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psst! I'm over here!

In the Mississippi Delta. Got the magazine to press April 6 (after a series of last-minute saves and miracles—fodder for another post), and headed southeast, where I’ve spent the last week with my sister, visiting our old stomping grounds* and working on a project of hers, interviewing Southern women of all backgrounds about their experiences. (My job is to record the interviews and take photos while soaking up all the shared-experience sister time I can.) We’ve talked with sharecroppers’ daughters, blue-blooded Southern ladies, civil rights workers,... read more

how to stucco your legs

1. Pick a day when there’s a High Wind Warning.* 2. Be sure to put lots of lotion on your legs after your morning shower so that they are protected from drying conditions and sun damage. 3. Wear a skirt and sandals. Note: Select a skirt that is not too flared, so that you’re not forced to walk the two miles to work holding your skirt down with both hands. 4. Walk to work into the wind. Note: While it might be irresistible to scream things at the wind, like “This is RIDICULOUS!” or “I CAN’T STAND THIS!”, try to remember that the wind, contrary to... read more

Mothering's Family Fashion Show

# was today. A Mother’s Day event, held at DeVargas Mall, here in Santa Fe. It was a big success—and lots of fun. . . leaving in its wake several exhausted (but pleased and relieved!) Mothering staffers. Chief among them our marketing director, Elizabeth Carovillano, who managed to launch this event in a ridiculously short time. Keep an eye out on Mothering.com for more photos and videos. We’ll also be posting on Mothering‘s Facebook page. # # Photos of Mothering‘s product resource manager, Simone Magaletta-Snyder, on... read more

behind the scenes at issue 160

Who doesn’t love a good behind-the- scenes photo? A peek behind the curtain that reveals the illusion you hadn’t exactly thought of as illusion. So here’s one. The spread at right is from Jennifer Margulis‘s article on cloth diapers which appears in our current issue. The photo was shot by Denver-area photographer and mother of two, Laura Siebert. Here’s how it looked from the perspective of Julie Ekstrom from Rumparooz, who was at the shoot with Laura (showed up with an armful of cloth diapers. That’s a Ruparooz nine-month-old Manny is... read more

that nurturing Mothering spirit

. . . was, um, in full force Friday afternoon for The Sometime Annual Peggy-O’Mara’s-Post-Birthday Photo Scavenger Hunt, as evidenced here by this shot of Team Grape as they posed for a team portrait while trying to psyche out the competition, Team Birdbath. (Team names and colors came from the color palette we use for the magazine)Photos from the fun: Above: Team Grape’s fighting crew of three included Fulfillment Manager Sarah Patamia, Publisher/ Editor Peggy O’Mara, Associate Publisher Lally O’Mara McMahonFar right: John McMahon, Melyssa Holik and Shirl Ervin of Team... read more

how to make a magazine

Well, sort of. Mel and Lally and I got a little sidetracked when we discovered this deliciously colorful chalk still hidden deep in the recesses of the trophy (on display in the community kitchen area) awarded in Friday’s scavenger hunt.So the three of us grabbed the chalk and went to town, as they say, on the front steps of our office, everyone else having already left the office for the day. Squatting over our artwork like little kids, scribbling and scrawling in the almost-summer evening air. . .Sometimes the path to creating a magazine is a winding one. ... read more

When Mel rides her bike in to work . . .

she rides her bike IN to work.How many people do you know who bikearound with their knitting? Excellent stress-reducer during these hazy, crazy days of magazine production.Oh, and also in the basket? Her towel . . . (Happy Towel Day!)####### Tags: bike, melyssa holik, office, the making of a magazine This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 at 8:01 pm ... read more

Welcome to the New Blog! We Want Your Voice.

The new blog is here and is packed with some awesome Mothering style bloggers and other great content from Mothering.com. Check back daily for up-to-the-minute content and some fun surprises. To kick off the new community inspired blog on Mothering.com we want you to share your voice with us. Finish the sentence below in the comments section and we’ll post the best responses on the new blog and link back to your own site. The best answer overall will get a full guest post on the blog…and maybe even an open spot as a regular blogger. “I have many... read more

gone fishin'

Not! But in casting about for a metaphor to explain such abject blog neglect on my part, it’s the one that surfaces. We’re in magazine throes* now, hurtling down that final week toward the on-press date. . . And meanwhile it’s summertime back at the ranch, where, over the last few weeks, my brother came visit (first time in 15 years!), Tim and Reeve and I helped friends move, our 13-year-old cat tried to die (spent several days at the vet but seems to be hanging in there on his own now), Reeve had to find (and did!) a place to live in the fall in Las... read more

company's coming!

Our Mothering.com team is made up of folks who live around the globe.* And they’re coming to visit us here at the Mothership. . . tomorrow. So we’ve spent some time today sprucing up around the office—and for those of us in the Production Department, that has meant straightening up, cleaning out, throwing out, and doing things we’ve been meaning to do a long time, like hanging up that white board—the one that we rely on to know what day it is. . . Tonight, as Mel and I were finishing up, about to head out the door, we realized again how blank... read more

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