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Energy is funny. Just when I think I don’t have any, some comes rushing in and I accomplish things I’d given up on doing on my own.  Yesterday, H. had her first field trip…the class went hiking, collected falling leaves, sketched them. It was an impromptu field trip, which meant that I had to run around wrangling a bunch of different things in under 24 hours. Lace-up shoes (not the sturdy mary janes we had on hand). A small, unlined notebook. A light jacket. A sun hat. A small day pack. Sunblock. I did have the weirder stuff–the notebook, as H. got 2... read more


The sea of dry leaves right outside our office door—coupled with a day like today, with a high around 70 and the door wide open. . .######### Tags: fall, leaves, office, Santa Fe This entry was posted on Friday, October 17th, 2008 at 7:41 pm and is filed under living. You can follow any responses to this... read more

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The Possibility Shop Episode 6 A Handmade Gift From The Heart

  Learn how to help your child create a heartfelt gift for your family and friends.    To view more videos from The Possibility Shop, click here. read more

The Possibility Shop Episode 5 Thanksgiving Table

  • by lllee

  Learn how to make creative Thanksgiving table decorations & centerpieces.    To view more videos from The Possibility Shop, click here. read more

intelligent design

Did I mention we’re in a swirl of redesign action over here at Mothering? Yes, indeed. Both the magazine and the website are getting makeovers, and in my pursuit of new design input, I recently came across an exciting find: Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton. This beautiful foray into the world of typography is a delight to pore over, chock-full of typographical tips, informative examples of design principles put into practice, and info about the historical and cultural contexts for the development of type.The fun-to-read appendix includes a section called “Free Advice.”... read more

it hits

  • by admin

  I got to the pointwhere I stopped mourningwhat I would have lostin near miss situations. why borrow troublewhy brush the shadowof a gift horseto a soft sheen? but then I was sitting hererecalling a poem I once wroteabout my sonnursing in cowboy pajamas and I got itthe lightning down my spinepelting me with cold, unwelcome tears. he slipped away from preschooland was found by the side of a busy roadthrowing bottles against concretetheir forms shatteringlike my world, almost. Subscribe to the Mothering.com Blogs Feed ... read more

redesign: getting to the heart of it

  • by admin

Throughout our 33-year history, we’ve made periodic changes to the design of the magazine to reflect Mothering‘s evolving identity and to keep in step with the changing tastes of the world around us.  (To get what I’m talking about with the latter, check out our very first cover, at right.)Several months ago, feeling the need to freshen up, we began the magazine redesign process anew.In my design training, I was taught that the “look” of an entity should reflect the essence of that entity.  In other words, before doing anything else regarding a revamp, we needed to take... read more

our new baby

. . . is out and about and on newsstands now! The baby on the cover, shot by photographer Michelle Dupont of Tasmania, Australia, is Maive McDowell, also of Tasmania. She’s wearing a cap that Michelle knitted—very fitting for an issue where we’re featuring five fun and funky homecrafting bloggers. Michelle’s a crafty blogging mama (of six!) herself. Check out her blog and more of her stunning photography here. Oh, and that pattern for Maive’s hat (called the Pilot’s Cap)?... read more

five crafty mamas

Our May-June cover story, written by Jean Van’t Hul, features five Midas-like mamas who go about their lives transforming the everyday into the breathtaking. To gaze upon their creations is to be first awestruck, then inspired. (And endearing them to me all the more is the fact that these woman are all talented photographers.) Here they are, with links to their blogs and web sites. 1. Sally Shim. A mom of two who favors handmade goods for their originality, she often makes things herself because she just can’t find what she’s looking for in... read more

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