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it hits

  • by admin

  I got to the pointwhere I stopped mourningwhat I would have lostin near miss situations. why borrow troublewhy brush the shadowof a gift horseto a soft sheen? but then I was sitting hererecalling a poem I once wroteabout my sonnursing in cowboy pajamas and I got itthe lightning down my spinepelting me with cold, unwelcome tears. he slipped away from preschooland was found by the side of a busy roadthrowing bottles against concretetheir forms shatteringlike my world, almost. Subscribe to the Mothering.com Blogs Feed ... read more

redesign: getting to the heart of it

  • by admin

Throughout our 33-year history, we’ve made periodic changes to the design of the magazine to reflect Mothering‘s evolving identity and to keep in step with the changing tastes of the world around us.  (To get what I’m talking about with the latter, check out our very first cover, at right.)Several months ago, feeling the need to freshen up, we began the magazine redesign process anew.In my design training, I was taught that the “look” of an entity should reflect the essence of that entity.  In other words, before doing anything else regarding a revamp, we needed to take... read more

our new baby

. . . is out and about and on newsstands now! The baby on the cover, shot by photographer Michelle Dupont of Tasmania, Australia, is Maive McDowell, also of Tasmania. She’s wearing a cap that Michelle knitted—very fitting for an issue where we’re featuring five fun and funky homecrafting bloggers. Michelle’s a crafty blogging mama (of six!) herself. Check out her blog and more of her stunning photography here. Oh, and that pattern for Maive’s hat (called the Pilot’s Cap)?... read more

five crafty mamas

Our May-June cover story, written by Jean Van’t Hul, features five Midas-like mamas who go about their lives transforming the everyday into the breathtaking. To gaze upon their creations is to be first awestruck, then inspired. (And endearing them to me all the more is the fact that these woman are all talented photographers.) Here they are, with links to their blogs and web sites. 1. Sally Shim. A mom of two who favors handmade goods for their originality, she often makes things herself because she just can’t find what she’s looking for in... read more

and one more

Crafty mama, I mean. And not just crafty: this one is sneaky, as well. Quietly hiding behind the aforementioned (last post) cover story is writer Jean Van’t Hul, who, come to find out, is herself an artist and mother and blogger extraordinaire. Who knew! Take a look at Jean’s blog here, and be sure to check out her March 2 post: An Activity a Day for March. That’s right. 31 things for Jean to make and do with her three-year-old daughter, Maia. Cool things like making tissue-paper candle holders, starting a nature journal, making and playing with clean... read more

awesome craft from www.ourbigearth.com

We made this, and it was fun. Notes: I used solid card stock instead of patterned scrapbooking paper. Now I want to make more. It’s a rather wholesome addiction, this crafting. Family Craft – Waldorf-inspired Winter Birds Posted using ShareThis Subscribe to the Mothering.com Blogs Feed This entry was posted on Sunday, April 26th, 2009 at 7:10 am and is filed under Uncategorized, mama on the spot, mama sadhana. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Both comments and pings are... read more


Reeve is going to a birthday party tonight where everyone is supposed to dress as a Disney character. He Skyped me from his dorm room in Glasgow as he was putting together his outfit for the evening: top hat, vest, jacket w/tails, upturned starched collar, umbrella, white (exfoliating) (“Whoa! These are cool!”) gloves, and . . . powder-blue Puma running shoes? A cricket’s gotta be able to jump, I guess. #   Screen shot of Jiminy holding up his foot to try to show me his swift blue shoes. Tags: costume, jiminy... read more

Meanwhile, back at the blog. . .

Let’s see. . . Timmy has saved the life of a rooster that Paul suspects was involved in cockfighting, but Skeeter, a neighbor’s hired hand, recognized “Clementine” as a champion fighter named Dynamite who was left for dead. Once Clementine was well again, Skeeter stole him*. . . Oh, sorry. The BLOG! Meanwhile, back at the BLOG. Yes, OK, well . . .  Blogwise, things have been quiet for a couple of months while we ironed out the technical difficulties encountered when Mothering.com was “migrated” (the official term, I’m told) to a new home. Like any good... read more

the mother of all webmamas

A much belated shout-out to our webmama, Cynthia Mosher, who did a wicked good (as my friend Wendy used to say) job of heading up the recent migration of the old Mothering web site—which entailed moving thousands and thousands of pages—to our new and improved home. Cynthia, who lives in Saudi Arabia, seemingly never sleeps, is available for us at all hours (of her day and ours, even though she’s 10 hours ahead of us). She’s always there, patient and good-humored. She seems to know how to fix anything that could possibly go wrong online and manages to make me... read more

Soulful Handmade Felted Animals

  • by admin

I got an email from Lonneke van Asseldonk of the Netherlands recently. She makes felted animal Pacha Mama “Cuddles” that are not only beautifully crafted–they also feel distinctly imbued with good energy. She sent me a unicorn, which I plan to give to my daughter for Christmas. The unicorn is tall, and soft, and a little gawky, which happens to be the most endearing thing ever. Her eyes peer out shyly like a creature that just happened to wander out of Narnia and into Mothering HQ. She also comes with a moonstone necklace. The Euro exchange rate... read more

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