we've found some great alternatives. Check out these awesome and super safe handheld ideas from across the mommy web.   Want to talk about the safety of fireworks for kids? Join the conversation in our community.                 Super Star Sparklers: All you need are some festive looking... read more

Where Do You Stand on Kids Peeing into the Lake?

By Brian Leaf              Hello, Mothering.com readers,   I need your opinion. Where do we as liberal, holistic, natural parents stand on the issue of kids peeing into the local swimming hole?   Here’s my particular situation. Last week I was with my two boys, ages three and seven, at a lake just outside town. It was a bit early in the season, so only one other family was there.   Towards the end of our visit, my seven year old had to pee. I didn’t want to schlep up to the bathrooms, especially because I suspected we would find them locked, and if... read more

Why We Choose Homemade

                  I used to be a very different person than I am now.  I used to purchase everything.  I never used to make my own meals.  Homemade seemed like a waste of time.  And if you would have told me that I would ever put cloth diapers on any child of mine, I would have promptly laughed in your face.   That was the me of about fifteen years ago.  I was young, unmarried, childless, and had a lot more time on my hands.  And then I had my first baby.   Once my oldest daughter was born, I quit my job to stay home with her full time.  We did a lot of... read more

Summer Solstice: A Family Ritual

  BY SHERYL PAUL IN JUNE 2010 Tomorrow we transition into summer through the portal of the Solstice, the longest day of the year. Like the wedding day, a mother’s labor and baby’s birth day, and moving day, today is the transitional marker that separates the old stage of life or season from the new. As such, it carries a vulnerability and potency that is available to us when we intentionally choose to connect to its energy. In honoring the Solstice this year, I turned to one of my favorite books for celebrating rituals with children called “Circle Round”, by... read more

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